3 August 2021 Science Fiction

Hello to you ! How are you ? I am doing ok it’s a warm humid day after some nice rains .

My drawing today I think is based on an Amazon original series called Expanse. I’m not quite done with it yet. It’s got an interesting plot with bioterrorism using an alien life form.

Drawing for today

Sometimes science fiction becomes science fact. The plot of the show is plausible . I can see them terraforming Mars!

21 July 2021 Gratitude

Hello to you . How are you doing today? I am doing good – grateful for my health and well being today. There are a lot of people in this world who have drawn the short straw of life. I am grateful for my family and friends. I am grateful for Link. I am grateful to have food, clothing and shelter . I am grateful to have a loving God of my understanding. There is so much! It’s important that when I start to feel out of sorts that I pull out my gratitude list! I pray for all those who aren’t so fortunate that things will get better !

20 July 2021 Running from Yourself

Hello to you. How are you as I write to you today? I am doing ok . It’s been really smokey and hazy here and it’s made me think of the topic I’ve talked about before – you can’t run away from yourself . Where you go there you are. Like many people I am a transplant to Idaho . I wasn’t born here and since moving here I have felt a bit like the Californians and other people who have invaded this ill prepared state . People who are from here do not have competitive wages to allow for them to buy decent homes so they have to pay ridiculous rent fees or some are even resorting to sleeping in campers! The infiltrators have gradually destroyed this states economy. They are turning this place into what they ran away from ! Ugh ! Tracts of farmland are being turned into homes of little to no character! I don’t mean to be negative but it’s true. The same thing is happening all over the country . Who is winning in all this? It seems fleeting – like a gold rush or like when the boom towns happened in the Midwest over oil. Does anyone have vision? Foresight ? Or does greed rule the day ?

15 July 2021 Walking

Hello to you! How are you as I write to you today ? I am doing ok . This morning I got out with Link and had the morning drag (lol) and then I made myself get out for a lap on my own. I’m trying to tone up my body and my plan is to walk more to do that . Anything is better than nothing ! I also do sit-ups and lift my little 5lb weights throughout the day. I’ll just keep at it !!!

8 July 2021 Starlight Mountain Adventure

Hello to you how are you as you visit me here ? It’s shaping up to be another hot day! I already got my mile walk in. Truth be told I’m still recovering from an adventure with my aunt last night . We joined her church group The Oakes (55plus) on a bus trip to the Starlight Mountain Theater production of Singing in the Rain . Wow was it good! The tap dancing was my favorite part !! They had a cute way of advertising for their sponsors – they sang and danced ! They have a talented bunch of young people on cast ! I would highly recommend if you are in the Garden City area that you make seeing one of their shows a part of the trip !

5 July 2021 New Memories

Hello to you, how are you as I write to you from here ? I hope you had a nice Independence Day if you celebrated. My friend and I celebrated with my Aunt and Uncle. They know how to celebrate ! Lots of good food and a fun round of a game that’s like the board game Sorry.

24 June 2021 Overnight Peace

Hello to you, how are you ? I am doing well. My new best friend decided to stay overnight last night . It was calming and peaceful for both of us . It’s been over a year for both of us to have shared a bed with someone. It was just about being together and companionship. This morning was the most normal thing to wake up and make breakfast and have coffee on the porch. It felt like a huge void was filled for both of us . I am so grateful!

Overnight peace ” in the English Ordinal system equals 148 – (one left brained eternity)

22 June 2021 Overcoming

Hello to you as I write from here. How are you ? I hope you are well!

A lot has been happening these past couple of weeks. I am getting to know and make a new best friend. We both are overcoming a lot of things about our past. He the loss of his wife of 33 years and me my marriage and relationship of 12 plus years.

For Father’s Day he came over and met my family and that was nice for all of us .