15 March 2023 Belonging

Hello to you. Hope this finds you well. I’m just home from joining my Aunt and Uncle at Golden Corral in Nampa ID and members of their life group from church (Grace Bible Church Nampa). I never eat my moneys worth at buffet restaurants but it was nice and the food was decent. I quit eating when I was full which can be hard at such a place with its endless supply for you to gorge yourself on!

It was nice to meet some more people – all older than me. Most of the people my age are still working so I don’t see them except like Tuesday’s Women’s Bible study I’ve been going to and church services when I go. I am wanting to have a sense of belonging and my Aunt tries to help me with that. It doesn’t help that I get tired so easily – the Mal de barque syndrome – all my movements are exaggerated and I feel like I’m lugging around so much extra weight ( which I am!) I feel so out of shape and sluggish. Even after a month using the Steve Harvey drink powder (L’elevate you) I still don’t feel much different.

11 February 2023 L’Evate You (trying something new)

Hello to you. How are you today? I hope we’ll. Today started with something new. I decided to try a Steve Harvey sponsored super greens drink product and I got to try my first drink today. It didn’t taste bad at all and I feel pretty good – too soon to tell of course but we shall see. I got 3 months worth so that should give me enough time to see if it’s doing anything. I normally don’t buy stuff like this but something about this resonated with me. I trust Steve Harvey and his testimony really intrigued me to buy his product. The combination of greens is meant to go towards healing at the mitrochondrian cellular level. Here is his testimony from the website for the product:

For years, I had been struggling to keep the energy up needed for my busy schedule. I felt like I was on the sidelines of my life. Not in the game of life. I was struggling with a lack of energy, gut issues, brain fog, and just not feeling right in my own body.

Thanks to my personal health team, they discovered the root cause of my issues started in my cells. Yes, you read that right! My cells. As we age, our cells become damaged, specifically the mitochondria in our cells. These little things are the energy centers or batteries of our cells. Just like when a car’s battery starts to rust, the same thing happens to the mitochondria. This so-called rust damages the mitochondria in our cells and causes loss of energy, gut issues, signs of aging, and so much more. How does this damage happen? Well, to name a few things– the standard American diet, aging, and toxins. 

Now, I’m on a mission: to make better health accessible to all, without a prescription. My personal health team created powerful greens powders with a game-changing complex called M-Charge. This complex contains 4 miracle molecules, as I like to call them, that essentially recharge my mitochondria and get them working again. After experiencing L’Evate You, I finally feel better. My best. And I’m no longer on the sidelines of my life and back in the game. 

No matter where you are in your health journey, L’Evate You is for you. It’s the tool you need in your toolkit to keep your energy up, be your best self, and feel recharged to do what matters most to you.

Welcome to the L’Evate You community! 

– Steve Harvey

My first package of L’Evate You

1 February 2023 Time Going Fast

Hello to you. How are you? Can you believe it’s the 1st of February already?! Time is going so fast!

This past Sunday I had a nice surprise visit with my cousin and his wife. We went to Dairy Queen for a late lunch and some ice cream. Link enjoyed a walk with all of us afterwards. He gets so excited! I have done a couple Facebook reels of him and we have had several hundred views – I’m glad our little snippets bring joy to people.

It’s cold here. This morning it was 19 degrees! Brrrrr! From what I have seen on the news there is cold snaps going on in Texas and other places that are normally warm this time of year. Stay safe!

19 January 2023 The Chap

Hello to you. How are you today? Yesterday I had a nice visit with my cousin. She wanted to go out to lunch so we tried a place I hadn’t been to before here in town called The Chap Wine and Tap. They had a very small menu of burgers and what we ordered was really good. She got French fries and I got onion rings. It was a nice place to go and looked like a men’s group was meeting there. After lunch we went and got groceries. I had vertigo, spinning sensations off and on so I appreciated the company and help.

Today is my other cousins birthday- she’s in Arizona celebrating. Happy Birthday Laura!

2 January 2022 A New Year

Happy new years to you. I hope your year is off to a fine start. My Aunt took me out to eat at our little favorite place the Rustic Table in Star which is a growing town right next to ours. I love my Aunt and making memories like this with her. I had a wonderful burger and she had a turkey sandwich. We shared a chocolate cream pie dessert. Yummy!

Dessert of chocolate cream pie!
Toy that Ruth bought for Ljnk and he surprised me by playing with it and hiding it like another of his favorite toys

25 November 2022 Black Bear Diner Thanksgiving

Hello to you, how are you today? I’m doing ok. Yesterday was really nice. My cousin and his wife treated me out to Thanksgiving dinner at the Black Bear Diner in Boise. The meal had the traditional turkey and sides only thing missing was cranberries but we thought may be they ran out. The meal even came with pumpkin pie or ice cream. They got really busy by the time we finished eating so we timed it just right. It was so nice to spend some time with them and get a chance to visit. We got a walk in after we got home – the swaying was going on and Link can’t walk very far so we cut it shorter. What a nice memory we made.

21 November 2022 Birthday and Service

Hello to you today. Hope this finds you well. Yesterday we celebrated my Aunts birthday at Olive Garden and boy was it busy there! It was nice to be together though and the meal was really good. She had the tiramisu for her birthday dessert and shared it.

The birthday girl and my Uncle John

On the way home yesterday I got an alert of low tire pressure so I called Perfection Tire and Repair in town this morning and they said they could help me out first come first serve. They aired up my tires for free! I was so grateful about that! Totally unexpected and appreciated.

41 July 2022 Faces

These are some of my drawings. The glory, the “payment” goes to God.

30 July 2022 Betrayal and Forgiveness

https://youtu.be/ND-nldJc8kU – How Do We Forgive Our Fathers – Smoke Signals