31 May 2023 Birthday and Religion

Do you practice religion?

Hello to you. How are you today? Today is my Dads birthday! I hope he has a good day. In birthdays past my Mom would make chocolate pudding dessert. We both love it and also chocolate cream pie. My Grandma Schmidt used to make that. Some of my favorite memories with my Dad are us dueling over the piece sizes of the dessert!

Todays prompt asks a question that has more than one answer. Yes I practice religion but I also practice spirituality which is more than just reading a Bible and following rules. For me the word religion kind of has a negative connotation associated with it. Religion has been at the root of many wars and continues to be so. That’s why I choose to think of religion more as having a personal relationship with God. There are so many interpretations of the Bible and so many different denominations of a religion with God at its center! Which ones are the right ones?! I was raised Catholic which is really different than the church I’m attending now. With the church I’m attending belief in Jesus is the focus to be saved whereas that’s not the case with Catholicism. It’s taken me some time to say Jesus is my savior; the only way. I’ve come a long way – I’ve tried a lot of different walks of faith to get to the point I’m at now. I still question things!

14 February 2023 Getting Older

Hello to you. How are you? I hope well. Yesterday was my 55th birthday. We celebrated as a family on Super Bowl Sunday at my cousins house as it was a celebration of both of us. He is 4 years older. It was really nice to celebrate together. I didn’t do anything yesterday but did get some nice cards from my Mom and family.

Today is another one of those Hallmark holidays. I think every day is an opportunity to be someone’s Valentine. When I was married to my last husband, we didn’t do anything as we believed every day was a day to treat each other specially. It’s kind of like Mothers and Father’s Day and holidays like them.

My devotional Beauty Beheld arrived today and I started reading it. I can tell it’s not going to be an easy read! Having others to talk about it will help I hope.

Devotional Beauty Beheld
My cutie boy and present each day

9 December 2022 Happy Birthday Link

Happy birthday baby boy – he’s 8 today

Today is Links birthday. Hard to believe he’s 8 already! We got snow over night pretty thick too.

Talked to my psychologist yesterday and we decided to put things on hold until we get the physical stuff worked out. I have a appt scheduled with neurology in March.

13 February 2022 Birthday

Check out 13 February 2022 Sunday morning birthday stream https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1296945099

Hello there how are you? Today is my 54th birthday…..it still is a shock sometimes that I’m over 50! In a little while I’m meeting my Aunt for church which will be really nice. Later this afternoon my family is getting together to celebrate both my cousin and my birthday and watch football.

I wish today was completely happy but it’s not. I found out yesterday that not all is well with my parents right now. My Mom is having to have steroid injections for pain in her hips and my Dad has had a couple falls and he fractured his hip and will need surgery. I am feeling really powerless about it. This kind of stuff is what I’ve been talking about that happens and you have to choose how your going to deal with it. Shit is going to happen in this life in varying degrees and you have to go within and draw strength from your spirit to walk through it. There is no other way but through! I hate that my parents are having these health issues! They were supposed to be able to enjoy their retirement! I have to let God on this.

If you pray or meditate could you please think of my parents Larry and Dianne. Thank you!

“Our inner journey is a transformative process. It involves becoming who we already are in essence and letting go of the phony in favor of the authentic self.” (A Woman’s Spirit)

21 November 2021 Happy Birthday And The Village

Hello and good morning to you from here. How are you? Today is my Aunts birthday ! Happy birthday Auntie !

Happy birthday Auntie ! She is my biggest fan!

Well last night my friend and I went to The Village in Meridian but we made a stop at the super Albertsons across the street first. Wow is that a big store. So many choices! I told her I probably wouldn’t shop in there as I would get overwhelmed!

The Village looks so pretty at night. They had lots of lights. The waterfall moved in time to holiday music. They also had an ice skating rink! I liked standing by the gas fire pits they had going so you could stay warm while you waited outside. We ate pizza at a place called Grimaldi’s. There was quite a wait but it was worth it. I shared a spinach salad while we waited for a red onion and sausage pizza. The whole experience was surreal for me. If I was a better painter there would be paintings. If I owned a better camera there would be lots of pictures.

What’s funny is both of us are homebody’s so it was really good for us to get out. My friend is a life coach and something she said last night really stuck out, “it’s your choice….when your ready.” She was talking to me in the context of my moving on with my life. Right now I’m feeling kind of stuck. I have a second room full of stuff I can’t handle looking at. Ever since I hired those ladies to organize it I haven’t really touched the room! Sometimes I wish I had thrown everything away and started with a clean slate. Anyhew….it was good to talk to her. God has a plan and I just need to keep saying yes to the doors he opens for me .

Tree at The Village Meridian ID

14 November 2021 Safe

Hi. How are you? It’s 806 pm as I write you. Today has been a good day. For those of you that have been following along with me you know driving has been a thing for me. Today I drove the farthest I’ve driven here in Idaho and made it there and back safe….praise God and my guardian Angel! I had a really enjoyable visit with my family – it was a happy birthday!

Tonight I watched a live broadcast of Elevation Church’s Steven Furtick and his message really resonated. Steven had a unique style of preaching – so much energy! Don’t weep for what’s left you, whatever it is. Something better is coming!! Build on what remains. I have endured a lot of losses but a lot of good remains. A lot of good has come. God knows my heart and has not abandoned me to sorrow. Today I was crying for the loss of my husband to divorce and God filled the void with my loving family. I can’t go back….only forwards…..better!

I can remember being in my back yard in Texas crying because my world had gotten so small. I kept playing the song by Mind In A Box called Escape over and over. God had to move so many pieces to answer my pleas. I lost so much but as my new life unfolds I realize there was no other way. God delivered me and my husband. My husband was too young to be trapped as my caretaker and he just couldn’t help me. So many pieces have to move for just one moment….just one prayer.

14 November 2021 Meetup and Comfort Zone

Hello there how are you?! It’s Sunday morning as I write to you. I have a cup of coffee and my writing buddy Link beside me. What a blessing it is to wake up to his furry face each day!

So last night I hosted the first event for my Connect Middleton Idaho Meetup Group and I was so pleased! There were three of us and our 40 minutes on Zoom went so fast! We spent the time getting to know each other better and plan to meet again next Saturday. One person from Middleton has joined the group so I’m hoping they will join us for the next event. It’s baby steps! I’m so grateful!

Today is stepping or rather driving out of my comfort zone day. My cousin is hosting a birthday party for my Aunt and his son at their house and I have to get there on my own. I’m a little nervous but I know if I get lost all I have to do is call! Gradually I’m hoping I will regain my confidence and not be so afraid of driving here. It’s been almost a year since my accident. Oh and today is actually my Uncle Bills birthday! Happy Birthday Uncle!

A personal birthday wish!