3 June 2023 Saturday

Hello just a short post today. Link just got his nails ground for the first time and he was not loving it! There was flying pee and poop! The girls from Pampered Pets Manicure LLC were able to get it done. They were really nice. It was really nice that they came to the house.

9 December 2022 Happy Birthday Link

Happy birthday baby boy – he’s 8 today

Today is Links birthday. Hard to believe he’s 8 already! We got snow over night pretty thick too.

Talked to my psychologist yesterday and we decided to put things on hold until we get the physical stuff worked out. I have a appt scheduled with neurology in March.

4 November 2022 Free bird

We got Link back this morning!

Today has started out good. I was able to get some of my ID replaced that I lost and the biggest news was we got Link back! His back leg is bothering him so we are taking him to the vet this afternoon to have it looked at. Hopefully nothing serious! It was scary being at the humane society shelter- so many barking dogs! I’m so glad to have my little boo bear back! I feel so much gratitude towards my family both current and past that helped us! This was another case of powerlessness and having to let God about it. Even though we are far apart, we are still connected and there for each other.

9 December 2021 Links Birthday

“Today is my birthday I’m 7!”

Hello to you from here…how are you?! Today we are celebrating Links 7th birthday. There is even sunshine which feels so nice ! He likes sunning himself by the front door.

“Little sun beam thank you for your light. Your loving presence shines in my heart both day and night. Today we celebrate everything that is you……my precious little baby boo.”

Hello !

I can feel today is one of those “push” days. I didn’t get to sleep til after 2 am. Just not firing on all cylinders. Thank God for Link. He gives me a reason to get up each day!