23 Oct 2016 Good morning Butterfly (a visitor), Queen for a Day (Michelle Hutchinson cancer benefit) and songs for Amber kitty (Bonnie Raitt,The Cars, Crystal Gayle )

Hello to you, how are you this morning?  It’s 10:23 am as I write to you.  We all got some sleep which was good.   This morning when I went outside I was spending some time with the morning sun and the “eye” of the moon that was visible overhead….noticing the nice dimensional triangle we had with our respective positions to each other!  Sang my little song, just three words to it, “All is well.”  I then walked to my little sanctuary and I found a little someone there.  It looked like the same little butterfly I had found a couple of weeks ago with a broken wing that had found me and landed on my shoulder later!  I think it may even let me hold them yesterday afternoon when I was out there.  Well the little one I found was laying on their side and their wings were very badly damaged.  I wasn’t sure if they were “still here” so I gently picked them up and put them in my hand…..well still here!  Just cold and damp!  I held them in the sunshine and they stretched out their little legs and even flapped their damaged wings a couple of times.  I immediately remembered my friend Cheryl (my ex sister-in-law) words of comfort and sharing a story about she had been visited by her lost fur family member as a butterfly.   Was this Ambers way of coming to visit?

During my first “episode” where I had gone for a swim and following the path to some man with long black hair, I had let the cats out to “set them free” and let the dogs off leash thinking they would stay with me (they didn’t and thankfully neighbors helped with that).  Well May never went outside but Amber did and as she did all the times in her life when she found herself alone outside.  She put herself somewhere that I would find her again.  I remember the very first time she got “lost” was when we were in base housing in Colorado Springs, she hid in a bush in the front yard and cried out when I called for her.  She just didn’t run away like most cats might when she got out of the house.  I guess she just knew I was her “home.”   So on that day she got out last year, Kyle found her just laying on the bandstand.  It’s like she knew we would find her there.

So you can see why I might make the Amber association with finding that butterfly with wounded wings just laying on the bandstand!  For me, it was another beautiful, loving conversation with the God of my understanding and the energy my beloved Amber has become.  She is truly free and without boundaries.

Yesterday afternoon we had the honor of attending the breast cancer benefit for Michelle Hutchinson held at the Kaufman Leadership Academy in Cleburne TX.  She is a friend and co-worker of our soon to be sister-in-law Ale.   When we first got there Ale wasn’t there, so we didn’t know anyone and felt a little out of place.  We had to remember why we were truly there and that was for Michelle and in doing that, I got the courage to go up and put my name on the list to sing karaoke!  I think the last time I did that was when I was at my Aunt Ruth’s visiting many years ago…Crystal Gayle’s Don’t It Make My Brown Eye’s Blue (surprised the family and made my Uncle Bill and his wife Ana smile!).

There was a great turnout of family and friends….people she didn’t know but cared about her!  I loved seeing Michelle singing karaoke with her friend and also her Grandaughter.  I had brought along a tiara I had made some years ago because I thought Michelle should be queen of her day!  She looked so pretty wearing it.  There were lots of laughter and tears.  I think all of us enjoyed the comical cake-walk rounds the best — we just got into the spirit of things and that’s what it was about.  Michelle told us that she did her last round of chemo (rang the bell) and now she has to go back to find out if she will need radiation and then there is the surgery…..double mastectomy.  I pray that she is able to get through all of this and be stronger than ever before!  Able to move on with her life and live it to the fullest!

The wrath of Amber after we got home from being out LOL!  We always thought of this scene from Harry Potter!

These are some songs that are for Amber and for me.  Bonnie Raitt’s voice has been a light in my darkness for many years and I enjoy singing her songs karaoke (we have the same range).  I sang I Can’t Make You Love Me yesterday at Michelle’s benefit and Dad Tim recorded it.  He comforted me when I said I was rusty and screwed up a few times, “you know what karaoke means right? he said and I said “I’ve forgotten, what does it mean?”  “Tone deaf!” Thank you Tim.  He hasn’t shared the video out of mercy for the internet probably lol but I’ll get a copy at some point and share because well, Love Has No Pride!:

These two songs are definitely Amber’s songs.  Bedtime was “our time” and she loved making a fuss for me to pick her up and put her on the bed so she could cuddle in my armpit….lol.  She never was good at making her own warmth and because of this, Kyle chose the Looking for Love song for her many years ago. When the cooler months came she could be downright a pain in the butt about wanting me to go lay down somewhere so she could be warm lol!  I even made a sling once like some mom’s do to keep their babies close just so I could do my blog and stuff without her pestering – lol.  She was very much like Mrs. Weasley!  I would give about anything to have her fuss about that right now…..it’s the little things isn’t it?!

Gratitude is the attitude to turn a frown upside down!

She loved it when I brought this out for her! 18-dec-2014-amber-trying-out-sweater-for-me-alvarado-tx

She loved it when I brought this out for her! 18-dec-2014-amber-trying-out-sweater-for-me-alvarado-tx

It takes two halves to make "one whole." 22-oct-2016-two-pieces-of-glass-to-symbolize-male-and-female-of-us-that-make-tree-of-life-alvarado-tx

It takes two halves to make “one whole.”




22 Oct 2016 More found pieces of “Amber glass” today, comforting conversations with God of my understanding (energy), Imaginary Jesus (book by Matt Mikalatos)

Hello.  I know I’m writing again so soon, it’s helping me process Amber’s tangible absence.  I have no expectations of anyone besides myself reading this or anything else I write here.  This blog is a therapeutic tool for me to process things I’m going through in words and pictures and in the process of helping myself, may be I can help at least one other person!  Grief is one of those things that everybody gets through in their own way with the God of their understanding.  My “energy God” uses words, music and imagery….symbolism.

I believe every single person who has a concept of spirituality and divinity has their own version of the God of their understanding.  Just like with everything about our existence,  because of our biologically diverse perceptions, I believe the same holds true in the spiritual realm.  What I’m about to share with you will help illustrate what I mean.  What I experienced, in my unique perception, was having a conversation whereas others with different perceptions might read what follows and blow it off as superstition, coincidence or chance.

Have you ever really understood, consistently, how the God of your understanding is trying to talk to you?  To reach you?

For those with Jesus as the  God of their understanding, this book I read many years ago explores what I’m trying to explain in a humorous way:


Imaginary Jesus is an hilarious, fast-paced, not-quite-fictional story that’s unlike anything you’ve ever read before. When Matt Mikalatos realizes that his longtime buddy in the robe and sandals isn’t the real Jesus at all, but an imaginary one, he embarks on a mission to find the real thing. On his wild ride through time, space, and Portland, Oregon, he encounters hundreds of other Imaginary Jesuses determined to stand in his way (like Legalistic Jesus, Perpetually Angry Jesus, and Magic 8 Ball Jesus). But Matt won’t stop until he finds the real Jesus—and finally gets an answer to the question that’s haunted him for years. Be warned: Imaginary Jesus may bring you face-to-face with an imposter in your own life.


So on the way home from walking with Kyle, Link and Spot, I found 2 more pieces of the clear, round decorative glass….they weren’t there yesterday when I took Spot for a walk alone in the afternoon and actively looked for them! The point is not to be actively looking and looking with more than just your eyes! So now there are 10 pieces of glass that shine with prisms and rainbows in the sunlight…like I imagine Amber is looking now without her body….a shiny, prismatic orb of light.

I  added those two pieces to my sanctuary and was listening to the song Why, by Annie Lennox and what happens? All the sudden from my neighbors yard a bag floats over the fence and lands on the baby oak tree by my sanctuary. I went over and it was a plastic grocery bag from our local grocery store called David’s. It said on the bag, “Celebrate at David’s!” What clicked in my mind seeing that? It was like a message from one of the most influential David’s in my life, David Bowie. This is how “conversations” with the God (pure light energy – no labels for identity) typically go lol. Someone else might interpret what happened completely different, as just a random and insignificant sequence of events. I don’t live my life that way and because of that, I have a lot of talks with my God about everything! Yes I have a rich and vibrant imagination some might say, but where does our imagination come from?

During one of our visits with my Dad, we were sitting on our swing seat we have out back and talking about our spirituality.  My Dad and Mom are devoted, practicing Catholics, something we used to share,  but I have decided to go on in my life without religion.  This said, we agreed on something he said and that is “God is in everything.”  Whatever the identity or vision you have of divinity or even if you don’t believe in such things, there is energy, what people like me think of as God, and there is energy in every thing and every person.  I think this might be something we could all agree on?

Anyhew….to anyone purposefully or accidentally bumbling into my dimension here….thank you and I hope you found something you may have been looking for on a conscious or subconscious level.




22 Oct 2016 - "the room is very empty, thank you for opening the closet back up" she says

22 Oct 2016 The recent DDOS attacks, pets and loved ones visiting us after death, The morning after Amber’s departure and how we are coping

Hello to you, I hope you are well as this finds you.  I noticed “views” were significantly down since yesterday and I’m guessing that might have to do with the DDOS attacks on a lot of media sites yesterday – http://www.pbs.org/newshour/rundown/internet-attack-america-dyn-dns-ddos/.  I saw in one report they think the attack was in response to Julian Assange of WikiLeaks internet access being severed in Ecuador.  No proof yet I don’t think.  I’ve been worried about Julian with some of the stuff I’ve been reading.  I’ve seen many interviews, saw Ben portray him in the movie The Fifth Estate and have been loosely following his journey with WikiLeaks.  I am not going to say I agree with everything he’s said and done or approve.  I will say I admire him and his courage to put everything on the line for the change he wants to see in our world….a big part of that, from my perspective anyways, seems to be transparency in the operations of world affairs.   No more back-door deals, lying , cheating, manipulating, false flags, indecent acts in the name of “world peace” when truly it’s all about material wealth, greed, power and control.

In this day and age of most of us relying so much on “intangibles”  – digital money, digital mail, digital conversations….I don’t think we looked far enough down the road to see what the consequences of that might be.  As with tangible “stuff” is there with intangible “stuff” which includes theft and hacking.  Some people are incredibly good at their chosen craft of hacking whether it be black, white or gray hat (different categories of computer hackers: http://www.hackersonlineclub.com/hackers-types/) and you really don’t want to piss these people off!  I have heard it said in certain circles that the “code-talkers” of our age are the gatekeepers to our future.  The men and women who can write, read and alter computer/digital device code are an integral part of our future digital/organically fused civilization.

DDOS attacks are just yet another “war” being waged behind mostly closed eye-lids.   It is what it is.  This is the digital world we are building and in the course of building any new civilization a human condition of it seems to be power struggles and wars.  To me those are just a waste of resources and personal energy reserves.   We’ll eventually get it all sorted out….least that’s what I am placing my focus on now.

So it’s the very first morning after Amber’s departure to the realms of her choosing which include, popping in around here.  I say that because during our lives together, I could usually tell when she was around or was on her way to me because I would hear fluctuations in a very pure, high energy.  I hear this noise with other people and animals too, it’s the sound like when a light bulb warms up after turning it on,  but she had her own sound.  So when I’ve said her name or been thinking about her, there comes the noise.  This morning I missed her real voice so much I imitated it….exactly lol.  Kyle said, “that’s Amber with a toy in her mouth!” Even Link came running to see….we suspect he misses his friend.  It’s kind of like what Dr. Temple Grandin said when she saw a horse die and asked them, “Where did it go?!  Where did it go?!”  Link just knows she’s not here and wonders where she is at!  When is she coming back?!

Kyle and I were talking this morning about how after our cocker spaniel Blondie died, the morning before I got the call to go and claim her cremated remains, she appeared to me in a vision.  She appeared before me and looked so shiny and beautiful (she was a rare buff or white color) and she bobbed her head like she always did when she wanted to be loved on and disappeared.  It felt like she was thanking me!  A lot of pet owners will resonate with that because it happens a lot.

Well in order to prove such a thing was “other-worldly”, paranormal or proof of life after death, I would have had some recording device on my head, a gauge and cameras with infrared heat sensors all over the room so they could see if what I saw was from “inside or outside” my head.  Did Blondie visit me inside my head as a created image by my own consciousness or did Blondie visit via external energy forces?   I’ve had many dreams with Sam and they are always too short!  He’ll just pop in and it will feel like we are together in the real world and then poof, he’s gone.  I’ve had the same thing happen with human loved ones after they have passed!  You don’t want them to leave but it’s just a visit.

(Kyle) "Holy Shit Jackie!!  What's that flying on your shoulder?!  Is that one of those orb things they are always talking about in Ghosthunters?"

(Kyle) “Holy Shit Jackie!! What’s that flying on your shoulder?! Is that one of those orb things they are always talking about in Ghosthunters?”

The scientific community would dismiss the experience of millions of others and myself as concoctions of brain chemistry until they have “proof.”  Sadly even when they have proof about the “unseen” aspects  our existence they still don’t believe it but it’s a healthy checks and balances I guess.  We must have skeptics to keep the “true believers” in line lol (The Amazing James Randi for example  (http://web.randi.org/) who was a professional magician and for the most of the rest of his life, a professional skeptic!  He was his own checks and balances lol.

I honestly don’t know and am open to the possibility that the life after death dreams I’ve had could be just my brain trying to “comfort” me but I what I choose to believe is the dream world is the intangible worm-hole between universes and dimensions in us all.

Today we are going to the benefit I mentioned recently for Michelle Hutchinson.  She with the help of some family and friends are coming together in the spirit of love to help her get free of breast cancer.  Love energy is very powerful!   We will honor those who have died to us in their tangible forms with how we live in ours! 



21 Oct 2016 Our Amber kitty crossed the rainbow bridge today and how the God of my understanding prepared me for it

It’s about 12:18 pm as I write to you on this very mixed emotions Friday. This morning, at about 8:30 – 8:35 am we said goodbye to our precious family member, friend, confidant, therapist, life coach and spiritual advisor….our cat…Amber. It was time for Amber to “travel on ahead” of us.

Last night I was watching the Dr. Strange Hollywood Premiere Live on Marvel’s Facebook page when we heard a strange noise in the cats room. Kyle thought it was just Link in there eating food or messing around likes he’s always done but no, he was on my lap! Then we heard Amber yowling like she does when she’s playing or has cornered something. We thought nothing of it but then…..Kyle saw her come out to the front door rug and basically just roll over. She had lost her ability to keep herself upright! There wasn’t anything else going on to indicate what was wrong. No matter how or what I tried….she just wanted to be in a fetal position.

I shut down my computer and just held her intermittently with trying to get her to move on her own….nope!

I cuddled with her in bed through the night, checking on her and talking to her in between bits of sleep….hoping she would slip away in her sleep but it wasn’t to be. She even found the energy to purr for me! (How I will miss her singing me to sleep!) I even had gone outside and talked to the moon that looked like an eye looking down at me and the stars that were so clearly visible. My favorite cluster of stars, one I think of as my star home in the sky…Pleiades…(Plea I Aid). I pleaded for the God of my understanding to take her in her sleep, to spare Kyle and I the suffering of going to the vet office and having to have them put her to sleep….nope. God said no because she was still with us, if you want to call it that, in the morning.

There was to be meaning in her death, a lesson she, Kyle and I would teach the Alvarado Veterinary Clinic for the 3rd time since we’ve move here on 9 Nov 2009. The lesson is something it seems left to the four legged ambassadors from the God of my understanding to teach humanity. Amber was “broken” and in a condition beyond any pill, beyond any surgery, any matter of poking, prodding and x-rays. All she wanted was kindness, gentleness, love, affection, soft voices and warmth….peace.

Kyle and I, as those she made a bond with, had to do what was best for her. I told Dr. Finch as he began to talk about blood work and x-rays that I felt like we were talking about things that would not help her now. All the possible “artificial extensions” would do nothing but cause her fear, stress and anxiety at a time when she should only know the very best humankind is capable of. She was a 17 year old cat and her body was failing her…..it was time to do for her what she couldn’t quite do for herself or her body wouldn’t allow her to.

If we could only be this way for our fellow human beings? Think about what is best for them and avoid completely or as much as possible that anyone should profit from their misery at a time when there should only be grace, love and peace.

Our heart-felt thanks to the Alvarado Veterinary Clinic staff that has to muster the courage and compassion to go through what they did with us sometimes several times a day!  One of the techs that came in to talk to us was the one who administered Sammy’s “pink shot” and I was so grateful for her coming in!   She is one of those people God put on this earth that can handle this service they provide….alleviating misery and suffering from a dying animal in as loving and compassionate way possible.  She had held Amber while she was in back and she said Amber was so sweet, just purring.  (Cats purr to soothe themselves first and in turn soothe us I found out recently!)  Dr. Finch, Amber and her all did everything they could to help us get through this difficult moment in our shared times.  Bless you and thank you for understanding and helping us do what was best for Amber.

In the gallery I’m going to share with you now are just snippets of Amber’s life with me before Kyle and I got together and times since. Today is her birthday and it is a day to be joyous and happy for her! I will be honest in saying I won’t miss the “body” stuff about her because as we age, it’s the same with pets….the body fails and it’s just not fun. I will miss her energy, her behaviors, her personality and all the little things that made her uniquely Amber. I will miss the cuddles, playing, singing to her, telling her I loved her, scolding her for messing with the dogs, her incessant and LOUD begging for canned tuna, and the companionship we shared together. The thing is, so long as I live (Kyle probably too but she more my cat), she and I will continue to have those things….just in the intangible dimension of my heart and memories.

Translation of what I wrote in my Pink Spirit Book (for those who have to use translator programs):

21 Oct 2016 8:35 am

*Top of page note

*I say private but they were very public.  Our entire existence is part of a conversation with our God

21 Oct 2016 8:35 am

Rainbow crossing — our Amber is free.  The color of the liquid in the “shot” that gave her release and peace was pink.  Perfect.  The technician that administered it was also named Amber and she was kind and good.  The doctor that oversaw it all was Dr. Daniel Finch…like a bird.  Days before Ambers 2nd “birthday” that is today there have been many birds above — God was preparing me in our “private” conversations using people, nature and tech(nology) to do it.  *they don’t know about it but I do. (see top page note)

On the 18th I bought two skeletons and 2 bats to hang outside and took pictures of the skeletons on the couch and at my seat, my skeleton, the last place Amber and I cuddled this morning…an bright orb appeared in just one picture…broken jam jar, anniversary of Michelle Sullivan’s tragic death, Dr. Strange movie premiere, Ben and Tilda and Tom with pics of him and his cat, so many “signs” the gray bird feather on the dog walk I found and lost yesterday and thinking it was for a human….no.  Puzzling out together layers of existence….disembodied energy all within this week.  My God trying to cushion the blow to come and I love them for it but I must do Amber and myself the honor of grieving our severed bond.

As Amber’s essence left her body, Kyle and I could feel the peaceful energy of it – “relief” for all 3 of us…but when I felt, like I did with Sam, that point when I touched her and felt ice pull my heart like it was being pulled into two…I told Kyle we had to leave, not to let me touch her again — it’s like a vampire drinking the last drop of their victims death and absorbing it into themselves–best analogy that readily comes to me (note – from Queen of the Damned lore, also I entered a contest during these days preceding for stay in Bran castle in Romania).  She wasn’t there anymore…pure energy traveling now.

On the way home from walking Link and Spot when we came home I found some round pieces of decorative glass (there were 9 pieces but only 8 were salvageable).  When I held them in the sunlight I told Kyle, “This is what Amber looks like now — pure light energy.”

We told Amber as she left we loved her, thank you, say hello to Sam, Blondie, Pita, Kiki (so many dogs, cats and birds names I didn’t write down  to include  Kyle’s dogs Bailey and DD!) Now she can be with me wherever and whenever I am.  Never hungry, thirsty, bored, jealous or lonely again…oh and cold….she was always cold.

It’s so hard she’s not tangible here and that attachment I have to her “body” is what brings forth the waves of sorrow and longing!  In my clarity, the still moment as I write, again, I am so happy for her!  She is free.  Today is her birthday.  We get 2 we “know.”  When we arrive and when we “leave.”

20 Oct 2016 - the other symbols - music, peace, colorful light and enlightened beings

20 Oct 2016 Layers of existence idea illustrated in stone circles, is our biologic incapability to perceive the world in the same the key to originality in a collective consciousness?

Good afternoon to you!  It’s about 2:54 pm on this Thursday afternoon as I write to you.  How has your day been wherever and whenever you are as you read this?  The reason I ask that way is because you aren’t here as I’m writing this and essentially you are time-traveling when you do get the chance to visit!  Kind of like looking at a photo of yourself from the past or the present and being transported into that particular moment in your mind!  Same thing with my blog or anything you read, watch or hear.  It’s all “dimensional” my dear Watson lol (sorry couldn’t help myself!)

So I was out back in my patio sanctuary and it came to me how much the Jenga game I watched Ben and Tilda playing yesterday was like the tiles I  have stacked up in my backyard sanctuary.  I got to thinking about my “attempt” yesterday to explain a very abstract concept about the “layers of existence” theory as I understand it.  Putting the thoughts of the Jenga game and my tiles together, I got the idea to shift the tiles on top of each other to illustrate there being layers but still being a balanced pile.   Then my orgonite (the epoxy resin with organic and inorganic components inspired by work of Dr. Wilhelm Reich), which in my mind symbolizes human beings because I believe we are living, breathing, walking and talking orgonite, came into the visualization.  Then the stones I’ve been using out there came into things and you’ll like this, as I was arranging this visualization, the wind blew some oak leaves with spider web on them at me to add in too!  It was after I went back into the house I realized the last parts of the visualization I was having — the symbols.

The very bottom layer was two rocks.  The next layer two “female” orgonite pieces.  The third, fourth, and fifth  layers “male and female” orgonite pieces.  The top layer are a large female orgonite piece that has organic beeswax in it and a smaller, newer male orgonite piece that are fused together.  These two fused pieces are surrounded by rocks, the leaves and the symbols representing aspects of existence not previously represented.  Symbols of the things in my life I feel make my life enjoyable to live.

I hope what I’ve shared here is helpful and resonates somehow with someone besides myself lol.

In creating my little outdoor sanctuary out back as I did, and putting objects like these into it, I’ve created a space I can use to bring tangibility to my spirituality.  I’ve made it an interactive experience.  This type of thing might be helpful for people living with a person and or a child like me.  This can give them another way for such a person to show you what is going on in their heads without having to use words like I can.  Not everyone can use words to explain what is going on in their head and that is where the arts come in.  This is where interactive arts and science can be useful.  I’m fairly certain this isn’t a new concept aka “original”.  I don’t believe there is such a thing as an original thought in a collective consciousness such as ours. This said, I do believe that there can be originality in the way a known idea and or concept is presented!  For example when it comes to hand or home-made objects versus machine made.  When someone makes something with their own hands there is really no way to make another exactly the same way twice. I haven’t ever been able to accomplish that with my wire jewelry, drawings, tshirts etc.   The phrase “one-of-a-kind” comes to mind.  The same holds true for theater, films, books and all the arts.

It is our biological incapability of having the same perception of something that is what I’ve come to believe is a key to originality in a collective consciousness!  For example the quality of ones eyesight.  My eyes are better than Kyle’s so I can see myself much more clearly than he can.  The flaws I find in myself because of my better eyesight he can’t see….they don’t exist to him.

Imagine a group of us going outside and standing under a star filled sky and our being asked to point at the first star we see.  We are not all going to point at the same star but that doesn’t mean the star we chose isn’t just as important as the ones chosen by the rest of the group.  It takes many different stars to power the night sky!  Our individual perceptions will lead us to choose different stars from the same sky.

Thanks for visiting as always I send my love and hugs through the wires and on the winds that sustain us all.






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For the band, see Orgone (band).
Orgone energy accumulator
Orgone energy accumulator with door closed.
(with door closed)
Orgone energy accumulator with door open.
(with door open)
Alternating layers of organic and non-organic materials inside the walls supposedly increase the orgone concentration inside the enclosure relative to the surrounding environment.

Orgone is a pseudoscientific[1][2][3][4][5][6][7] and spiritual concept described as an esoteric energy or hypothetical universal life force, originally proposed in the 1930s by Wilhelm Reich.[8][9][10] As developed by Reich’s student Charles Kelley after Reich’s death in 1957, orgone was conceived as the anti-entropic principle of the universe, a creative substratum in all of nature comparable to Mesmer‘s animal magnetism (1779), to the Odic force (1845) of Carl Reichenbach and to Henri Bergson‘s élan vital (1907).[11] Orgone was seen as a massless, omnipresent substance, similar to luminiferous aether, but more closely associated with living energy than with inert matter. It could allegedly coalesce to create organization on all scales, from the smallest microscopic units—called “bions” in orgone theory—to macroscopic structures like organisms, clouds, or even galaxies.[12]

Reich stated that deficits or constrictions in bodily orgone were at the root of many diseases, much as deficits or constrictions in the libido could produce neuroses in Freudian theory. Reich founded the Orgone Institute ca. 1942[13] to pursue research into orgone energy after he immigrated to the US in 1939, and used it to publish literature and distribute material relating to the topic for more than a decade. Reich designed special “orgone accumulators”—devices ostensibly collecting and storing orgone energy from the environment—for improvement of general health or even for weather control.[8] Ultimately, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) obtained a federal injunction barring the interstate distribution of orgone-related materials, on the grounds that Reich and his associates were making false and misleading claims, and later jailed Reich and destroyed all orgone-related materials at the institute after Reich violated the injunction.[9] Reich rescinded the claim that accumulator could provide orgastic potency,[14] but this was not enough to stop the action.

The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health lists orgone as a type of “putative energy”.[15] There is no empirical support for the concept of orgone in medicine or the physical sciences,[4] and research into the concept ceased with the end[when?] of the Institute.


Source Internet - doctor-strange-astral-projection

19 Oct 2016 My Pink Spirit book message -disembodied energy (the problem with intangibility) and new ways to reach out to fans (Livestream on Facebook Jenga with Benedict Cumberbatch and Tilda Swinton today)

Good evening to you! It’s about 7:26 pm as I write to you. This afternoon I spent some time outside and some things came to me looking at the pile of circular tiles I have in my little sanctuary right now. I have tried to write down in my pink spirit book and I hope you can understand it, find something in it that resonates. Sometimes the messages that come to me are disjointed or confusing…hard to properly articulate with words.

What occurred to me at first was in regards to my perception of what it must like to be the intangible God of my understanding which I perceive as just pure, disembodied energy.

I then began to think of what it must be like to be a disembodied spirit or a ghost. I had a slight peek into this when I had my “explosion” in November of 2002 in a parking lot in Melbourne Florida. When I was in the Emergency Room they kept trying to get me to lay down and I was afraid because I got so cold and felt like I wanted to slip out of my body. I feared if I really layed down I would! I could feel it happening…I got so cold! It was feeling a hot blanket fresh from a dryer against my skin, given to me by a kind orderly, that restored me to balance. Once that blanket was put on me, I no longer feared separating from my body.

If you think of what it means to be a spirit in a body, we have our senses that make our life real or tangible. Circumstances willing, not all people are born with all the senses or if they are born with them, get to keep them! We have sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch. Some people, myself included, may have additional senses and or heightened versions of these basic senses. It is the combination of our physical bodies equipped with these senses that encapsulate our disembodied energy….our consciousness…our awareness of being alive. It is this combination that make us “tangible” to ourselves and others.

What if you didn’t have a body? What if you were just disembodied energy? That’s when I started to think about the circle of life. A part of this circle being that when our bodies wear out, they go back to source, the Earth. Through a complex series of processes, our bodies become part of the ecosystem that eventually creates a new life form. The process much like what happens when you delete a video game avatar. The space on the server this character once occupied is overwritten and filled with new data….oftentimes a reimagined avatar.

Now Philip K Dick explored this in his Exegesis from his novel Valis. I’m beginning to wonder about it myself. He explored the idea that our existence is layers on top of one original design. Like ancient Rome simultaneously existing on top of the Rome we collectively perceive today. If you peel away a modern television, underneath it would be an older version and if you kept peeling, eventually there would be no television at all.


Tractates Cryptica Scriptura

Exegesis from the novel VALIS by Philip K. Dick 1981 (there are 53 total parts)

Cover of Valis

Cover of Valis

  1. ON OUR NATURE. It is proper to say: we appear to be memory coils (DNA carriers capable of experience) in a computer-like thinking system which, although we have correctly recorded and stored thousands of years of experiental information, and each of us possesses somewhat different deposits from all the other life forms, there is a malfunction—a failure—of memory retrieval . There lies the trouble in our particular subcircuit. “Salvation” through gnosis—more properly anamnesis (the loss of amnesia)—although it has individual significance for each of us—a quantum leap in perception, identity, cognition, understanding, world- and self-experience, including immortality—it has greater and further importance for the system as a whole, inasmuch as these memories are data needed by it and valuable to it, to its overall functioning.

Therefore it is in the process of self-repair, which includes: rebuilding our subcircuit via linear and orthogonal time changes, as well as continual signaling to us to stimulate blocked memory banks within us to fire and hence retrieve what is there.

The external information or gnosis, then consists of disinhibiting instructions, with the core content actually intrinsic to us—that is, already there (first observed by Plato; viz: that learning is a form of remembering).

The ancients possessed techniques (sacraments and rituals) used largely in the Greco-Roman mystery religions, including early Christianity, to induce firing and retrieval, mainly with a sense of its restorative value to the individuals; the Gnostics, however, correctly saw the ontological value to what they called the Godhead Itself, the total entity.

  1. 49. Two realms there are, upper and lower. The upper, derived from hyperuniverse I or Yang, Form I of Parmenides, is sentient and volitional. The lower realm, or Yin, Form II of Parmenides, is mechanical, driven by blind, efficient cause, deterministic and without intelligence, since it emanates from a dead source. In ancient times it was termed “astral determinism.” We are trapped, by and large, in the lower realm, but are through the sacraments, by means of the plasmate, extricated. Until astral determinism is broken, we are not even aware of it, so occluded are we. “The Empire never ended.”
17 Oct 2016 - I did some rearranging in my backyard sanctuary this morning.....All in one.  My pink spirit book and my feet adorned with "love socks" from my friend Cyndy got involved!

17 Oct 2016 – I did some rearranging in my backyard sanctuary this morning…..All in one. My pink spirit book and my feet adorned with “love socks” from my friend Cyndy got involved!

In looking at the configuration I have of my round tiles in my sanctuary I could see that. What if ghosts and spirits are just people from other layers of existence peeking in on ours? There are people in our layer of existence who know how to astral project, lucid dream….becoming essentially disembodied energy beings. What if within the layers, others were doing it there too? What if there were layers of people conscious that their existence wasn’t the only layer and had found ways to visit other layers?

What if in the realm of dreams we all become disembodied beings and travel to other layers of existence or even parts of a multi-verse? It’s just that some people have learned how to consciously navigate in this state – lucid dreaming and astral projection for example.  I’ve talked to you about what I’ve figured out for myself with regards to my dreams. How I believe experiences and input from my conscious and or waking world, in certain combinations, unlock realms in my dream world….become keys.

Is it this way in death also? After our bodies can no longer function do we become disembodied energy? With a certain combination of life experience, do we become equipped with a key to unlock the door to our next plane of existence? A new dimension to become tangible again? The door being the one house, the “multi-layers, multi-verse” and the key is us? Our very disembodied spirit become the key?

I haven’t looked or researched it, but I’m pretty sure many others, with far more wisdom and experience than I, have explored these lines of reasoning. The only difference being that with this current layer of existence….we have something other layers did not…..technologies that may or may not “muck” with the natural process!

I am starting to wonder if the rapid increase in artificial disembodied energy is affecting organic energy. When people don’t sleep because they are overstimulated by artificial energy (technology, food or drink) they don’t dream either!

A lot to think about. Do you have any thoughts about this?

19 Oct 2016/1:42 pm

After time outside message:

“There is no such thing as time, it is all happening right now, all we have is right now. Layer apon layer of or existence, perceived as history is really just “All in one” is “Right now.”

Layers of energetic “existence” each of us at a different point, in a different “layer” of time but ALL ONE. All who have been and all we are part of the “layers” of what we define as time, distance ettc. Not a prison…our home!

The hard part about “intangibility”is not being able to be warm, use the senses…there is a perfect system to remedy this…the circle of life.

Each of us teachers, students…messengers….”keys” to each other to enter new layers of existence. There is no one key only OUR door and everyone is a part of another’s key making so we can each open “our” door.

Everything and Everyone is energy and it takes many different energies to make our “key” to open “our” door. Our life experience and interaction with other energies is the refinement process for “our key” to “our door.” Some people require a very short refinement and some very long.

True love never dies, we are not “cast out,” abandoned. True love just tries again and again and again…is refined each time.

I lost Sam and Blondie for example but in their passing through their “doors” a space was made for Link to enter! Some day in my passing a space will be made for someone to enter. Sam and Blondie as they were tangibly lost to me are restored to tangibility in a new form – Link! Link isn’t Sam or Blondie, he’s unique, he’s Link, but he heals in me the vacancy left by the departure of the tangible forms of Sam and Blondie. ”


This afternoon something fun happened. As a part of the Dr. Strange movie promotion, today Benedict Cumberbatch and Tilda Swinton spent some time with us answering questions put on Jenga pieces! I could tell, and they admitted, they were exhausted from the long overseas travel to the states but they still took the time to do this! It was a little thing probably to them but it meant a lot to Kyle and I (mostly me lol). Kyle and I are not jetsetters or people who can go all over the world to premieres and see people like Ben and Tilda. Doing this little session like they did told me they understood that they have a lot of fans like Kyle and I.  I am noticing more livestream events like this appearing on Facebook and not just celebrities but NPR, animal sanctuaries and many others. It is allowing for people like Kyle and I, who are unable or unwilling to travel great distances,  to connect with the world and the people, places and things they enjoy! Thank you so much! You two had me laughing a lot and it was fun to learn more about who you are as people, not just actors.  Get some rest!  Tomorrow night is the Hollywood Red Carpet Premiere of Dr. Strange and you will be able to watch it live on Facebook!

Source Internet - Osprey in Flight

19 Oct 2016 An A-Ha kind of morning (Scoundrel Days, Cry Wolf and Hunting High and Low and Objects in the Mirror) and JRM London Town interview (why bands like the Clash don’t exist today)


Hello there, how are you?  It’s about 9:43 am as I write to you on this Wednesday morning.  We were able to go back to bed and get some sleep.  We both went to bed with the chills and woke up with the sweats… may be coming down with something?  If it was just me I’d say may be I’m experiencing “the change” women my age undergo but it’s both of us!  Who knows, just going to stay home today and keep it low key today.

Something that helps me when I’m not feeling well is to listen to music and this morning my ears wanted one of my all-time favorite bands… A-ha!  I have my favorite “voices” and there is nothing quite like harmonizing with Morten Harket!!  He’s one of the voices that has walked with me through the lightest and darkest days and I’m so grateful to him and the entire band!   I wanted to mention I share songs from You tube but I also BUY the songs I share so that I can show my appreciation to the musicians that bring so much magic into my life every day!

I would encourage you, if you like any of these songs that you consider purchasing them.  These artists need to be compensated for their hard work!  (Thank you Jon (JRM) for bringing this up in this video recently!)  Until we live in the days when we don’t need money to survive, we must help each other how as we can and compensate each other for our works. 

Much love to you visitor!



Scoundrel Days

Was that somebody screaming
It wasn’t me for sure
I lift my head up from uneasy
Put my feet on the floor
Cut my wrist on a bad thought
And head for the door

Outside on the pavement
The dark makes no noise
I can feel the sweat on my lips
Leaking into my mouth
I’m heading out for the steep hills
They’re leaving me no choice

And see, as our lives are in the making
We believe through the lies and the hating
That love goes free

For want of an option
I run the wind ’round
I dream pictures of houses burning
Never knowing nothing else to do
With death comes the morning
Unannounced and new

Was it too much to ask for
To pull a little weight,
They forgive anything but greatness
These are scoundrel days
And I’m close to calling out their names
As pride hits my face
See, as our lives are in the making
We believe through their lies and the hating
That love goes free through
Scoundrel days

I reach the edge of town
I’ve got blood in my hair
Their hands touch my body
From everywhere
But I know that I’ve made it
As I run into the air

And see, as our lives are in the making
We believe through the lies and the hating
That love goes free
Through scoundrel days

© Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
For non-commercial use only.

Cry Wolf

“Night I left the city,
I dreamt of a wolf”

He came from where the winds are cold
And truth is seen through keyholes
Strange longings never sleep
Now he’s come where no hearts beat
Cry wolf
Time to worry
Cry wolf
Time to worry

You can start, but you cannot stop
You give in, but you can’t give up
You can tell all your desperate jokes
To a world that puts
Love on hold
Cry wolf
Time to worry
Cry wolf
Time to worry now

The sunken-in eyes
And the pain in his cries
A shape in the dark
Cry wolf
Time to worry
Cry wolf
Time to worry now

© Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
For non-commercial use only.
Data from: LyricFind

Hunting High And Low

Here I am and within the reach of my hands
She’s sound asleep and she’s sweeter now
Than the wildest dream could have seen her
And I watch her sleeping away
Though I know I’ll be hunting high and low

High, there’s no end to the lengths I’ll go to
Hunting high and low
High, there’s no end to lengths I’ll go

To find her again, upon this my dreams are depending
Through the dark I sense the poundin’ of her heart next to mine
She’s the sweetest love I could find
So I guess I’ll be hunting high and low

High, there’s no end to the lengths I’ll go to
High and low
High, do you know what it means to love you?

I’m hunting high and low
And now she’s tellin’ me she’s got to go away

I’ll always be hunting high and low
Hungry for you
(And now she’s tellin’ me)
Watch me tearing myself to pieces
Hunting high and low

High, there’s no end to the lengths I’ll go to
Oh, for you I’ll be hunting high and low

Songwriters: PAL WAAKTAAR
© Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
For non-commercial use only.
Data from: LyricFind

A-ha – Objects In The Mirror Lyrics

Artist: A-ha

Album: Cast In Steel

You drive down your old street
Familiar smiles from those you meet
You’ve been around been everywhere
But objects in the rear view mirror
Are closer than they appearLooking back is bittersweet
When the world was at your feet
Love would make your life complete
No one makes it on their own

You’ve come so far
In your comfortable car
Now objects in the rear view mirror
Seem closer than they are

Looking back is bittersweet
All the world was at your feet
Love could make your life complete
Yeah, love could make your life complete
Teach your heart to skip a beat
Lift your eyes above the street

This is where you once belonged

Come on now, its not so bad
Thinking back on the fund we had
We can stitch a life together
With the fibres of the past
But you cannot make a fleeting moment
Promise it will last

Looking back is bittersweet
Love the world was at your feet
Lift your eyes above the street
This is where you once belonged

Been everywhere
And now you’re here
And objects in the rear view mirror
Seem to disappear

and just because I LOVE this song featuring JRM with his brothers in their band Suzie’s Field and wanted to buy it but can’t find it on ITunes – it should be there!



A fragment of a rainbow...a fragment of Hope!

19 Oct 2016 Rare opportunities (Sen Ted Cruz to visit local brewery in Burleson TX today), You Can Heal Your Life and Body (Louise Hay), Rainbow Visualization and Fight With Michelle Benefit (Cancer)

Hello to you….it’s 1:13 am in the morning as I write.  Kyle and I woke up at midnight after going to bed at 9….just can’t sleep so getting up for a bit and will try to lay back down.  He had an upset stomach and I was puzzling over why  Senator Ted Cruz and Congressman Roger Williams, of all the places they could choose for a meet and greet with citizens,  chose one of our favorite places to do it at!  Today, at 5 PM they will be at the Old Texas Brewing Company in Burleson TX.


Want to meet your Senator? Want to meet your congressman? Well now is your chance. Senator Ted Cruz and Congressman Roger Williams will be here tomorrow at 5PM to answer your questions for an informal Get Out The Vote meet and greet. Come early for this rare opportunity.

A part of me wants to go and speak my mind lol but another part is saying, loudly, “It’s a trap!” I’m kidding of course, but I’m not sure he would feel comfortable with the questions I have for him!  Kyle and I talked about it before bed and decided to send these men our positive intentions that this can be as much a rare opportunity for them as it will be for citizens.  May be something positive can come of their visit.

I called Senator Cruz once when it was time to vote to overturn Citizens United.  I expressed why I felt it should be overturned and even left a nice sentiment for him, “I have hope in you.”  I still do even if I am at the completely polar opposite of everything he represents and has stood for. 

He has said  something I respected him for and that is when he said, “Vote with your Conscience” when it came to whether or not to vote for him or Donald Trump.   I hope he will hold true to this when election day comes! 

Changing gears….

So yesterday a friend shared a link to a wonderful documentary film from Louise Hay and I really enjoyed it!  I had heard of her from many different people but never explored her books or anything before yesterday.  I really enjoyed “meeting her” and learning her story.  I enjoyed hearing how she came into the “knowing” of the power of minding our thoughts to manifest our realities.  It was the refresher I needed and was perfectly in alignment with what I’m currently reading in Voices of Our Ancestors.   Louise and those of “schools” of The Secret, The Law of Attraction, Creative Visualization, ancient spiritual paths, even the work of scientists like Dr. Wilhelm Reich…. are so many voices speaking variations on the same thing….the language of Mindfulness.   Every single thought we think is an energetic vibration sending out a signal to the God of our understanding.  These thoughts and the emotional energy attached to them determine the response…the reality that is manifested.  We are far more powerful than we are taught to be!  Everything and Everyone is energy to include our very thoughts!

http://www.louisehay.com/products-events/#video-products – watch You Can Heal Your Life (for free online – THANK YOU LOUISE!)

I told Kyle after I watched the video,

“They are all keys to the one house.  We don’t all resonate with the same voices….the same keys….so there must be many different ones so we can unlock the door!  Some keys you have to wiggle real hard because they aren’t quite a fit for you but some just open the door easily.  Such as it is when you find “your key” and there is a key for all of us!”

I went out in the backyard about half way through the video and did some visualizing while listening to music.  At first I imagined a sky of assorted colors and a bunch of birds flew by…even a HUGE bird that looked like an Eagle at a distance…..I was in awe but the birds were not the obvious “colors” I was visualizing so I got specific.  “I want to see rainbows everywhere”  I said in my mind.  So I closed my eyes and visualized a rainbow in my minds eye and when I opened my eyes I traced it across the sky.  Well a rainbow didn’t magically appear right then BUT we were coming back from the dog walk later and I saw this off in the distance!

We are capable of anything — we just have to truly believe in ourselves……have Faith in ourselves.

Suzanne Michelle Sullivan - my neighbor and my friend.  She was only 54 when she died on this day in 2014.

Suzanne Michelle Sullivan – my neighbor and my friend. She was only 54 when she died on this day in 2014. I miss her and am so grateful for everything her life and death has taught me about being a good neighbor and friend. Sometimes we think we know people and judge them without having even a clue of what they are going through each day. The title for the benefit for Michelle Hutchinson is perfect because it was a fight I had with my lost Michelle that took away precious time we had to be friends in this life time.

Today is the 2 year anniversary of the death of my neighbor and friend Suzanne Michelle Sullivan….we all called her Michelle but towards the end of her life, she wanted to be called Suzanne!   Well I’ve been given an opportunity to help another Michelle who is currently battling cancer and at the same time encourage my soon to be sister-in-law in her efforts to try and help her!  I can’t get “my Michelle” back but I can try and do my part, large or small, to help the Michelle that is still here and fighting to live for herself and for all those she cares about.

This is Michelle Hutchinson who is currently in a fight for her life with cancer.

This is Michelle Hutchinson who is currently in a fight for her life with cancer.

Fight With Michelle Benefit


Private · Hosted by Jen Lynette Allred and 2 others

Saturday at 1 PM

Kauffman Leadership Academy
1108 N Anglin St, Cleburne, Texas 76031

We all love our Michelle Hutchinson she is a wonderful amazing kind hearted lady and a single mother of a beautiful daughter . Apx two months ago this amazing strong woman was diagnosed with breast cancer between her treatments and needing extra rest her hours at work have been limited but she still gets up an goes to work when she can , let’s not let her fight alone let’s stand up and help with anyway possible . I’m doing this benefit for her , we will have food , multiple gift basket action, an a huge drawing for a restored antique bench tickets for that will be $5.00 a piece, so please let’s all join together an help Michelle and her family through this difficult time. Let’s make life a little bit easier for her even if it’s just for a moment let’s make this day all, about Michelle and her family .
There will be A small donation entry fee of 4.00 donation that will go to the family as well , we will have food, raffle drawings and a great time coming out and supporting our Ms. Michelle and her family

(Kyle) "Holy Shit Jackie!!  What's that flying on your shoulder?!  Is that one of those orb things they are always talking about in Ghosthunters?"

18 Oct 2016 New Halloween Decorations (orb caught in picture) turning into skeletons waiting for Season 4 of the BBC Sherlock Holmes

Hi there, it’s about 12:45 pm on this balmy Tuesday afternoon.  I finally made a command decision about what we were doing for Halloween.  We will decorate and hand out candy.  If you decorate the outside of your house and leave the lights on, the rule is you hand out candy!  That’s what we’re doing!

So I walked over to the Family Dollar down the street from us and bought a few inexpensive decorations.  We just had a neighbor in Stonegate get a Gargoyle tombstone stolen a week or so ago….so we don’t put out anything we are worried about walking away!  I didn’t get any candy, but did pick up a couple Halloween themed cards for the ladies in my life that write “real” letters and enjoy the holiday as much as I do!  We’ll get candy later, it was too hot to walk home with it (even though Kyle caught me on the way home from class like he does, great timing, and gave me a ride home lol).  Plus having bags of candy around is too great a temptation!

Something interesting showed up in just one picture and it caught me off guard – a solid orb with what looked like a face in it.  This is during the day so it’s even more surprising!  It only shows up on the skeleton I put in my seat and only in the one picture.  It could be dust, could be a bug flying by or a reflection off the plasma globe – any number of logical explanations.  I just thought I would mention it so if any ghosthunters happened to stop in they could check it out!  I used to be really big into the whole ghosthunter thing but found I don’t need to go looking for this stuff, it comes to me!

Anyhew….while I was taking these, lol, Kyle and I both agreed I should “Meme” one to say, “This is us waiting for Sherlock Season 4!”  LOL!  At least Dr. Strange is only in a couple more weeks!

Much love, light, fun and laughter – joy of the season to you today!

As Kyle says hearing me play this, lol, “Something is coming…cough….eventually!”

Source Internet - Doesn't this picture of Bran Castle look a lot like Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria?

18 Oct 2016 The Bran Castle Night in Dracula’s Castle Contest (Dacre Stoker descendent of Bram Stoker, Dracula the Un-Dead official sequel)

Good morning to you to you.  It’s about 10:02 am as I write to you and for once, I honest don’t have much to talk to you about first thing in the morning!  SHOCKING!  GASP!  I know right?!

Well what I do want to share is something fun and in the spirit of the season.  Last night I found out that the author Dacre Stoker, descendent of Bram Stoker who wrote Dracula, is sponsoring a contest with Airnb that will mean two people get to stay in Bran Castle in Transylvania!  Well of course I entered the contest!  I’ve been interesting and writing about vampires since I was like 5 years old!  So letting that go to the winds but it’s fun nonetheless to dream about such things.  I’ve provided the information for the contest should you wish to try your fortunes at winning this prize!


I looked up information about Dacre because I was unaware that Bram Stoker had any kin and I found out in the process, he’s also an author and wrote an official  sequel with Ian Holt to Dracula! I will be looking into acquiring that book today!  How exciting!

https://www.airbnb.com/night-at/draculato enter contest (my entry and I kept it simple and “witty” lol)

Now, let’s get to know you.

Top of Form 1

What would you say to the Count if you were to come face-to-fang with him in his own castle?

I was hoping to find you here! I’ve had you on my mind since I was a little girl and have wondered what became of you! How time flies……!


Dracula’s Bran Castle to allow guests on Halloween for Airbnb promotion

October 18, 2016 7:52 AM By The Associated Press

BRAN CASTLE, Romania – Dracula’s castle will have overnight guests on Halloween, marking the first time since 1948 that anyone has slept in the Transylvanian fortress.

The site’s actual name is Bran Castle, and two people will get to sleep there Oct. 31 thanks to a promotion by Airbnb. The guests will be wined and dined, then left alone to lie down in red velvet-trimmed coffins just as Dracula did in the Bram Stoker horror novel that popularized the legend.

The castle is famous for its connection to Vlad the Impaler, a real-life prince who stayed there in the 15th century and had a cruel habit of using stakes to impale his victims. Vlad inspired Stoker’s story of Count Dracula.

The Airbnb contest to find guests for the night launched Monday. Applicants were asked to use their “vampiric wit” to imagine what they’d say to Count Dracula if they met him. Winners will be flown to Romania and then taken to the castle set dramatically in the Carpathian Mountains. If they’re too spooked to sleep in the coffins, beds are on hand.

The castle is one of Romania’s top tourist attractions, with more than 630,000 visitors a year. Hosting the one-off Airbnb event is a descendant of Bram Stoker, Dacre Stoker.

“I want to make it both realistic and show the legend in the wonderful country that birthed the whole thing,” Stoker said in a telephone interview. He’ll play the role of Jonathan Harker, a character from the novel who encounters Dracula at the castle. When the winners arrive in a horse-drawn carriage, he plans to greet them using the same words Dracula used in his ancestor’s story: “Welcome to my house! Enter freely. Go safely, and leave something of the happiness you bring!”

Stoker added that staging “Halloween night in Dracula castle” was a way of “re-creating the book, and giving people a good experience and a good scare.”

The winning pair will tour the castle, then be treated to a candlelight dinner of chicken paprikash, the same meal described in the novel. Airbnb’s rules for the night are simple: no garlic or silver jewelry — both believed to ward off vampires — and this reminder: “The count is not a fan of mirror selfies.” (According to legend, a vampire’s image cannot be seen in mirrors.)

Bran Castle was originally a military fortress, strategically set on a highway that links Transylvania to southern Romania. Vlad the Impaler did not own the castle, but is believed to have used it briefly during his incursions in Transylvania. He is also believed to have been imprisoned in the castle for two months in 1462 when he was captured by a rival Hungarian king.

Vlad impaled his victims as punishment for wrongdoing. His victims reputedly included all the elderly residents of one community to avenge the deaths of his father and brother.

Following World War I, the castle was given to Queen Marie in gratitude for her role in unifying Transylvania with the rest of Romania. She bequeathed it to her youngest daughter Princess Ileana. In 1948, the Communists seized it from Ileana.

In 2006, years after communism ended, the castle was returned to Ileana’s son Dominic Hapsburg, a retired New York architect. His sisters spent their childhood there. A Romanian company manages the castle which is rented for weddings, soirees and corporate events. Hapsburg plays an active role in the site, but nobody has stayed overnight there since Hapsburg and his family were exiled from Romania.

The castle is very popular with tourists. “We just love Halloween, so what drew us to Romania was Transylvania,” said Gina Ricciardi of Boca Raton, Florida, visiting with her husband and friends. “We wanted to see Dracula’s castle and just experience the whole Dracula.”

Might Count Dracula himself show up on Oct. 31?

“Did he really die at end of the novel when he was stabbed with knife? Bram leaves the question ambiguous,” Stoker said. “But if he’s still floating around, he would make an appearance.”

http://www.businessinsider.com/you-can-now-spend-the-night-in-draculas-castle-2016-10/#the-lucky-winners-will-have-dinner-in-this-spooky-candlelit-dining-room-4 – has great pictures!

Dacre Stoker and Ian Holt’s official sequel to Dracula:

Source Internet - Dacre Stoker with bust of Vlad Tepes

Source Internet – Dacre Stoker with bust of Vlad Tepes


Dracula the Un-dead

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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For the novel by Freda Warrington, see Dracula the Undead (novel)
Dracula the Un-dead
Stoker & Holt - Dracula the Un-dead Coverart.png

Dracula the Un-dead first edition cover in the United Kingdom.
Author Dacre Stoker, Ian Holt
Country United States
Language English
Genre Horror novel
Publisher HarperCollins (UK)
Dutton Adult (US)
Publication date
September 24, 2009 (UK)
October 13, 2009 (US)
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback)
Pages 480 pp (first edition)
ISBN 978-0-00-731034-0
OCLC 311776952

Dracula the Un-dead is a sequel to Bram Stoker‘s classic novel Dracula. The book was written by Bram Stoker’s great grand-nephew Dacre Stoker and Ian Holt. Previously, Holt had been a direct-to-DVD horror screenwriter, and Stoker a track and field coach.[1]

In the novel’s afterword, the authors discuss the many alterations made to the original novel’s events, due to the many inconsistencies in the original and the desire for the Stoker family to reclaim their property.[2]


Twenty-five years have passed since the vampire Count Dracula met his end at the hands of Jonathan Harker and Quincey Morris. Though they were victorious in their quest, the band of heroes has now become a broken shadow of its former self; Jack Seward has become a morphine addict obsessed with stamping out the undead, Arthur Holmwood hides behind his loveless marriage and Jonathan Harker drowns his sorrows and insecurities in alcohol and prostitutes over Mina‘s remaining taint from Dracula, which has caused her to retain her youth.

The novel begins with Seward tracking down Elizabeth Báthory, whom he believes is a vampire. After seeing her bathe in a young woman’s blood, he tracks her to a theater in Paris. Quincey Harker, son to Jonathan and Mina, is in Paris having been forced to attend law school instead of pursuing a career in theater. Quincey learns that Basarab, a Romanian actor who is taking Europe by storm, is in town to perform in Richard III, and vows to see his performance no matter how it enrages his father, whom he has grown to despise. To his surprise, he is summoned by Basarb to his dressing room, where they strike up an unlikely friendship. However they are disturbed when Bathory’s vampiric attendants attempt to attack Basarab, although they are thwarted by Seward. As Seward chases the vampires, he is struck and killed by a carriage in which Bathory and the vampires escape. Abraham Van Helsing, now a sickly old man, returns to London after hearing of Seward’s death. He believes that Dracula has returned.

Quincey, through Basarab’s urgings, becomes involved with the Lyceum Theater where Bram Stoker is currently trying to put together a stage performance of his failed novel. Quincey is shocked to find his parents are characters in the novel, as are their former friends. Quincey fervently reads the novel and researches Dracula, whom he finds was a real-life Romanian prince nicknamed Vlad the Impaler. After the actor playing Dracula quits, he approaches Basarab about playing the role; Basarab grows angry with the portrayal of Dracula as a monster, and decides to accept the role if only to right what he sees as slander to a national hero. Soon after, Quincey learns in the newspaper that his father was murdered in Piccadilly after being impaled on a large wooden stake.

While Quincey travels home, Mina is brought into the coroner’s office to identify Jonathan’s body. The detective, Cotford, insinuates that Van Helsing had orchestrated both Jonathan and Seward’s death. Years ago, Cotford worked the Jack the Ripper case and had nearly caught him; his top suspect was Abraham Van Helsing because of the gross mutilations he performed on corpses that caused him to lose his medical license. Mina returns home to prepare for Jonathan’s funeral and finds Quincey there and enraged; he had smashed open his father’s off-limits safe and found inside the journals that he and his friends kept while on their quest to hunt down Dracula as well as his mother’s affair with the Count. Consumed with grief over the misplaced anger toward his father and the betrayal that caused his father to become a drunkard, Quincey vows to hunt Dracula down and kill him himself.

After leaving his mother behind, Quincey is accosted by Van Helsing, who threatens the boy to give up his thirst for vengeance or suffer for it. Late that same night, Bathory sneaks into Mina’s room and rapes her (although Mina at first believes it is the spirit of Jonathan or Dracula). Mina also consumed some of Bathory’s blood, giving her visions of her horrible past as an abused 15-year-old wife of a depraved despot, and shunned by her family because of her homosexual tendencies.

Quincey pays a visit to Arthur Holmwood, who initially rebuff’s Quincey’s plea for help. Arthur changes his mind after a terrifying dream in which a skeletal Lucy Westenra attacks him. Unable to find Quincey, Arthur turns to Mina to help locate the boy before Dracula can get to him; Mina senses he has gone back to the Lyceum Theater in order to hopefully get Basarab to help him destroy the Count. During a dress rehearsal, Bathory confronts Basarab and the two duel in a back room of the theater. Bathory outmaneuvers Basarab and smashes an oil lantern at his feet, catching him and the theater on fire. Quincey arrives to find the theater in flames, and despite his best efforts he cannot find his friend and is forced to escape the theater. Outside Arthur and Mina, who feared Quincey dead, are overjoyed to see him alive although Arthur is suspicious to see that he is completely unharmed. Cotford, who received a message that the key to the Ripper murders would be at the theater, tries to arrest Arthur, Mina and Quincey but Arthur and Quincey manage to escape, while Mina is arrested for the murder of one of Bathory’s vampires.

After eluding the police, Quincey and Arthur break into Seward’s place and find that he was in correspondence with Basarab, which puzzles Quincey. Arthur receives a message from Van Helsing, saying he has been attacked, and to meet him at a hotel where he is staying under Renfield’s name. Luckily, Quincey and Arthur manage to get into the hotel because of Arthur’s social status and are taken to Van Helsing’s room. Van Helsing reveals that it was he who gave their story to Bram Stoker as a sort of guide to future generations who may encounter the undead, and asks that the two “join us”. Van Helsing then drops a bombshell: Dracula’s true name is Vladimir Basarab, the same man Quincey saw as a mentor. Arthur furiously shoves the old man away, and Van Helsing reveals himself as a newly turned vampire. During the struggle, Van Helsing manages to shoot Arthur, who collapses. Van Helsing gives Quincey one last chance to join their side, which he refuses. As Van Helsing is about to drink Quincey’s blood, Arthur manages to shoot Van Helsing with a crossbow and in a rage over their former mentor allying himself with Dracula, tackles Van Helsing out a window, where they both fall to their deaths.

Meanwhile, as Cotford and a handful of officers take Mina back for questioning, they are overcome by an eerie red fog and one by one officers are picked off by Bathory, who is in the form of a gargoyle. Realizing that Van Helsing’s earlier rants about the supernatural were real after all, Cotford attempts to save Mina by getting her on one of London’s underground trains. He tries to fight the monster, stabbing it in the leg with a broken sword, but is decapitated by the gargoyle’s tail. Mina manages to get on a train, where she is attacked by Bathory; just as Bathory is set to kill Mina, Dracula appears. It is revealed that by marriage Dracula and Bathory are cousins. However, even though both became vampires, Dracula still saw himself as a soldier of God, while Bathory spurned God and all those who worshiped Him. The two fight, in which Dracula is overpowered and nearly killed; only Mina’s quick thinking saves him by having Bathory yanked from the train via a loose cable. The sword in her leg makes contact with the tracks, causing Bathory to burst into flame.

At Dracula’s insistence, Mina takes him to Carfax Abbey to make a final stand against Bathory; during the trip, we learn that the real reason Dracula came to London 25 years ago was to hunt down Bathory, who was slaughtering women under the guise of Jack the Ripper, and though Dracula admits the heroes’ acts were noble and chivalrous, they were hunting the wrong monster. (The deaths on the Demeter — the ship that brought Dracula to England — were actually caused by a virus among the crew; Dracula was forced to feed on Lucy after his arrival in England simply because of starving after so long without blood.) Quincey also heads for Carfax, hoping to kill Dracula before he gets to his mother. Dracula appeals to Mina to let him turn her into a vampire, so that even if Bathory kills him, Mina will be able to destroy her in her weakened state. Mina initially refuses, believing Dracula is the one who viciously murdered Jonathan and Seward; Dracula denies this, saying that he would never hurt them for an unspecified reason. However, her fear for Quincey’s life forces her to give in, and Dracula finally turns Mina into a vampire; shockingly, to Dracula, consuming the tainted blood he put into Mina years ago heals him and renews his strength. Quincey arrives at Carfax, and is heartbroken to see his mother dead in a coffin. However, she awakens when blood from Quincey’s wounds falls on her face, and she nearly attacks her son. Overcome with grief, Quincey spurns what his mother has become, and, despite her pleas, chases off after Dracula.

Bathory and Dracula engage in a bloody duel, in which Bathory nearly kills Dracula with the same kukri blade that Jonathan used against him 25 years ago. However, Dracula, being the more skilled swordsman, outmaneuvers Bathory and impales her with his broken sword, stabbing her in the chest with the kukri blade. Bathory collapses and crumples to dust as Quincey confronts Dracula, who refuses to defend himself. Dracula’s compassion is revealed with a thunderous revelation: that Quincey is truly Dracula’s son and not Jonathan’s; though he loved him dearly, he would never harm Quincey or those who raised him. Mina confirms this fact, and suddenly the true reason behind the disintegration of his family and their friendships was laid bare. Refusing to become the monster that his father became, Quincey leaves both behind. Dracula takes solace that his son is safe and succumbs to his wounds, falling off a cliff and bursting into flames as the sun rises. Mina, forsaken by her son and cursed to live eternally, follows Dracula off of the cliff to be reunited with her two loves (Jonathan and Dracula).

Some time later, Quincey manages to board an ocean liner by bribing one of the workers to let him on, hoping for a better life in America, and to be as far away from his family’s past as possible. Unknown to him, boxes labelled as property of Vladimir Basarab are also loaded on board; the ocean liner is later revealed to be the RMS Titanic.


Critical reaction to Dracula the Un-dead has been mixed. Dracula scholar Leslie S. Klinger, writing for the Los Angeles Times, wrote that he did not consider the book to really be a sequel to Dracula because “no author would permit a sequel that boldly claims the original got the story wrong,” but that it was “a fine book in its own right, one that pushes the story in unexpected directions while remaining true to the dark heart of the Transylvanian vampire-king.” [3]

Michael Sims of the Washington Post wrote, “Stoker and Holt dump everything into their furiously boiling kettle of clichés — bucketfuls of gore, creepy sex, a torture scene that comes across as lesbian vampire porn. … But I don’t mean to complain that this cheeseburger is not caviar. Un-Dead is cinematically fast-paced, flying from London to Paris to Transylvania, and the historical texture is mostly convincing.”[4]

Sandy Amazeen of Monsters and Critics felt that “the pace is good and there are a few new plot twists, but not enough to make up for the overall canned feel of this disappointing attempt to redraw some old roles.”[5]

Bruce G. Smith of Blogcritics wrote, “It’s quite realistic, scarily so, which makes Dracula the Un-Dead a sequel worthy of the original. The story is a page-turner; the details are gripping; the horror, well, it’s horrifying. It’s a great book to read – albeit an imperfect one.”[6]

Monica Valentinelli of Flames Rising Horror Webzine wrote, “I believe that what they wanted was a book that would do all things for all readers, but in this case I feel that their lofty goals fall short.” “If you want to pick up Dracula the Un-dead, pick it up for an interesting take on the ‘happily-never-after.’ Pick it up because you’re interested in reading a different take on the vampires that aren’t ‘pretty’ but truly monstrous. For on that note, Dracula the Un-dead does succeed.”

[7] Moira Macdonald wrote in the Seattle Times “it’s an odd piece of work, bearing about as much resemblance to the original as Bela Lugosi does to Robert “Twilight” Pattinson.” [8]

Amy Gwiazdowski, writing for Bookreporter.com, wrote that: “In the end, Dracula The Un-Dead is a fast read and exciting in parts, but I think too much is asked of readers of the original in having to forgo old beliefs of who and what Dracula is. It’s best to just enjoy it for what it is: another vampire story for October.”[9]