8 January 2022 Warm (short story)

“Are you there?” He muttered under his breath. He was shaking from head to toe. He held his hands out to the morning light streaming in his front room. “Can you hear me…..God….?” He said a little louder this time. Still no answer. A car went by. A plane flew over his house. The coffee pot gurgled and hissed. A single drop of water dripped out of his kitchen faucet. He wrapped the fleece blanket around his shoulders and went to the couch. He made himself comfortable. He laid back and his gaze drifted around the room. “God I don’t feel good and I’m lonely…..can you help me?! Where are you right now?!” Silence again….and one thought…”take a nap.” He closed his gray eyes, shuddering as he grasped the blanket. Gradually he stopped shaking and drifted off into dreams where he was warm.

7 January 2022 Just Fly

“Can you teach us how?” chorused the children in the golden oak trees canopy. Above her the night sky sparkled but felt like a secret. Were these fledglings ready? If not now when? She looked into their eyes lit by starlight and whispered, “Raise your hands over your head and jump….just fly.” One by one they did as she said and did just that.

This is based on one of my flying dreams where I was teaching little children how to fly. It’s so easy to fly in dreams.

16 November 2021 Sunlight

Hello and good morning from here. How are you? Did you get sleep ? I don’t feel like I got much. After my post last night I tossed and turned til like 1 am or later. I finally got up and took a couple Benadryl and that got me a couple hours. So anyways….got some coffee and beautiful sunshine is streaming in. Laundry is going. It’s a new day!

I read the story I posted yesterday to one of my friends and he asked “What happens next?!” That made me smile. I told him it was meant to be that way. That’s what a short story is. There really are light and shadow beings. The technology of today is finally able to capture their images.

Today I’m thinking about revisiting a story I wrote way back in Sr High School like 1985 or 86……..yes I’m an old fart! The story was called How The Rose Came To Be. I don’t want to dig through my storage bins to find it so I’ll start from scratch. I will make it a separate post .

Tomorrow I have something to look forward to. One of the ladies I met through Meetup has invited me to coffee! I had put out an intention to God that even if I only met one person and made a friend that would be good. Prayers are being answered!

15 November 2021 Be One Of The Lights (short story)

She sat down head in hands taking a deep breath. The day fell off of her shoulders. She could hear the multitudes of people lingering around her. So many stories. She lifted her head and was shocked by what she saw. All the people around her were just shadows! She blinked her eyes a couple of times to make sure her eyes weren’t playing tricks on her but the shadows remained. Then she saw a being that seemed to be made of light come towards her….walking through all the shadows. She heard a voice, “Be one of the lights.” She blinked just once and all the shadows became people again. The light being was nowhere to be found. Suddenly the people passing by began to stare at her. Some of them walked towards her asking ,”Can you help me?” They all had faraway looks in their eyes like they were lost. Pretty soon she was surrounded. She caught a brief glimpse of light and realized it was her own hand.

9 May 2020 Superman

Hello to you. How are you doing today as you visit here?  I hope this finds you well.  I’m kind of in a weird space inside.  Every time I turn on the news I feel more anxious.  I’m still waiting for the good news that this whole Covoid 19 pandemic is behind us!   Wouldn’t it be nice to have a bunch of Superhero’s and or meta humans like the The Flash to help us out?

My superman

I’m finding comfort in telling stories.  I hope they are they are enjoyable to you too.  The inspiration for what I’m writing today came from the time before finding my current husband.  I can remember looking up to the stars and asking, “where are you?”  One of my husbands and my favorite superhero’s is Superman.   I know there are a bazillion different renditions of how Superman came to be – mine cuts through the chase of all the baby stuff lol.


It was a long long time ago, well may be not that long ago, a lonely woman was standing out in the darkness.  Her weary eyes scanned the dark night sky.  She whispered under her breath, “Where are you?!  I am lost.  God can you hear me?”  The vast sea of stars seemed to respond to her words.  A single star stood out from all the others and twinkled at her extra special brightly.  Speaking in star speak so to speak!

Many moons, stars and suns passed and the lonely woman began to wonder if she had been forgotten.  Again she found herself standing out under the night sky and just as she began to speak, a familiar star shot out across the sky!  She exclaimed  to the darkness, “Is that you?!”

Now star time and human time are not the same.  A single day for a human is light years for a star.  It takes a long time for messages to travel back and forth but they do get exchanged.  Little did that woman know that many miles away from where she was standing that shooting star landed on earth.  The surprising thing was it was no longer a star but had transformed into a man.  The man knew why he was there and knew either he had many miles to travel or the one who had summoned him to earth did!

There were many rotations of earth.  There were many risings and settings of the sun and moon.  There were many rotations of the constellations  before the man from the stars and the woman would meet.  When they did finally meet she had one word for him, “Superman.”

Superman” in the English Ordinal system equals 107

starman” in the English Ordinal system equals 86

So it’s Saturday.   It’s looking like the weather is going to be really nice out.  Tomorrow is Mother’s Day in case you forgot.  I hope you have a wonderful day.  I’ll probably be back later.  Writing seems to be helping me adjust to what I’m going through right now.

Love the blue guitar he uses!







8 May 2020 Writing it out

Hello again.  It’s a gray and windy afternoon and I’m lonesome.  To help fill the void what seems to be working for me right now is walking and writing.  I’ve taken a couple of long walks already today so I figured I’d spend some more time writing.  I’ve been seeing a lot of other folks in our neighborhoods out walking too so I don’t think I’m alone with what I’m going through.

After reading this blog:  https://funfreedomfables.wordpress.com/2020/05/08/quarantine-loneliness/ I was reminded that if you try to outrun loneliness it will only chase you, you have to turn and face it.  So I’m turning and facing it with the tools available to me!  This blog!

I decided to try my hand at a short story with a tree theme in honor or my husband and my wedding anniversary today:

A long time ago there was a little seed that was born on the branch of a great oak tree.   When that seed was first formed it didn’t know how long it would be part of the oak tree that formed it.  The seed didn’t know where it would go should it have to leave the oak tree.  The rains came.  The sun shown.  The breath of morning, noon and night came and went.  The moon glowed and the stars shown.  The seed got bigger and bigger until one day the winds blew just right and the seed was forced from it’s branch on the parent oak.   The seed was large and plummeted noisely to the ground.  Once making purchase with the grass,  it rattled a little bit inside it’s shell then lay still.  Now came the waiting time.   Waiting to be chosen.

8 May 2020 an oak seed

The seed lay still on the spot to which it’s parent had dropped it for many days.  The rains came.  The sun shown,   The breath of morning, noon and night came and went.  The moon glowed and the stars shown.  The seed lay very still and waited to be chosen by one of the great Arborists  also known as squirrel.  It was the dream all oak seeds to be chosen for planting so they could create brand new great oak of their own!

Many other seeds lay on the ground all around this one seed.  Then the day came when the great Arborist started to examine the seeds to see which ones would be worthy for planting.  It was getting to be fall and the Arborist was planning ahead to colder times.  The Arborist picked up each seed and examined them very closely.  Occasionally they would shake a seed and listen carefully for just the right sound.  One by one, each seed was carefully examined until finally the great Arborist came to that one lone seed that had fallen seemingly so long ago.

At first it looked like the Arborist was going to reject the lonely seed.  They picked up and dropped the seed more than once.  They shook the seed and examined it in great detail before taking it into it’s mouth to nice patch of dirt and burying it.  Now the sleep slumbered.  The rains came.  The sun shown.  The breath of morning, noon and night came and went.  The moon glowed and the stars shown.  Then something magical happened, a sprout shot through the hard seed shell and dark soil.   The sprout reached up to the sky and thus was the beginning of a new oak tree.


8 May 2020 a baby oak sapling.

Sometimes I feel a bit like the seed in this little story.   I have tried to bloom where I’ve been planted here in Alvarado, but I am feeling the winds blow in a new direction.  I am feeling a tug at my soul but I’m not exactly sure which direction.    What is the plan for me?  How can I be useful to my little family?  How can I best serve this world I love without being a burden to it?  I will try my best to remain vigilant and open minded.   God always has a plan.

seed” in the English Ordinal system equals 33

oak tree” in the English Ordinal system equals 75

Arborist” in the English Ordinal system equals 102

squirrel” in the English Ordinal system equals 119

to bloom where you are planted” in the English Ordinal system equals 308

I came across this today and thought it was really sweet: