16 May 2022 Steps

Hello to you. How are you today? I hope you are well. This morning I’m thinking about steps…..steps of faith. This is from church yesterday when Pastor Jason illustrated it so well. Standing in a space and seeing the next step God has called us to take and actually taking it not knowing really what it will all mean to take it….. that’s faith. I’m also thinking about the smiling faces that greeted me when I got to church….hugs and smiles. There were a couple faces missing I had hoped to see and I pray they are alright. The longer you go to church the more connected you become! Like a family….dear friends.

Just one step and gradually many more!

I was looking at more videos from Master Shi and came across one of him doing a 20 minute Quigong practice. The song in the background was so beautiful that I had to find it to share with you. I hope you’ll give it a listen:

https://youtu.be/Zrxdgat3y9c – Lotus By Secret Garden


I’m trying to commit myself to breath in movement each day even if it’s just for the length of one song.

Make sure you are kind to who is looking back at you today!

Didn’t take many pictures yesterday but that’s ok. Sometimes sitting by the water under clouded skies means you will meet someone walking home after a hard day as an in- home healthcare worker. So tired but still having a kind word and a smile on her face.

My growing eclectic mixture of inside flowers
Glimpse of the sun – we got more wonderful rain
Tree by our post office
Another tree by our post office – it’s like they are dancing
Falling rain – there was lightening and a bit of thunder in these clouds – loved it!
When I was looking for lightening in the Bible I found this passage
I found this painting and it was so perfect in light of so much “weather” stuff going on in the world
Some cute for you – I love how his ear is sticking straight up!!

10 May 2022 The Wind

Hello there. How are you doing today? I hope you are well. The saga of spooky stuff at night continues. Last night it was a jump scare that startled both Link and I. Whatever is going on doesn’t feel malicious but is strange. Forces either within myself or outside myself are trying to communicate. This stuff was happening when I lived in Texas and has been a part of most of my life. I’ve always been really sensitive to energy in its various forms.

Yesterday in my internet scrollings I found this message from the Anasazi Foundation about the wind. What brought me to years was hearing “messages of the heart can change.”

https://youtu.be/8MGI7yp92YU – The legend of the wind by Good Buffalo Eagle – Native American Legend

Listening to this and thinking about my own experiences and thoughts about the purpose of our global winds, I thought about the Holy Spirit:

I can remember times of just wanting to drink in a breeze on a hot day. I can remember as a child playing with the winds…talking to them. I can remember cowering with my little family in the hallway of our house more than once for fear of our lives as powerful winds battered the house. I can remember the different sounds of breath from loved ones. Breath being the way we personally interact with the wind always moving around and through our bodies. Without the oxygen of the wind we cease to exist.

I asked myself why this was on my mind yesterday and the answer was because it’s something else in our shared existence that we have in common. We all bleed and we all must breathe. To me it’s not all about what makes us different in these times but about how we are the same….what we have in common.

These are just a few examples of warnings carried by the wind:




With the way I have come to understand God and this earth is there are many warnings and after they go unheeded, things escalate.

A short walk:

When I saw clouds like this I used to become afraid
When wind and weather happens I pray for all those holding down the fort outside like trees, birds, small critters, insects and dogs and cats left outside…the homeless people with no shelter
Bands of life giving rain falling down
A little comic relief. This little tree got a pinwheel like a child might play with! Made me smile to see this little tree being loved! Part of the family!
I had to spend some time admiring the pine trees last night – this is amazing
A different pine trees fruit

https://youtu.be/mnVtTvINXpM – Rhythmic Tribal Sounds Earth Song – Mei-lan and Ali Pervez Mehdi

7 May 2022 Head in the Clouds

Hello to you. I hope you are doing well. This is Mothers Day weekend. To my mom and all mothers in all your forms to include our Earth I say “I love you and thank you!”

Beautiful music I found yesterday: https://youtu.be/YcR6FB0u6SY – Mei-Lan Maurits – streaming source energy – sound healing

Yesterdays walks and my day were spent kind of with my head in the clouds. On the first walk I was approached by a curious bee! It landed gently on my hand as if saying hello! On the second walk one of the trees I shared a pine cone picture with you dropped another one on my head as I walked by lol! Trees do have their ways of communicating! I had to chuckle at the timing!

Last night we got some more rain and there was even s little lightening! Kind of surprised me to see it as I lay in bed trying to sleep. If you are interested in cloud pictures, I found a group on Facebook you would love: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1464145827194143/?ref=share – The Cloud Appreciation Society

Pictures from yesterday:

The miracle of flowing water
What are you thinking about God? Rain?
Interesting hatch mark clouds
Afternoon hallelujah clouds illuminated by the sun. Makes me think of the divine when I see this!
The Iris’s are arriving in the neighborhood
I can’t help but delight in how there are so many of these wild pansies now!

A couple messages:

Some space pictures truly look like a place God is thinking and dwelling
For me there was a connection in the words of Amos to this in Revelations

https://images.app.goo.gl/tFT9fZDwwquqT1LWA – Orion Nebula

1 May 2022 Something We Have In Common – Dancing to Music

https://youtu.be/wh3i3vWgPyk ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) All Over The World

Hello to you from here. How are you? I’m still really sore but I am in good spirits. Yesterday I wondered about finding dancing in the Bible. I have always loved to dance and to watch it done in all the various ways we do it. Early people expressed their love for God through dance and simple instruments from what I was able to find out. When I really find a song I like and dance to it, it feels like being connected to a divine energy- being close to God. Everything is warm, there is no time and the only limits are how deep the movements go. I’m not as limber as I once was lol! Especially lately. Do you like to dance or do you tell yourself you can’t? Sometimes I just dance with my hands! Just tapping your hand on your body or an object….sometimes I dance with my little Djembe drum lol.

https://classroom.synonym.com/praise-dance-history-12080860.html – article you might find interesting on the subject:

The history of praise dance dates back to biblical times. The first mention of dance in the Bible is in the book of Exodus when Miriam, sister of Moses, took a tambourine and led the women of Israel into a dance after witnessing the parting of the Red Sea. They expressed joy and celebration in their dance after witnessing God’s great miracle on their behalf.

It was a bit rainy (yay!) yesterday so not so many pictures and that’s ok. On the second walk it was gently raining. Link got so wet and was not thrilled to get such a bath but I loved it. It had been awhile since I walked slowly while it was raining. The messages for me lately has been to slow down – as I keep saying, pain is a teacher. You learn yhd lessons or you continue to suffer!

It’s so much better to dance than to weep
A baby tree being so grown up!
Thinking of all the people in my life and the world that are trying to heal and get well…survive day to day. God shows us in such beings like flowers the cycles of existence…there will be blooming times and times there are just bulbs to be planted – potential stored for better times and conditions.
I had to acknowledge this beauty – I’m seeing a lot more of them.
I wanted to get closer but I try to respect peoples property.
There you are!

Probably my favorite scene from The Chosen:

https://youtu.be/IiStHMNE16Q – The Chosen Jesus Saves Mary Magdalene

17 April 2022 Light of The World

Hello to you. I hope this finds you well. It’s a sunny morning here – beautiful day for Easter. In a little while I plan to go to and share with others the good news of this day. Can you imagine what it must have been like to see Jesus after all he went through? I bet the sun was shining that day too! These words resonated this morning:

John 8:12 NIV

When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

NIV: New International Version

Yesterday we were blessed to get some much needed rain! So grateful! There is water rushing through the canals again. Here are the pictures from yesterday:

Cheerful yellow blooms
Enough rain to see pools of reflection
Moss and lichen- thinking of the day my Mom taught me what lichen was during a visit to Pipestone South Dakota when I was a young girl
I love seeing water droplets sparkle in the sun
After the rain and storms it all gives way to glorious light
This one made me smile. It’s like the sun has hair of clouds!
Purple fit for a King
God put on quite a show last night with views like this and so many birds were out! A huge crane, a hawk, ducks, geese and so much more. The miracles of water.
Link checking out one of the canals on our amazing walk yesterday. We walked farther than normal and got to see and chat with other neighbors. One mentioned her taking care of a brother in Rapid City South Dakota! Since I’m originally from Sioux Falls that was pretty cool!
This one….this one made me think “Hallelujah!” I can just see angels and glory.

This song came to my mind this morning. It’s about a love that stretches through the expanse of all existence. I think of God’s love for us:

We are Stars by the Pierces

We are stars
Fashioned in the flesh and bone
We are islands
Excuses to remain alone
We are moons
Throw ourselves around each other
We are oceans
Being controlled by the pull of another

And I just wanna be loved by you
Yeah, I just wanna be loved by you
I see nothing worse
Than to sail this universe without you

When we met
I was pulling an angel out of a liar
We forget
Satisfaction kills our desire
We are dreamers
Wishing upon what we were born from
We made plans
Kill them ourselves
And then we mourn them

And I just wanna be loved by you
Yeah, I just wanna be loved by you
I see nothing worse
Than to sail this universe without you

I just wanna be loved by you
Yeah, I just wanna be loved by you
I see nothing worse
Than to sail this universe without you (I just wanna be loved by you)
I see nothing worse
Than to sail this universe without you (Yeah, I just wanna be loved by you)
I see nothing worse
Than to sail this universe without you
Without you

Source: Musixmatch

Songwriters: Catherine Eleanor Pierce / Allison Margaret Pierce / Allison Pierce / Catherine Pierce

We Are Stars lyrics © Multisongs, Bunny Cat Music, Wordspring Music, Llc

https://youtu.be/IWD8b9eIROI – We are Stars