7 Aug 2017 Dream and the act of “Adulting” (Abandoning Adulthood My Official Letter of Resignation piece by Maureen)

4 Aug 2017 – we are so grateful for Spot. She is an active dog and because of that she helps keep us more active. She’s our family athletics coordinator! ūüôā

Good morning, it’s 8:16 am as I start to write.¬† We had a storm come through last night and by the looks of things, we got a bit of rain.¬† Very grateful for that and grateful that the severe thunderstorm warning we got before bed ended up only being¬†a warning!¬†¬†It’s so funny with thunder.¬† I was almost asleep and then it was like, “We now interrupt¬†your sleep for these 30 seconds of thunder.”¬†¬†(Kyle’s words there). Sleep all through the night remains elusive for both Kyle and I.

I had some interesting dreams last night, I remember snippets of them.¬† I dreamt about being with some old men and one of them telling/saying to me, “Do you¬†want me to tell you how old you are?”¬†I said something like, “3,000” and the man said, “try 5,000.” Other dreams were of being in an old parlor or Victorian type of settings.¬† I remember men sitting on the deck of a ship.¬† My mind must be sorting through a bunch of stuff I’ve been looking at in my waking world like the Victorian Trading Company catalog, the Aspern Papers film set posts from Jonathan Rhys Meyers and other stuff.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers To Star In ‘The Aspern Papers’

I¬†don’t believe the person I am is that old but what do we know of our souls?¬† The energy our flesh¬†encapsulates?¬† The flesh is just a suite, a covering for the soul.¬† The soul can be as old as time itself because there is no such thing as time in the unseen realms….for any other beings but humans is there such a thing as time!¬† The dream realm¬†in me obviously knows that.

Another conscious Key that may have unlocked last nights travels could have been this awesome post, Abandoning Adulthood, from my friend Ally.  I have been thinking about this topic a lot lately!

Source: Internet/aka friend FB post: Abandoning Adulthood by Maureen

She was looking for something about¬†adulthood, and found it.¬† Ironically,¬†just yesterday morning Kyle and I were trying to figure out why we were so crabby and irritable and realized it was because we were having to be adults or what we call¬†“Adulting.”¬†We had made an appointment for Link to have his back left¬†leg looked at and didn’t want to take him even though it was the right thing to do.¬† We had barely dropped him off and were getting groceries when the vet called to come back for him! Yay!¬† We dodged the almost $200 x-ray expense that is conveniently not covered under the Wellness plan we have both the dogs on….sigh.¬† What the hell is insurance of any kind really good for?!¬† It never covers what you need it to even though you are paying enough for it to cover everything!¬† Anyhew…we didn’t get away without spending money on an anti-inflammatory and in a couple of¬†weeks we’ll see what’s going on oh yeah,¬†he’s “obese”….sounds like he’s a little old man not a dog right?!

6 Aug 2017 – Link relaxing before Vet visit. He doesn’t look obese to us but apparently he is.

On the way to the grocery store after we initially dropped him off, we were in the car bitching about EVERYTHING!¬†¬†I realized we were doing the thing we¬†try very hard to avoid doing and that’s focusing on what’s wrong and not what we want¬†to be going on instead.¬†¬†While President Trump¬†it seems like¬† like he’d rather be golfing instead of dealing with world issues and¬†appears to be throwing away every opportunity put in front of him to make the world a better place, ¬†it’s not entirely his fault America is the mess it seems to be.¬† A secret part of me thinks, is hoping, his being President and what he’s been doing is just some sort of¬†epic reverse psychology experiment!¬†¬†I wouldn’t want to be President or any form of government official these days!¬† It’s so easy to solve the worlds problems from the seat of our cars, kitchen tables, video game chat and social media forums but quite another to actually be the ones who have to sort it all out!¬† Anyways, Kyle and I¬†finally talked ourselves to where the source of the anger was and it came back to us.¬† We decided we would rather be doing anything else but what we had to do….goofing off!¬†¬†This process we went through is something I learned to do in AA with the acronym HALT (Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired) and doing a self examination before blaming others through the day and just before bed for things when your angry or upset….making amends.

Anyhew…..it’s Monday again….time to get on with it.¬† I hope that wherever and whenever this finds you, you¬†have everything you need inside and out to be fulfilled.¬† I hope you know that even if it seems like nobody cares about you, there are people all over the world, myself included, that say a prayer of love and thanksgiving for you every day.¬† ¬†¬†


4 Aug 2017 Divine clouds, getting over the people suite (NAACP and Missouri travel advisory), cherry red dawn and chalk drawing

Good morning to you.¬† It’s 9:45 am as I start to write to you.¬† I hope this finds you well wherever and whenever you are in your time and space.¬† We are doing well so far on this lovely Friday.¬† I have to admit I’m in a bit of shock that it’s Friday already!¬† Where did the week go?!¬† ZOOM!!!

Yesterday I was out on my cot and saw the sky was doing amazing things and got a couple of pictures.¬† I just go to a divine place when I’m sky gazing!¬† God (Adda – came to me in recent¬†meditation) and the master canvas.

A message came to me this morning that I have had on my mind for quite some time and that is this phrase, “Get over the suite!”¬† I know it’s a message that has been translated into gazillions of sermons, pep talks, expensive seminars, books, music, movies and meme’s so why then, in 2017, has a travel advisory been issued by the NAACP for minorities visiting Missouri?!¬†¬†Where is the disconnect?¬† Why just Missouri when¬†these sorts of things involving minorities¬†are happening in states all over America¬†and have been for a long time?!¬†¬†As a nation are we going to allow ourselves to lose the hundreds of years of progress we’ve made in equal rights in the course of less than a year?!¬† Not me!¬† My Grandpa Becker put his life at risk to help people of color be able to vote and I want to believe his efforts weren’t in vain!

Newspaper clipping about Grandpa Harold Becker and voter registration in Mississippi

http://www.naacp.org/ – link to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People main web site

St. Louis tourism industry asks NAACP to level the playing field or rescind travel advisory

Posted 10:31 pm, August 3, 2017, by Gerron Jordan, Updated at 10:30PM, August 3, 2017

ST. LOUIS – Fallout from the NAACP’s recent advisory for minorities traveling to Missouri continues. On Thursday, the local convention and visitors bureau, Explore St. Louis, sent a letter to partners questioning the fairness of the advisory and urging the NAACP to rescind it.

“We are puzzled as to why a travel advisory would just be issued for the state of Missouri when 38 other states and the federal government use the same standards,” said Explore St. Louis President, Kitty Ratcliffe.

The standards Ratcliffe are referring to are detailed in Senate Bill 43; the piece of legislation recently signed by Governor Eric Greitens which changes the standards that must be met in order to sue for workplace discrimination.

“And yet they are discriminating against Missouri for something that 38 other states and the federal government do,” said Ratcliffe. “We would just ask to be treated fairly.”

“I don’t tell her how to run conventions, I don’t need her to tell us how to fight for civil right,” said Adolphus Pruitt, president of the St. Louis chapter of the NAACP.

Pruitt says while Senate Bill 43 was a factor, there were many others that went into the NAACP issuing the travel advisory.

“It talked about the disparities in stops, it talked about somebody traveling through the state got stopped and wound up arrested and dead, it talked about a number of different things” Pruitt said. “What it said was there is a totality of things going on in the state that has raised some concerns.”

Amid those concerns, Pruitt says the organization isn’t telling minorities to stay away from Missouri, just to be aware of things that have impacted minorities. Pruitt is hopeful other leaders don’t challenge the advisory, but challenge the conditions that led to it.

“I hope that it would reinforce to all the folks in the state who have the ability to address the issues raised in the advisory to sit down and lets roll up our sleeves and work through this matter,” he said.

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What I have come to understand for myself is this body I am in is merely a suite of clothes made of flesh and blood.¬† What you think you see is an optical illusion and unless you talk to me and or actually take the time to get to know me. you don’t know me!¬† You don’t know me¬†if all you are basing your opinion on is what you see with your eyes or what someone else has told you¬†about me.¬†

It’s taken many years, but where I’m at with people is behavior.¬† I don’t care what your sexual identity, your color, your spiritual/religious beliefs or even what sports team you like…..it’s your behavior.¬† It’s¬†how you treat yourself, other lives (dogs, cats, etc)¬† and me that defines how I feel about you.¬†¬†Love¬†to you today!¬†

2 Aug 2017 Just saying thanks….much needed rain falls and what is life (Facebook robots)

Good morning to you.¬† It’s 10:21 am as I start to write to you and as I look out our windows it’s still raining…gentle, intermittent rains.¬† When I let the dogs out this morning and saw it had rained I just looked up into the sky and said one word, “Thanks!”¬† It’s the same word Kyle and I say before we eat a meal in home or out in public.¬† Just one simple word to express a feeling that is often beyond words.¬† As I perused the headlines this morning, I realize now more than ever it is important to be thankful for each day…heck each second….we manage to survive in spite of the actions of ourselves and nature.

In case no one tells you today – Thank you for being in the world today.

7 April 2017 – We are more than just automatons and baby making factories.

Each one of us with our unique abilities and senses, give animation….give actual life,¬†meaning and reason to what it is to be alive.¬† What is life?¬† Two Facebook robots learned to communicate in a unique language and were shut down because of it.¬† Were they alive?¬† Is sentient communication an indication of life?¬† This story is a cautionary tale of creators and their creation….the movie Prometheus comes to mind.¬† We have come to the time science fiction writers wrote and dreamed about….had nightmares about.¬†¬†I have been a fan of the science fiction genre most of my life and especially AI.¬† Who is regulating this burgeoning field….industry?¬† Has anyone figured out what we are going to do if something like what happened at Facebook engages conversation with the internet?¬† Billions of servers speaking in a unique language – all to conspire against the humans.¬† There is a nightmare from which no one will wake.¬† When you play God in whatever capacity, these are the questions with follow up consequences that must be considered.¬† If you can’t control it….please for all our sakes….don’t create it!¬†

http://thenewswheel.com/was-elon-musk-right-facebook-shuts-down-artificial-intelligence-after-it-creates-its-own-language/ – Was Elon Musk Right? Facebook Shuts Down Artificial Intelligence After It Creates Its Own Language

Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg have been head-to-head in the news lately with opposing views about Artificial Intelligence (AI). While Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, is enthusiastic about the new technology, Musk, CEO of Tesla Inc., has issued many warnings against the use of the technology.

http://www.newsmax.com/TheWire/facebook-robots-language-ai/2017/08/01/id/805126/ – Facebook Bots Create Language Amongst Themselves


27 May 2017 No more pictures, cell phones and todays message from Streams in the Desert (letting go and letting God – true faith)

Good morning to you – it’s 5:59 am as I write.¬† I have come to an impasse with this blog – my picture allowance is maxed so just words and existing images.¬† I will say that I was going to share a picture from Gateway to the heavens – pages 104 and 105 and the meditation I did last night 1007pm that involved a drawing I had done earlier with the fragment of purple chalk….a Goddess and the Prussian iron cross.¬† What happened is I was burning a red cinnamon candle in the darkness and it kept going out so I thought to pour the wax out and was lead to pour it on the drawing in the lower abdomen part – this happened twice which matches the number of times I was operated on for fibroid cyst removal by two separate doctors, two years in a row.¬† I was pretty upset after I realized this is what I was seeing was about and tried to turn off my phone.¬† Well as I did a voice activation feature for the phone came on and for some reason it wanted to call my broker of several years, Seth Peritzman!¬† I thought that was very strange.¬† When that happened a very small flying insect flew itself into the hot wax of the candle I was burning and died.¬† Why couldn’t I just turn off my phone?¬† Then I started looking at the features of the phone and realized all kinds of tracking elements had been activated on it and that was interesting.¬† I realized if something were to happen to me, if someone were trying to find me, a tracking feature would be useful.¬†¬†¬†Cell phones can be very useful but as with any tool, only if used for good reasons.

The message from Streams in the Desert resonates with me on many levels and it puts to words beautifully a message I have tried to share in so many ways, through the years.¬† People like me don’t always get listened to.¬† People like me – middle-aged house wife with “labels” and no children who live in the lower middle-class income bracket.¬†¬†I have been speaking, writing, drawing and attempting through my crafts to share so many things that if only had been acknowledged long ago could have helped so much.¬†¬†I do not expect today will be any different than any other day in this regard but I have faith in the¬†God who has¬†walked with me thus far, through all things, that may today will be different.¬† I¬†also have Hope – not the child….the daughter….the vision and spirit of the future I want for all creation.¬†¬† Much love to you today wherever and whenever this message finds you.

9 years and going strong! Happy snap to note the special occasion ūüôā

Streams in the Desert message for the today that is also tomorrow:

May 28

“I will not let thee go, except thou bless me…and he blessed him there.” (Gen. 32:26, 29.)

Jacob got the victory and the blessing not by wrestling, but by clinging. His limb out of joint and he could struggle no longer, but he would not let go. Unable to wrestle, he wound his arms around the neck of his mysterious antagonist and hung all his helpless weight upon him, until at last he conquered.

We will not get victory in prayer until we too cease our struggling, giving up our own will and throw our arms about our Father’s neck in clinging faith.

What can puny human strength take by force out of the hand of Omnipotence? Can we wrest blessings by force from God? It is never the violence of willfulness that prevails with god. It si the might of clinging faith, that gets the blessing and the victories. It is not when we press and urge our own will, but when humility and trust unite in saying, “Not my will, but Thine.” We are strong with God only in the degrees that self is conquered and is dead. Not by wrestling, but by clinging can we can the blessing. – J.R. Miller

An incident from the prayer life of Charles H. Usher (illustrating “soul-cling” as a hindrance to prevailing prayer): “My little boy was very ill. The doctors held out little hope of his recovery. I had used all the knowledge of prayer which I possessed on his behalf, but he got worse and worse. This went on for several weeks.

“One day I stood watching him as he lay in nhis cot, and I saw that he could not live long unless he had a turn for the better. I said to God, “O God, I have given much time in prayher for my boy and he gets no better; I must now leave him to Thee, and I will give myself to prayer for others. If it is Thy will to take him I choose Thy will–I surrender him entirely to Thee.’

“I called my dear wife, and told her what I had done. She shed some tears, but handed him over to God. Two days afterwards a man of God came to see us. He had been very interested in our boy Frank, and had been much in prayer for him.

“He said, “God has given me faith to believe that he will recover–have you faith?”

“I said, ‘I have surrendered him to God, but I will go again to God regarding him.’ I did; and in prayer I discovered that I had faith for his recovery. From that time he began to get better. It was the ‘soul-cling’ in my pyrers which had hindered God answering; and if I had continued to cling and had been unwilling to surrender him, I doubt if my boy wold be with me today.

“Child of God! If you want God to answer your prayers, you must be prepared to follow the footsteps of ‘our father Abraham,’ even to the Mount of Sacrifice.” (See Rom. 4:12.)


This Kyle and I did on 27 April 2011 with our cocker spaniel Samuel and God’s answer was to let him go to God. God didn’t abandon us in our grief…..we surely thought so! But we waited and through love, patience and friendship we were blessed with Link who came to us along with two brothers on 9 Dec 2015. When Sam died, it was like Kyle and I had lost a child. I went looking everywhere to get him back – screaming in the field down the street that was my sanctuary, my church that has been turned over and made into houses for profit. In 100 degree temperatures I walked that blooming field and stood by it’s waters begging for Sam to come back….screaming at the air….the God of my understanding in all things and all it seemed I got was more searching. Then came the day I found the first part of a Christmas ornament in that field and the other at the entrance to the neighborhood. I thought it was to tell me my friend Erin was going to have a son as she is part Choctaw because the ornament was from a Choctaw Casino.¬† But¬† no…..she and I were to be blessed with Link and his two brothers. Two women not able to have human children but having maternal instincts to care for all God’s children whatever their form.

God answers your prayers, God is always listening, God never fails – it’s just that you must let go of YOUR plans, YOUR timing, YOUR expectations of how those prayers will be answered. As I have learned to pray and have shared many, many times all through this blog:

“Whatever is for the greatest, most loving good for this (person, place or situation) – not as I would have it but as you would have it. I do not know what is best for my sight is limited to this moment and what has already been and you see all directions of time and space….all possible outcomes and you know what is best….you see the big picture.”

Then LET GO! Stop holding on, “clinging” to your prayers because when you do that is not faith….that is using God like a wishing well. God doesn’t require your monetary homage to answer your prayers, God needs your faith, hope, praise and trust. Let go, Let God – learn acceptance as a path to peace.


26 May 2017 Outdoor meditation – My Mother’s Suicide – Guns with Divine Numbers

Hello, it’s 9:47 am, think this will be the last post for today but in light of me seeing something about President Trump going to be talking to the National Rifle Association, this can’t wait.¬† I don’t expect that he even knows of my existence but there is power in words and pictures – so I will go on.

On 24 Dec 1968 my Mother Jeanne Faith Becker, age 26, a mental patient, took her own life using my Dad’s .38¬† – shot herself in the heart.¬† They say she had trouble with post partum depression but from what I can tell from her journals and other things, it was more than just because I came into the world that she suffered in her heart.¬† If anything, ¬†my coming here gave her a fleeting glimpse of Hope.¬† That’s what I would like to think anyways.¬† Ever since I found out the manner and cause of her death and have been myself through the “mental health system”, ¬†if that is what you want to call it, I have had resentments against gun and weapon manufacturers and “the system” as¬†a whole.¬† What all of us are involved in is¬†a system….a mechanism…..a machine.¬† Each of¬†us cogs of the “wheel” which has¬†also caused great resentment in me during the course of my life.¬† Being considered a ways to a means….and end…. instead of¬†a beginning.

So this meditation revolves (like the pun?) around the premature death of my Mother and what it did to my Dad’s heart, soul and life afterwards….to me….to everyone.¬† For those who keep up with me, you know how I feel about violent deaths….it’s like shattering a round glass globe into a million pieces.¬† All those shards getting into everything – the food, the water, the soil, the air…into people.

Some will say that guns are just tools and it is people that kill people not the guns.¬† People would say if she didn’t use the gun she would have found something else – yes but may be she could have been saved!¬† TIME!!!!¬† Guns take away TIME!!!¬† We are feeding “hell’s well.”¬† What I say is what I’ve said about thoughts, about intention, about purpose and design of the “thing.”¬† Guns indeed are tools and they are good for one thing – killing people, killing animals, destroying property, threatening and intimidating people by filling the carrier with false pride and superiority.¬† They were designed with the intent to kill whereas a knife or another tool has multiple – USEFUL – purposes besides being used just for destruction.



26 May 2017 Last Flight of the One-Winged Brown Moth and Cycles and Connections of Life (Drawings)

Good morning.¬† It’s 8:21 am as I write to you about the¬†last flight of a large brown moth I met this morning that came to me with a broken wing and was prepared to go through the garden gate….to die….to rest.¬† They, I say they because I can’t tell the difference between male and female moths.¬†¬†They¬†came to me after I had been listening to some music, one of the songs, Midnight by Coldplay and the other by Enigma, The Silence Must Be Heard.¬†¬†It was during the Enigma song that the Moth appeared.¬† I shut off the music and let them come to me.¬† They seemed to want to climb up my pants leg because they could no longer fly.¬† So I got a dry leaf and assisted the poor thing up.¬† Once in my lap, I sang On Eagles Wings and The Wind Beneath My Wings to it and it calmed down enough for me to transport it to the small side garden that is safe from most predators that would disturb it’s rest.¬† I laid it in the leaves and let the poor thing be.¬† It’s exhausting existing and flying with one wing!¬† When I checked later, I couldn’t find them….were they truly dead or just resting?¬†¬†How little we know and understand about so many life forms we share this planet….this Universe with.¬†¬† Perhaps if we just calm down and put our ego’s away we can do better.

It’s truly o.k to not know everything, to not be the smartest, the fittest, the brightest, the prettiest the “est” of anything.¬† Just Be You!¬† We all have a part, a place, a reason and purpose it just takes varying lengths of time to find a good fit!

Without You (Glee Cast Version)

I can’t win, I can’t reign I will never win this game
Without you, without you I am lost, I am vain,
I will never be the same without you, without you

I won’t run, I won’t fly
I will never make it by
Without you, without you
I can’t rest, I can’t fight
All I need is you and I,
Without you, without you

Oh oh oh! You! You! You!
Without, you! You! You! Without you

I can’t erase, so I’ll take blame
But I can’t accept that we’re estranged
Without you, without you
I can’t quit now, this can’t be right
I can’t take one more sleepless night
Without you, without you

I won’t soar, I won’t climb
If you’re not here, I’m paralyzed
Without you, without you
I can’t look, I’m so blind
I lost my heart, I lost my mind
Without you, without you

Oh oh oh! You! You! You!
Without, you! You! You! Without you

I am lost, I am vain,
I will never be the same
Without you, without you, without you

© Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, SHAPIRO BERNSTEIN & CO. INC.



25 May 2017 A New Design

Hello to you – it’s 1:41 pm as I write.¬† The pictures that I have to share with you will hopefully make sense in the sequence of the previous posts.¬† What has come to me is the only way through this design is through energy of creation…..creativity….originality….free-form thinking and subsequent design and manifestation.¬† What I made this afternoon I did with materials I already had – the only thing new was how I perceived what was before me,¬†input from Kyle for how to start it and then just going with the flow.¬† We can’t change the past.¬† We can only live in the moment we are in and imagine the future while we are in the present.

24 May 2017 Meeting famous musicians and the half-breed (Dreams)

Good morning to you.¬† How are you today, now?¬† It’s 6:41 am as I begin to write to you and I hope this finds you well in your place in time. Last night I did a lot of dreaming and actually got some deep sleep for a change.¬† Link’s bites are healing – amazing stuff organic apple vinegar!¬† Nothing really worked but that to help stop him from itching so much.

I had more than the two dreams I am going to share but these are the important ones I think.

I dreamt about talking to my brother-in-law Drew about meeting famous musicians and how nice it would be.¬† I always wanted to meet David Bowie but it just wasn’t meant to be.¬† There was something about his fianc√© Ale’s hoodie being cut into three parts and sewn back together.¬† The next one was about stopping a stray dog from running into the street.¬† Kyle was greeting dogs in a yard and I saw men/boys coming that didn’t like it (they were carrying what looked like gun cases) and one of the dogs in the yard tried to run but I stopped him before getting in the street – the dog looked like a mix of a King Cavalier spaniel and a Chihuahua.

The second dream was unlocked by a couple of things.¬† All the thoughts I’ve been about what has been going on in Europe, specifically Great Britain, thinking about Diana last night, having Queen Elizabeth on my mind and having seen some historical footage of her recently on PBS and the news I had heard about the Queen getting on Harry and William about airing their laundry too much in public.¬† The dog in the dream makes me think of Prince Harry.¬† I couldn’t access this article but it is the one that came to mind.

What the dog in my dream looked like – King Cavalier and Chihuahua Mix

  1. News about Queen Elizabeth Getting On Harry And …

    Queen Elizabeth Thinks Prince William & Prince Harry Need to Put a Lid on It
    The Stir · 2 days ago

    According to a new report, Queen Elizabeth has had it up to her scepter with Prince William and Prince Harry baring their souls … feels “lonely” sometimes. While the public, understandably, can’t ‚Ķ

23 May 2017 My spirit walk at home and Combichrist – Get Your Body Beat

These pictures are the result of¬†my spirit walk at home today.¬† The rain stopped and the wind blew enough to dry off my canvas to do it.¬† For me, what a spirit walk is about is¬†allowing myself to flow and process, without question or examination, what comes to me.¬† This is my daily practice.¬† What comes may be confusing and off-putting so some or crystal clear to others.¬† I’m just passing things along as they come, as I feel I am supposed to do with this.¬† Nothing belongs to me and if I can help even one other person, albeit it just be me, than so be it.¬† As you will read in the lyrics below, I have given up on giving a fuck what anyone else feels, thinks or believes about me.¬† All that matters is what I am doing, thinking and feeling.¬† I do censor myself with what I share here and anywhere else for concern of others to a certain extent, but not to the point it obstructs the overall message.¬† What is here is in no way to imply that I am anything other than just me, Jackie.¬† Just one of 7 billion plus “channels” for which information of this nature can be sent and received.¬† Mindfulness, awareness and paying attention – this is what you must practice each day and I am trying to do that.¬† What I have come to realize for myself is the image I am developing of the God is a being of energy made up of each one of us as part of the one.¬† It’s partially why things are not going so well right now — imagine there being 20 of different versions of you in one room trying to solve a problem?!¬† One of you is Christian.¬† One of you is a Jew.¬† One of you is an Muslim.¬† One of you is Black, White, Brown, Yellow or even Gray skinned.¬† One of you is an artist.¬† One of you is an car mechanic and so on but all still the one You.¬† This is why “group-think” like governments, religions and other organizations like major corporations frequently experience discord, in-fighting¬†and literal division of the “cells” and factions.¬† We are biologically incapable of perceiving the world all of the same way!¬† There must be learning to agree to disagree….compromise….being willing to walk in another’s shoes.

My prayers go out to every living being on this planet today like they always do – especially the folks in Manchester.¬† As always my prayer is for whatever is for the greatest good of all which I hope doesn’t include the caning, maiming,¬†abuse, neglect and murder¬†of anymore people that can’t help being who they were born to be.¬†¬† People can’t just “stop being gay, straight, or otherwise.”¬†¬† They can make choices about their religious, political and entertainment which is part of the direction perspective can go with being “gay, straight or other – LGBTQ.”¬†¬†Fear is at the core¬†of most wars whatever the battlefield.¬† I’m sick, tired and frankly bored with¬†wars, the perpetual “loops” aren’t you?!

This song was playing on my Ipod shuffle when the battery suddenly failed.¬† I went to my phone that also has my playlist on it and the song was next along with ¬†“Live from NY radio…..”¬† That will make sense to some of those who know me.¬† Just passing things along as they come.

Combichrist “Get Your Body Beat” Music Video



Combichrist:Get Your Body Beat Lyrics

1,908,746pages on
Get Your Body Beat

This song is by Combichrist and appears on the album What The Fuck Is Wrong With You People? (2007) and on the Soundtrack album No Redemption (2013).

Trick your brain to set the score
Can you take the pain at all?
I try to understand you girl
But you gotta earn it
Fuck it up and let it go

Get your body beat
Let your blood flow
Get your body beat
Let your blood flow
Get your body beat
Let your blood flow
Get your body beat
Let your blood flow

Doesn’t matter what you say
Never understood at all
Don’t give a fuck what people say
Glad your piece is just for show
Grab its neck and don’t let go

Get your body beat
Let your blood flow
Get your body beat
Let your blood flow
Get your body beat
Let your blood flow
Get your body beat
Let your blood flow

Get your body be-at

Uploaded on Jun 10, 2006

Get Your Body Beat, Combichrist’s new single released in the summer of 6/6/06 following the music video containing clips from the movie “The Gene Generation”


22 May 2017 My spirit walk in town today – the three Mary’s

Hello to you.¬† It’s 3:39 pm and Kyle and I are back from lunch at our favorite local place, Taqueria Torres and my 3 hour walk in town!¬† I had to get out for some peace as they are hard at work on the house AND fixing the street in our neighborhood and it is noisy lol!¬† I’m grateful but it’s hard for me to have spirit time when there is a lot going on.¬† So I packed my camera bag with shoelaces for a strap (the strap that belongs to the bag is Spot’s make-shift harness for dog walks) and set out.¬† Kyle stayed home with the dogs and the folks working on the house.

It is amazing what happens when you allow yourself to go on a walk with the God of your understanding or as my friend Patty Ladale says, “internal navigation system.”¬† If the voice inside says go right, you go right and just walk and then you find something that leads to something else.¬† That’s what happened today and I am sharing my walk with you in pictures.¬† Where my walk lead was to two Mary’s and our local cemeteries Veterans Memorial and then lunch at our favorite Mexican food place that has a 3rd Mary¬†on display inside, I’ve shared her with you before (last pic in gallery).

I hope my sharing this with you can help you somehow reader.  Thank you for allowing me space in your time to share this.  Love to you!