4 August 2021 Chalk Therapy

Hello to you . It’s Wednesday and it’s nice out here in Middleton. This morning I tried to get the boo bear out for a walk and he wasn’t having any of that ! So I got a mile in by myself. After some cereal and coffee I decided to take advantage of the fresh driveway canvas. Some chalk therapy! Being outside and drawing is like being in church for me – both peaceful and stimulating for my brain .As of late I like drawing Metatrons cube in chalk the best, the pattern soothes me. I haven’t felt like drawing some of the stuff I used to draw like faces.

Onward soldier we go through the hazards of today we flow we recognize very little of where we have been and most surely will retrace our steps back again. The finger of God points the way to go we will eventually arrive even if our progress is slow

Chalk therapy

Chalk therapy ” in the English Ordinal system equals 128 – (a man) ( one process of light and shadow in eternity)

2 August 2021 Family

Hello ! How are you ? I’m doing pretty well. We had a nice visit with family yesterday. My cousin and his wife hosted a wonderful brunch in honor of their daughter in law going off to medical school. She has about 4 years of school left . A lot of the family turned out . We enjoyed it very much .

Drawing for today

30 July 2021 Forgiveness

Hello to you! How are you today? It’s really hot here today. I’m about ready for summer to be over! I’m sure I’m not alone with that sentiment.

Well yesterday was a day of sudden changes and today is about forgiveness. Sometimes people do things that they regret. I had to pray a lot about this…. Let God. I could have chosen to shut the door on this person but I don’t think that’s what God wanted me to do . I cannot ignore the red flags and warnings but something tells me these are growing pains. The person in question has been through a lot of troubles too and made mistakes. I have been through a lot too, made mistakes . What if everyone had shut the door on me ? I try to keep that in mind when I am dealing with these sorts of things.

29 July 2021 Sudden Changes

Hello to you how are you today ? I’m doing alright I think . I am in the midst of sudden changes again. I thought I had made a friend but I was wrong . So I am on my own again and I’m lead back to blogging more regularly and drawing pictures that are kind of a reflection of what’s going on in my life . Today’s drawing shows an upside down world in the blink of an eye . I haven’t been using the gematria system lately because it only seemed to make sense to me!

Sometimes it seems like God throws curve balls and the reasons aren’t immediately clear . I have to believe something better is in store for me .

Drawing for today

28 July 2021 Helpful or Harmful

Hello to you, how are you doing on this hot day in July? I am doing ok. I was taking an afternoon nap and some thoughts and images started to filter into my my mind . Some of them painful memories like the day my cat Amber passed away. I had to force my mind to think of other things. I had to ask myself if thinking about such a traumatic day was helpful or harmful. The verdict was it was harmful. I don’t want to think about sad/depressing/traumatic things! So I thought of when she was alive sitting in a sunbeam instead. I forced myself to get up and draw too.

I have had to learn mental gymnastics like these past couple of years. If I let my mind wander it can lead me to some pretty dark places if I let it. It’s the same place my feelings are at and I have found that as an empath living by feelings can be emotionally draining and paralyzing .

Drawing for today

25 June 2021 Practice

Hello to you, how are you today ? I’m doing good. I decided to brave the heat and do a little chalk drawing. I was inspired by the art work from a book loaned to me: Fail fail again fail better by Pema Chodron.

My drawings are very basic right now but sometimes that’s best. I need more practice !

Drawing on the driveway

30 May 2021 Memorial

Hello to you, how are you? It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year since the last Memorial Day….how quickly does time go as I get older. I miss the family I spent the last Memorial Day with in Texas but God has provided me with loving family in my here and now. There is great symbolism in Memorial Day. It symbolizes for me both endings and beginnings. I am still mourning my losses and probably always will on some level or another. Do we ever truly forget those we love? Once a name has been etched on heart does it ever completely fade? I say no.

memorial day ” in the English Ordinal system equals 116

25 May 2020 Beth Tim Kyle and Cole

18 May 2021 Staying Positive

Hello to you, how are you ? I hope this finds you well. Today I had to exercise my staying positive muscles . I believe that what you focus on gains power. So I have been trying to make a conscious effort to focus on the good in my life versus where my life is lacking . I am applying this train of thought in what I think, speak and write.

Let’s see what staying positive is in the numbers:

Staying positive in the English ordinal system is 210 -light and shadow process for one against the unknown

15 May 2021 Healing

Hello to you! How are you ?! I hope this finds you well. I am doing better after what happened . I’m just taking it one day at a time. Sometimes things happen to us to make us stronger even though it doesn’t seem like it at the time . I think God knows my heart. God knows I am still healing from the divorce. God knows it’s nearly impossible to just put someone in such a vast void. True love takes time! True love for me will take lots of healing and time . God is working on it !

Healing in the English ordinal system equals 56 – a all senses all vices in check but one experience

27 April 2021 Habit, Process and Feeling

Hello to you how are you doing? I’m trying something different and using the WordPress app to write to you today .

My friend and I were talking about his pot smoking habit. That’s why the title! He was talking about the process and how it’s soothing for him. He goes and gets the pot, rolls his blunts and then smokes it. Then he gets the munchies and has something to eat . Then he gets sleepy and takes a nap .

When one doesn’t have anything to do we sometimes adopt unhealthy rituals to fill the void of time. My friends addiction ,as he now was calls it , is really a habit with a process and ultimately a feeling…..it’s something to do. He wants to quit but isn’t sure what to put in its place . I almost think of pot smoking like drinking coffee. Preparing a cup of coffee to drink is very much a habit, I call it the “dark ritual.”

Habit process feeling in English ordinal 193 -one no yes, no, May be process