17 June 2021 New Beginnings

Hello to you, how are you as I write to you from here? I hope this finds you well. I am in the midst of new beginnings. I have met someone really sweet and really kind and we are trying to navigate the modern dating world…what’s next?!!

Something that is making it hard for us to move forward is we are both grieving our last relationships. He was married 33 years and his wife died and I was married 12 plus years and my husband left me. So we are navigating what all this means together . We realllly like each other so may be that’s enough for now !

Self ” in the English Ordinal system equals 42

New beginnings ” in the English Ordinal system equals 142. (One left brain light and shadow process)

9 June 2021 First Meeting

Hello to you. How are you as you meet me here? I have something exciting happening today . I made a friend on a dating app called Tinder and we are meeting for the first time today . We are both nervous and excited which is natural ! It’s been awhile since I have met anyone like this and I’m hoping for the best . I don’t want to invest too much excitement because that will jinx our chances at success! It has to be just right !

First meeting in English ordinal system equals 145 – one left brain all the senses experience

30 May 2021 Memorial

Hello to you, how are you? It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year since the last Memorial Day….how quickly does time go as I get older. I miss the family I spent the last Memorial Day with in Texas but God has provided me with loving family in my here and now. There is great symbolism in Memorial Day. It symbolizes for me both endings and beginnings. I am still mourning my losses and probably always will on some level or another. Do we ever truly forget those we love? Once a name has been etched on heart does it ever completely fade? I say no.

memorial day ” in the English Ordinal system equals 116

25 May 2020 Beth Tim Kyle and Cole

18 May 2021 Staying Positive

Hello to you, how are you ? I hope this finds you well. Today I had to exercise my staying positive muscles . I believe that what you focus on gains power. So I have been trying to make a conscious effort to focus on the good in my life versus where my life is lacking . I am applying this train of thought in what I think, speak and write.

Let’s see what staying positive is in the numbers:

Staying positive in the English ordinal system is 210 -light and shadow process for one against the unknown

15 May 2021 Healing

Hello to you! How are you ?! I hope this finds you well. I am doing better after what happened . I’m just taking it one day at a time. Sometimes things happen to us to make us stronger even though it doesn’t seem like it at the time . I think God knows my heart. God knows I am still healing from the divorce. God knows it’s nearly impossible to just put someone in such a vast void. True love takes time! True love for me will take lots of healing and time . God is working on it !

Healing in the English ordinal system equals 56 – a all senses all vices in check but one experience

13 May 2021 Cheated

Hello and how are you? I am feeling kind of sad. I thought I made a connection with someone and then they asked me for money ! This is the inherent problem of online dating. So now I’m back to square one . God must know I don’t want to be alone and I have to have faith that not just anyone will do !

7 May 2021 Roses

Hello to you how are you today? I am doing well! I got a beautiful surprise from my new friend today ….beautiful looking and smelling red roses !

Roses received today

Roses equals 76 in the English ordinal system ( all vices in check combined with all vices in check but one )

5 April 2021 Together

Hello, how are you? It’s Wednesday afternoon as I write to you . It has been awhile again since I’ve written. The words don’t come to me as easily as they once did !

What’s on my mind right now is the word together. I have a special someone the word applies to . He and I will be meeting soon and the mystery of our separateness will be over . I am hoping that all the wonderful he appears to be in text will be translated to the flesh when we actually meet !

Let’s see what together is in the numbers:

Together in English ordinal system is 98 (no for eternity ) being together for eternity is a fallacy . We want to be together forever but forever is a very long time . So it is best to take it one day at a time.

27 April 2021 Habit, Process and Feeling

Hello to you how are you doing? I’m trying something different and using the WordPress app to write to you today .

My friend and I were talking about his pot smoking habit. That’s why the title! He was talking about the process and how it’s soothing for him. He goes and gets the pot, rolls his blunts and then smokes it. Then he gets the munchies and has something to eat . Then he gets sleepy and takes a nap .

When one doesn’t have anything to do we sometimes adopt unhealthy rituals to fill the void of time. My friends addiction ,as he now was calls it , is really a habit with a process and ultimately a feeling…..it’s something to do. He wants to quit but isn’t sure what to put in its place . I almost think of pot smoking like drinking coffee. Preparing a cup of coffee to drink is very much a habit, I call it the “dark ritual.”

Habit process feeling in English ordinal 193 -one no yes, no, May be process

19 April 2021 The Wind

Hello to you, how are you? I am doing pretty good today. The wind has been blowing something fierce this morning. I wonder what God is talking about today:

Psalm 104:4New International Version

He makes winds his messengers,[a]
    flames of fire his servants.

Sometimes when I hear the wind through the trees I wonder what it is they are talking about. I wonder if it’s like going to the hair dresser and being under a fan getting your hair to set. “Did you see Weeping Willow down the street?! I wonder how long she’s going to let her hair grow out?!”

Sometimes the wind is scary if it blows too hard….is that a fight?! Lets see what the wind is in the numbers:

balance” in the English Ordinal system equals 38

the wind” in the English Ordinal system equals 83 (eternal yes, no, may be)