8 January 2022 Up Early

Sunrise this morning

Hello to you. How are you? I got up early this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep. It feels like I didn’t sleep but I known I did! I can remember a dream I kept floating in and out of that had a tribal theme….David Bowie even peeped in. I am still not over this darn cold and this morning I was fretting about my Aunt. She’s scheduled to have knee surgery on the 11th and I’m nervous about it.

Link trying to figure me out this morning

This morning I talked to God and was like “We are going to need the big guns today!” There are days that are like that. Days that you know a power greater than yourself is needed. You just have to ask and be prepared for what unfolds next.

“All I ask of you is to lead me to the next door. It’s not about being rich or being poor. Don’t let me waste my time here in worry and strife. Help me Lord make the most of this life”

7 January 2022 Friday Booger Brain

Hi. How are you? I’m feeling better but the damn thing is lingering mostly in my head. I’ve got booger brain lol! Yucky!!

“You’ve got what?!!!”
How I feel today

This drawing today is a good illustration of how I’m feeling today. Let’s see what’s on my gratitude list…..the car has been running like a champ, Link and I are together, the house is in good shape, I have food, clothing and shelter, I have family and friends and we love each other. I’d say I’m doing pretty well!!

Sometimes if all you want to do is complain it’s best to shift all that power over to embracing what is going right in your life. Just find one thing your grateful for and run with it!! Hugs!

29 December 2021 Shirt and Dump Dogs

Hello. It’s still snowing. I went out and rearranged some of it and as I was I saw a male black and white Boston Terrier standing there. There was nothing I could really do other than report it on the Middleton Matters Group on Facebook. Turns out he was dumped out of a white van – they almost ran over him trying to leave him behind! If I didn’t have Link I would have done more. It reminds me of Alvarado. People used to dump their dogs all the time and Kyle and I would try and help. It doesn’t sound like Middleton has its own dedicated Animal Control Officer like Alvarado did.

Within the past couple days there has been more loose dogs showing up. I feel so bad for them! Could it be the change in the weather or a sign of something else? Apparently this year was a big year for abandonment of pets: https://www.fox13now.com/news/local-news/animal-shelters-call-2021-year-of-pet-abandonment-as-owners-return-pets-from-pandemic?_amp=true

I like spirals and imagining light at their center.

The shirt today is a little messier than yesterday. I like spirals of multiple colors. These designs are meant to be like large amulets that someone approaching you would look at instead of focusing so much on you. The idea is to make interactions with other people less draining . The designs are a distraction from the eyes. I will let this dry and see if I want to add more colors!

I’ve been writing more lately because it’s very therapeutic for me. It helps me feel less alone….especially on a day like today when I’m not going anywhere.


28 December 2021 Shirt

Just back from getting Link and myself around the block. It’s only 26 degrees out yet! I wasn’t sure if we would go. Cabin fever won out!

Today I asked God for their company as I was having trouble being alone. I’m grateful for Link but he doesn’t speak human! Well the first thing we did was venture into the dreaded spare room aka storage room. It’s that time of year to get ready for 2022 by clearing out old files. With everything that has been going on to largely include avoidance, I was a couple years behind. There is still more to do in there but I at least got a start. God was definitely with me on doing that!

What came next was a lot more fun. We decided to paint another shirt. What we have come up with so far has a real tie-dyed feel to it. I have to let things dry to see if I want to add more paint.

I enjoyed seeing bright colors today

Painting is very therapeutic but as I’ve mentioned before, the process goes so fast. Once I get started it’s already over! The same goes for when I draw something. As soon as the pen hits the paper I’m committed. No erasing…..Tadaaaaa!! Everything is a co-creation with God when it comes to my arts and crafts. When I overthink things is when I get something even a dumpster diver wouldn’t want. I have an attempt at painting Link that is horrible but I can’t bring myself to throw it out just yet. It doesn’t look like him at all!

Poor Link! This is one of my sad attempts at painting !

There is a process to the craft of painting – rules – and I’m terrible about following them. Soooo it’s better for me to do shapes and abstract concepts. I used to spend hours pencil drawing portraits but I find I just don’t have the patience for it now. We just change through time and so do our arts and crafts. As we age our vision and coordination changes making it so doing what we always did a little more difficult.

Anyhew…..thank you as always for taking time for me!

27 December 2021 Snow Day

Hello there. How are you doing today? I’m doing ok…..having kind of a surreal morning. We got snow yesterday so no travel for me today. Thankfully my therapist is doing phone sessions today.

Links paw print in the snow

Why is today surreal? It’s hard to pin it on just one thing. May be it’s because another year is drawing to a close? Like I’ve said before I hold on to things too tight….even time.

I did a short stream last night. The topic was empathy. Something I feel the world is lacking….something I feel I’m lacking. I have always felt like I was an empath but after what I’ve been through these past couple of years I am not so sure. I’m a harsher person than I used to be. I am not as caring about other people as I used to be. I don’t like it but wonder if it’s a protective mechanism. I wonder if I truly allowed myself to be like I was if I would be able to keep it together.

I am hoping this next year is less frosty for me. I hope there will be reasons to reconnect to my heart and be warm in that space without having to be a blubbering mess in the process. Is there a way to be strong but loving too? I pray God will get me there!

If anything here resonates I would love to hear from you!

26 December 2021 Sunday

Hello. How are you doing as you visit me here? I hope you are well. I’m enjoying a room full of sunshine and some coffee. It’s really quiet this morning.

Yesterday my aunt and uncle came over about 10 am so they could leave their dog Smokey with Link. It was going to be a long day and they didn’t want him to be alone that long. Then I followed them over to my cousins and his wife’s for brunch. They have a real nice home! So welcoming! The food was wonderful as always and we got to have a nice visit. There was some snow coming down but it was too warm to stick which was good! I left a little while after we ate as they were going to see The Kingsmen. I was invited but didn’t want to go. So I went home and had a couple sweet dogs to keep me company! They really had to pee lol!

There are no plans for today. I am thinking about my aunt this morning. It’s looking like she’s going to have knee surgery on the 13th of next month. She’s nervous about it and so am I but it’s getting hard for her to be as active as she’s used to being. My aunt and many of the older people in my life, like my parents, have such youthful spirits! They want to go and do things but their bodies hold them back. There is always one body part or another that fails them. I wish getting older didn’t have to include sickness, pain and loss of body function!

“Twilight of my youth within me turning, flesh and bones around me burning. I long for limber days in the sun, but the calendar pages turn and those days are done. So hush little child buried deep…..I can still carry you….go back to sleep.”

I should get off of here and take Link for a walk while I have the motivation to do it. Get some direct sunshine! I hope this finds you well!

25 December 2021 In the Stillness

Hello. It’s 6:04 pm and Christmas 2021 is drawing to a close. As I sit here writing to you I am filled with gratitude…..and longing. I have been included and loved in to other peoples ideas of what the holidays should be but I find I still miss my little family. Will God ever let me have that again? Can God hear my true hearts desire?

Merry Dogmas from Link
Merry Dogmas from Smokey

New memories were made this year that I will cherish. On Christmas Eve my aunt and uncle came over with a lasagne meal and we went to a candlelight service here in town….it even snowed! In those little candles went lots of prayers! Then today was a wonderful brunch with my aunt, uncle, cousin and his wife. I was grateful to come home from brunch and there were two sweet little dogs to take a nap with.

“In the stillness of Christmas now past my heart lies in the snows of the last. “

18 December 2021 Friendship

Hello to you. How is your day going so far? I am finally up and having some coffee. Looks like it’s going to be an overcast day!

I love the message on this mug from my friend Tawna

Last night was fun! I got together with my friend Lisa. We tried to introduce her German Shepherd Millie who is a year old to my grumpy old man Link who is 7 and things didn’t go well. Link got so worked up that he pooped himself! Sigh! Millie had to be crated for the visit and listen to Link finding all her chewy bone stashes!

Poor Link he isn’t used to dogs bigger than him!

We got Chinese food from the Canton Cafe in Caldwell and watched Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. The food was really good and the movie was pretty good too. I enjoyed seeing another cultures story brought to life much like I did with Black Panther. What I enjoyed the most was seeing the most were the choreographed fight scenes that were like a dance and mythological beasts brought to life.

My friend Lisa makes pretty things and I had her make me a Mala necklace/bracelet to help me at night with winding my mind down. It’s made of amethyst beads:


I hope this finds you well and that you are enjoying the season.

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9 December 2021 Links Birthday

“Today is my birthday I’m 7!”

Hello to you from here…how are you?! Today we are celebrating Links 7th birthday. There is even sunshine which feels so nice ! He likes sunning himself by the front door.

“Little sun beam thank you for your light. Your loving presence shines in my heart both day and night. Today we celebrate everything that is you……my precious little baby boo.”

Hello !

I can feel today is one of those “push” days. I didn’t get to sleep til after 2 am. Just not firing on all cylinders. Thank God for Link. He gives me a reason to get up each day!

2 December 2021 Good Morning

Check out this video Morning coffee with Jackie 2 December 2021 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1221968873

Good morning from here how are you? In the video today I’m talking about being an empath and the Quantum Touch healing modality. I am wearing the rainbow tye dye shirt I got from the Glen Rose dinosaur park…..one of my favorite memories with Kyle!

It’s a foggy overcast day….. no plans. Tomorrow my friend is planning on coming over and we are going to put a gingerbread house together while we visit! I haven’t done that since Kyle and I put a kit together with his brother.

“Gradually pieces of my past are part of my now. They all fit together I just don’t know how. ”

A power ballad of a psalm for today was 121: https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Psalm+121&version=NIV&interface=amp

I’ll be back later. I wanted to tell you my process lately is to do the video and share it here first. I tried to write my post but it times out. So if you just see the Twitch link that’s why . Thanks for your understanding !