26 November 2021 Learning About Going Live On Twitch

I’m live on Twitch – Watch me at https://twitch.tv/jwygant

Good morning from here how are you? It’s the day after Thanksgiving and I’m guessing a lot of you are taking advantage of Black Friday deals….not my thing lol!

So I’m sipping on some coffee and thinking about what I want to do with my Twitch channel. I’m not entirely sure who my audience is as no one has left a comment in chat yet. I don’t even know how someone would leave a comment. I am working with what I have which is my phone. Most streamers I’ve spent time with have pretty elaborate setups with microphones and multiple cameras. The other thing is content – actually having something new to say each stream. I think with the pros the chat feedback helps them with that.

Today I’m thinking about talking about my dog Links origin story. I can’t believe he’s going to be 7 on the 9th of December! Thankfully he’s in good health. Anyways his story is pretty special – especially how God let me know he was coming! Unfortunately his baby pictures are trapped on an external hard drive I can’t use – it got dropped one too many times!

Looking forward to going with my friend and her grandson to see the holiday lights in Caldwell tonight! Hope you have a good day!

24 November 2021 Good Morning

Check out Morning with Jackie https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1214692218

Good morning I am trying something a little different this morning. I did a short video on my Twitch channel and found out I can share it on WordPress. For those of you who have been reading my blog you get to put a blog with a face!

Let me know what you think!

Today’s message

16 November 2021 How The Rose Came To Be (Short Story)

Once upon a time there lived a gentle carpenter named Lawrence and his daughter Rose. They lived in a tiny little house in a tiny little village named Roslyn. In our modern times Roslyn would be considered a one stop light sort of place. Blink and you might miss it.

Lawrence supported himself and Rose by making furniture. It kept him very busy so Rose ended up spending a lot of time alone. She didn’t have any friends. The kids at school were very cruel to her. You see Rose was different. She had red hair, freckles and she was very mature for her age.

One day after yet another day of being tormented at school, Rose decided to go for a walk in the woods on the outskirts of town. She had never done this before. She was crying. Shortly after entering the woods she heard a whisper calling to her,”Rose why are you crying?” “They hate me I just want to escape forever and ever!” “Sleep” the forest whispered. Little did Rose know she was in an enchanted forest. Rose suddenly felt very sleepy and curled up in the grass. Soon she faded away and all that remained were seeds. The seeds burrowed into the soil and all was still.

The shadows of the ending day began to fall. Lawrence put the finishing touches on the chair he had been working on and headed into the house, “Rose?!” He called out but there was no answer. He started to get worried and decided to go looking for her. He went by the school and all the other places he could think she had gone. He couldn’t find her. Off in the distance he saw the woods, “I wonder if she went in there?” He felt his heart sink. If only he paid more attention to her!

Lawrence went home and grabbed his flashlight and headed back to the woods. It didn’t take long before he got to the clearing where Rose had fallen asleep…..but she wasn’t there! All Lawrence found was an outline of his daughters sleeping form. He touched the soil. It was still warm. He called out to her but only heard birds settling down to sleep. He began to weep. His tears fell to the space where she had been and then something miraculous happened….a plant with a deep red flower began to rise up to him. He had never seen such a flower. His tears flowed over the flower as it seemed to respond to his voice. It started to sink in that his Rose was gone. “I will call you Rose,” the bereaved father cried….and that is how the Rose came to be. The End.

1 November 2021 Monday

Hello. Good morning from here. I have a cup of coffee and my writing buddy Link beside me. How are you? If you celebrated Halloween how was it? Did you get a lot of trick-or- treaters? I had about ten or so. Turns out most people in my neighborhood go to the other side of town. Aw well….me and my hat with goggles showed up !

Someday I’m going to get more of a costume together!

Now there will be a lull for a couple of weeks and then it will be Thanksgiving. I am trying to keep my heart in the center of my chest and out of my stomach. I’m trying to push myself more…..baby steps.

“The Bene Gesserit Litany Against Fear. … I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.” (Dune)

31 October 2021 Crystal Empowerment and Halloween

Hello! How are you? I’m doing pretty good. Last night I had my very first Zoom meeting on Meetup. The group was called Crystal Empowerment. There were four of us and we had a nice visit learning about how you can use crystals in healing. We were able to share some of our crystals and I got to make a plug for my Meetup Group. A couple of the people even had drums! Athena, the organizer for the meeting, has a shop in Boise here is her website: https://www.crystalempowerment.com/

So today is Halloween and I’m having lots of mixed emotions about celebrating it alone. There is a part of me eager to don my top hat and steampunk goggles. There is equally a part of me that wants to say screw it and hide inside! As we get closer to trick-or-treat time we shall see which side wins!

Last May was a very creative time for me

What is Gods plan for me as we move so quickly through the last months of the year? It always feels like the fast forward button gets pushed from Halloween on into New Years. I will need to be vigilant! I’m feeling like there is much good to come….healing and growing.

I hope you have fun however you celebrate today!

3 September 2021 Change

Hello to you ! How are you today ? I hope your doing well. I am waking up and debating what I should do with my day. As I sit here on the porch it’s quite chilly, only 52 degrees !

A topic that has been coming up a lot for myself personally and many I know is getting older. I’m 53 and already I can feel my body has changed . Just bending down to pick something up takes an effort like it never used to . At my age comes the discussions of colonoscopies and the importance of annual exams . I have been horrible about self care! A big reason is I don’t trust the system we have to use. For people like me with sketchy coverage by insurance you just don’t know what kind of care you are going to get. Healthcare and getting old kind of go hand in hand .

I wanted to talk about my drawing briefly . Metatrons cube keeps showing up because I perceive it as a symbol of divine plans. The wisp people represent the spirit world that is ever present within and all around us.

Divine plans and messengers to deliver messages

28 August 2021 Morning

Hello to you ! How are you doing from where you are visiting from ? I hope we’ll. It’s morning as I write to you. I have been been better but I will be alright . It’s really helpful to have this blog to turn to.

Morning arrives with light, flitting of wing and color , the trees whisper amongst themselves and stretch their limbs to the morning sun, “ Good morning! Good morning!” The world seems so pleased there is another day.

For the past year or so mornings have been rough for me . I was am still adjusting to be alone and not having a people to wake up to every day . I am grateful for Link but he can’t wrap his arms around me and say “good morning.” I keep hoping it will get better.

I have been trying to establish a routine that includes walking Link and then taking a walk myself. Walking helps alleviate the anxiety I feel most mornings . I am having to come to a peace about my life now and I am hoping gradually it will get better .

24 August 2021 Feelings

Hello again. How are you doing? It’s chilly this morning! I am not sure I’m ready for cooler temperatures just yet!

Feelings…….how reliable are they? When I listen to people like Joyce Meyer, she often discounts them . As a person that has lived 53 years as a really sensitive person or an empath I have relied on feelings. I have oftentimes connected feelings to the voice of intuition – the “still, small voice.” Have I been mislead all this time ? Are feelings really that unreliable ?

For the past couple of years I’ve been trying to put my life back together. The biggest stumbling block has been the feeling of fear . I really want to overcome it and get back in touch with the part of me that is confident. I want to feel sure about things again.

Drawing for today

9 August 2021 Survival

Hello to you! How are you doing today? I am doing pretty good. Link and I got around the block once and then I did two laps on my own. It was nice and cool.

Yesterday I went to the Idaho Discovery Center exhibit of the Titanic with my aunt, cousin and niece. My passenger, Ms. Edwina Celia Troutt was a survivor. The exhibit overall was a lot of reading and kind of lean on artifacts I felt.

I can remember how the story of the Titanic captured my imagination as a child and I even wrote a song about it. The thought of so many children dying in the lower decks made me so sad . Then there was of course the movie that really brought the tragedy to life. A heavily romanticized telling of the tale.

My boarding pass
Ms Troutt

It was really nice to be out with family . We went to The Curb afterwards and had a nice meal . They were having trouble keeping staff. They said they had lost two people that day ! Things are changing in the restaurant business . Our waitress didn’t hand us menus we had to have a smart phone . She was saying eventually the trend is going to be no wait staff at all – just order directly front the kitchen ! Sad !!! I guess that’s survival of another kind.

6 August 2021 Stabile

Hello there, how are you ? I’m doing ok this morning. I just finished talking with my therapist about some things . One of the subjects that came up was about the importance of being in a stabile relationship. In order to have that I have to be stabile myself. She and I agreed that I am not entirely stabile myself. So I need to work on that.

Through the stars I cast my gaze , your face is a mystery shrouded in haze. I once knew you well, before the down times before I fell . You were always there to catch me and guide me home, then came the day you left me to fly alone. Why can’t I shake my unrequited love for you ? Why can’t I accept what is true ?