1 December 2021 Evening

Hi. It’s 805 pm as I write to you. Are you a night owl? How has your day been? My day has been uneventful. I was excited to get 13 views on my Twitch post this morning. Anything beyond me looking at the posts is great! If you reader were one of the views – thank you! It’s pretty bare bones how I’m doing it. I don’t have a separate camera or microphone. Who knows may be that could be a future investment if things go well.

I was talking with a friend tonight and broke out my lap harp……it’s horribly out of tune. The more I tried to tune it the worse it got. I’ll try again when I have more patience. I also spent some time with my Yamaha and Tudor recorders (if your not familiar with what a recorder is it’s like a flute made out of hard plastic that school children typically play). Watching people making improv music is so inspiring! I use to love playing on electronic keyboards and pianos just by ear. I don’t read music.

Tonight I’m thinking of a memory with our senior dog Blondie. Blondie was a buff (almost white) 13 yr old cocker spaniel we rescued from an animal shelter. It was really rough adopting her because she had a lot of bowel/bladder issues. One day we had to take her to the vet and while we were sitting in the waiting room there was an older man there with his dog. He talked to us and we told him it was getting financially more difficult to take care of Blondie. He had glowing blue eyes. He was there when we finished the exam with Blondie and when they said how much it was going to be the man said he would pay the bill! Kyle and I were in shock! I asked him how we could repay him and all he said was, “Take care of your dog that’s payment enough.” I swear he must have been an angel. Who knew dogs could have angels too!

Guess I’ll quit blabbing and wrap this up. Thank you for reading this stuff I put out here. Writing really helps me a lot.

1 December 2021 Morning

Check out Morning coffee with Jackie 1 December 2021 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1221118106

Good morning to you from here I hope this finds you well. How are you?

A lot going on in my drawing today. There is a plan unfolding I just have to keep taking the next steps! Metatron’s cube is large and in charge.

Not sure what the plan is for today. I managed to navigate my way through Ridleys this morning and got groceries. I miss having Kyle go and get them. He was such a great shopper. I picked up some Christmas cards so I could work on those we shall see!

“Everywhere I go I hope to see you. So many faces in new places. I look at each one and find only pieces of you.”

I had to do a couple takes on the video today. It’s all impromptu….hopefully if you can watch it there will be something for you. Sometimes it’s nice to have company.

30 November 2021 Evening

Evening here in Middleton ID

Hi there! How are you? It’s 6:23 pm here as I write to you. It’s dark and Link and I are cuddling on the couch. I’m watching streams on Twitch – Infoxczar is a magic channel pretty cool. I don’t do magic on my channel May be I should learn lol! It’s fun to see live entertainment….Jack is fun.

Today my Aunt talked to me about her friends daughter who is bipolar. She apparently is refusing medication and is paranoid as hell. Her parents are living in a 55 plus community and they have been letting her live with them . Neither she or them have anyplace to go if the property owner decided to evict them. Apparently the girl keeps calling the cops. Speaking as a bipolar, what this family is going through is so tough! One of the hardest aspects of loving someone with this condition is keeping them on their medications.

Just found out my cousins daughter is going in for an emergency hysterectomy tomorrow ! I can remember getting mine and it took some time to heal. I was stupid. Your not supposed to do any heavy lifting and my ex and I tried carrying a small couch home from a furniture store up the street from where we were living. I pray everything goes well for her. She has diabetes so there is that to consider with the surgery.

The friend I just reconnected with recently lost her mom to Alzheimer’s and dementia in October. She’s really struggling with it while being a wonderful mom, wife and student. The holidays will be rough for her. She is strong in her faith in God and that is helping her walk through her grief.

People have stuff going on!! It seems like as soon as one hurdle is put in front of us another equal or more challenging hurdle is put in its place! I’m kind of in the in between place right now. I had a lot of “stuff” happen all within a short period of time. Love conquers the deepest darkness. I am so grateful to love and be loved. The fall I took could have been so much harder.

If you pray could you pray for the people I have mentioned here? For privacy reasons I don’t want to put their names here. I hope everything goes ok for all of them !

Thank you for spending some time with me here.

30 November 2021 Good morning

Check out this video Morning coffee with Jackie 30 November 2021 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1220155075

Good morning to you! How are you? This morning the psalm 49 really resonated with me. I tried to copy and paste it here but I can’t for some reason. Here is Link if you would like to read it:



In today’s world it seems like so many aspire for wealth and fame. The fundamental truth is you can’t take it with you and from watching the mainstream wealthy, it seems like enough is never enough. I wonder if many of the ultra wealthy have God in their lives….I hope so. For me personally, I just want to be able to pay my bills, bless my family and be comfortable. I don’t need much. If I was ever to become famous and wealthy I would have to have ways to give it back … pay it forward. I would hire people that would make sure I was doing that! Honoring Gods blessing of my life would have to be at the top of the list….leave a legacy to be blessed by!

My life with money right now is a weird one. Since I am on my own and am on a fixed income I am kind of afraid to spend money sometimes. With the sale of our home in Texas I got a nice chunk of change but I feel like I have to hold on to that money “just in case.” I used to be really generous but these past couple of years I’ve been stingy. The world feels so uncertain at times! Ugh!!! Lol.

I hope something resonated here today. I hope you have a great day.

29 November 2021 Evening

Hello to you. It’s 5:21 pm and the shadows are falling. It’s hard to believe it’s getting dark already! I’m feeling cozy and just want to write a bit.

I’m still feeling the warm and fuzzies from visiting with my friend Lin today. It was such a wonderful surprise that she popped on Twitch this morning. She made an account just for that! What a blessing she is- soul sister! I thought I had lost her too!

I ordered a rake today. I could have stopped at Lowe’s but I’m still pissed at them for how they used to treat Kyle and I. We would go into the store and no one would speak to us….so rude. Anyhew my neighbors tree dumped all of its leaves on my gravel. I’ll just get up as many as I can. Since I don’t have a shed the porch gets yet another thing to be stored on it!

My therapist appt was good but I was running a little high. When I’m like that it feels like I’m going to vibrate right out of my skin! I could feel it in my 3rd eye especially. I wonder if the Pranic healing had something to do with it? We talked about my being present in the moment. Since I’ve started driving more now I find that I’ll just arrive and already be thinking about leaving. My therapist said that isn’t an uncommon thing with Americans. It’s the mindset of “I’ll be happy when _______” and before even spending time in the present moment the mind is already off to the next thing. I want to get better at being in the present moment and not racing off in my car to go home!

Thank you visitors for stopping by and reading my blog and if you have time viewing my Twitch videos. I really appreciate you! When I see you have visited it makes me smile.

29 November 2021 Good Morning

Check out this video Morning coffee with Jackie 29 November 2021 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1219285881

Hi there. This morning I had the privilege of chatting with an old friend and it just made my whole day! She is the only friend I still have from my military days. I’m so blessed to have her!

I was chatting to myself and she popped up. I have a follower!! It was so exciting to see that this morning! I was starting to question myself!

In awhile I have my therapist appointment and I’m looking forward to that. Lots to talk about! I AM HOME…..yes! My friend reiterated that message too. Be at home in your own skin before you bring somebody else into your life. I’m sure God has a plan in all the little pieces that are floating about me right now….fragments of time.

I hope this finds you well today. What are you grateful for? I’m grateful to have been able to reconnect with my friend. I’m grateful for my new friend and my family…my sweet Link. I’m grateful for me still getting to be on this plane of existence. Even if you are really having trouble I hope you can find something to be grateful for!

Drawing for today:

This is my drawing processing my healing session yesterday .

28 November 2021 After Pranic Healing – I Am Home

Hi. It’s Sunday afternoon and I am just home after having my first ever Pranic Healing session with my friend Lisa. A lot of powerful stuff happened during the session. She was able to work with my guardian Angel or spirit guide Deegan. He had a lot to say! There were messages about moving on with my life….. no more wallowing. He gave an example of bowling and right now we are throwing gutter balls! We need to start knocking over some pins! The most powerful message was about self love and making myself home.

I am always projecting out what it means to be home. When our dog Sam died I lost a home – I grieved Sam for 3 plus years! When sweet Amber and May died I really lost home as they had been with me for so many years! Then when Kyle and Spot left I lost home big time! I was shell shocked and lost. That’s what happens when you project what it means to be home on to others. Today I think I understand the saying “Home is where the heart is” better. Home starts with your heart…..you! I will have to pray about that and see how God helps me “be enough!…to be at home in this body.

I’m deeply grateful for the time and the experience I had today. I’m proud of myself for driving to her house!! We did it!!! May be something of this experience will resonate with you.

If your looking for unique and special gifts check out Lisa’s online store. She makes everything herself! She is also a life coach and does Reiki. Multi-talented really special lady.


28 November 2021 Sunday

Check out this video Morning Coffee With Jackie 28 November 2021 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1218405193

Good morning from here. How are you? The video today is about 22 minutes if you have the time! Hopefully something will resonate with you. I felt called to read Psalm 27. I feel like no matter what your walk of the spirit that the Psalms are a neutral ground:

Psalm 27

Of David.

The Lord is my light and my salvation—
    whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the strongholdof my life—
    of whom shall I be afraid?


I’m getting together with my friend today for some Pranic healing which should be interesting . I’ve never heard of it before!

I decided to close the door on having my own Meetup group. The people I wanted to reach just didn’t express interest. I don’t think a lot of people even know Meetup exists. I checked into Facebook and that was nice – it was good to reconnect with family and friends there.

Anyhew thank you for spending some time with me today!

27 November 2021 Good Morning

Check out this video Morning Coffee With Jackie 27 November 2021 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1217476092

Good morning how are you? How’s your day going so far ? I’m getting started with my day. I’m getting in the habit of doing the Twitch recordings first thing. Some people do better with videos than just reading. I’m finding my way and appreciate your patience with this process! One of my friends said she had a fail experience with trying to watch the video because you have to have an account . Please give me feedback if you have trouble watching the videos.

Last night I had a wonderful experience of going to see the lights in Caldwell with my friend Lisa and her Grandson Colin. We liked the dragon that breathed fire! There were a lot of people there which was kind of overwhelming for Colin and I . We played on the instrument station for a little while and that was fun.

Today is laundry day. It’s one of those gray days where you just don’t want to do anything . This evening I have a crystal empowerment group so that’s something to look forward to.

What’s one thing your grateful for? Put it in the comments! Everyday I’m grateful for my furry faced boy Link! Hugs to you!

26 November 2021 Hello

Hi there! How are you? How’s your day been going? I’m sitting here cuddled with Mr. Link. It’s been a gray and overcast day. I haven’t really been outside. I will be going out this evening to see the Christmas lights in Caldwell. I will need to dress warm as it’s been getting a lot cooler here.

I did another Twitch video today. It’s about Links origin story. It came out ok but not all in one take. I haven’t been able to figure out how to delete videos yet lol!! I’m not sure about this video making stuff! The more I watch other streamers the more less prepared I feel. I guess the most important thing is to keep being myself and work with what I have. My channel is jwygant.

My thanks to all of you that continue with me on this journey I’m on – especially my Auntie!! You are such a beautiful and awesome cheerleader ! The encouragement helps so much but I also appreciate feedback on how I can do better!