30 April 2023 Turkey and Holy Sacrifice

When I came home from church this turkey was running down our road! What were they running from?

Hello to you. Hope this finds you doing well. I’m a bit frustrated. The ants found Links food and water bowl and swarmed it. I managed to take care of it- Monday can’t get here soon enough! SO annoying!

Church was good today. We are going over the covenant between God and Abraham. There were a lot of “its” involved lol. The only thing that bothered me was the sacrificing of animals. The way things were done in the Old Testament was pretty gory. I don’t understand why things have to be so bloody to be holy for God. When I think of animal sacrifice in our modern time I think of the turkeys that die in the millions for Thanksgiving. Think of all the places that sell meat – lots of living sacrifices that we might live. Most people don’t think like I do about that and still eat meat. I am extremely grateful for the lives, the sources of energy, that die so I can live. In some cases there is so much needless suffering beforehand.

Romans 12:1 (NIV)”Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship.”

22 November 2022 A Goal

Hello to you. How are you? I hope well. I just had a telephone consult with my psychologist through the VA and it was pretty intense. She is a short term therapist with goal orientated treatment. I don’t know if she and I will be a good fit or not but will give it a try. She wants me to come up with a goal for treatment. The goal I am thinking of involves leaving the house more. This means leaving Link alone more and that’s hard for me. I don’t like leaving him alone a lot. We shall see what comes up. I talked to her about my swaying sensation being a problem about me doing things. She is going to forward a note about it to my nurse.

Something I’m struggling with with volunteering is driving too. May be there is something I can do that doesn’t involve a lot of driving. I will lift this up to God. I will be useful some how.

12 November 2022 Doggy pills

Hello there. Hope you are well. Link and I had to go to the vet again yesterday. He was coughing really bad so they sent us home with antibiotics. Probably got something when he was at the pound. So now we are up to 4 pills I have to get him to take! He tolerated the peanut butter but I don’t know for how long. Why don’t they have doggy pills that are more pet friendly? I hate having to force him to take things.

5 November 2022 Doggy Pains

Hello to you. Today was pretty productive. My Aunt took me over to my house and I got to see the wreckage of what happened- it’s like somebody else was in my house! Things are broken and damaged. We got groceries so that’s taken care of. Tomorrow I will go home and be there for the first night alone. I’m a little nervous about it but it will be ok. Just take a bit at a time. Link is still limping pretty bad on his back leg but he wanted to go for a walk today so we took him.

The three most common dog knee problems include:

  • Luxating Patella. A luxating patella means is essentially the dog equivalent of a dislocated knee cap. … 
  • Arthritis. Arthritis is a stiffness in the joint. … 
  • Torn CCL/ACL. The cruciate care ligament (CCL) is the dog version of an ACL, anterior cruciate ligament, in humans.

Our doctor suspects a torn ACL for Link. I can’t believe it but he’s 48 years old in people years, will be 8 in doggy years on 9 December! I keep telling me someday he’s going to break my heart. Like the little boy in the story about why why dogs have such a short lifespan – they are born knowing how to be unconditional loving and good so they don’t have to be here as long!

In his aging he’s growing black hair under his eye! We thought of him being like a panda when we first saw him.

4 November 2022 Free bird

We got Link back this morning!

Today has started out good. I was able to get some of my ID replaced that I lost and the biggest news was we got Link back! His back leg is bothering him so we are taking him to the vet this afternoon to have it looked at. Hopefully nothing serious! It was scary being at the humane society shelter- so many barking dogs! I’m so glad to have my little boo bear back! I feel so much gratitude towards my family both current and past that helped us! This was another case of powerlessness and having to let God about it. Even though we are far apart, we are still connected and there for each other.

3 November 2022 Home Coming

Today was a good and bad day for me. I had a bad manic episode which landed me in the hospital for the past few months. I thought it was the end of the world again and did some stupid stuff about it. Today my Aunt and Uncle braved the long drive to get me out and come home. On the way home we found out my baby boy Link got away from the dog sitters and got picked up by the the humane society that is making it really difficult to get him out. I am so disappointed but am trying to stay hopeful that everything is going to work out.

Please pray that our Link comes home tomorrow

41 July 2022 Faces

These are some of my drawings. The glory, the “payment” goes to God.

30 July 2022 Betrayal and Forgiveness

https://youtu.be/ND-nldJc8kU – How Do We Forgive Our Fathers – Smoke Signals

28 July 2022 Obsessions – “Passion”

28 July 2022 A Personal Relationship

For a long time , most of my life, I have loved God. As I have matured and learned so much about matters of organic energy and matters of the spirit I have learned through personal experience how important it is to have s personal relationship. A relationship no one outside of myself can define. No book or written word. Sometimes just the sound of aspen leaves blowing in the wind. Always present. Recently I made a choice I had been straddling the fence about for many years. I decided to surrender my soul to Jesus Christ….not in the book but the one I have come to know through a personal relationship. In the sky, God and the Earth my mother…our shared mother and once they made a son. I don’t believe he left such is not the way of this system as I understand it. Too many words. Human beings trying to make sense of things as they had understanding at the time. Words of the time that have changed in ours. So many translations. So many individual perceptions. We are in the one circle. Sometimes mythology is our only comfort in times of great loss and confusion.

“Two halves of one whole.”

https://youtu.be/xFtgj2m_Mk4 – Control Mind in a box