31 May 2022 Seventy-nine

Hello to you. How are you today? I hope you are doing ok. It’s been rough here but I’m doing better. Last night I tried to sleep without extra meds and was doing pretty good until I woke up after a weird dream. It started with seeing my phone and an image on it like from the group Anonymous. Then I was sitting with someone watching tv. The tv flickered and that same image appeared on the tv screen! What woke me up was hearing a scary voice saying, “no need to alert the authorities.” My brain doing weird stuff again lol!

Anyhew…. today is my Dad’s 79th birthday! Wow! It’s hard to believe but he and I used to joke that he was going to live as long as Moses! That’s like 120! If he and I were together today we would be dueling with our forks over Mom’s chocolate pudding dessert. The past couple of years have been hard on him but he is a survivor – something he and Mom always taught me to be! I’m missing him today. I miss his hugs! There is something about a hug from your Dad. I just felt so loved and safe when we hugged….the worlds noise and cares couldn’t reach me for a little bit. I love you Dad! ❤️

Many years ago, when I was still in Junior High, I was in an advanced writing program . They liked analogies I wrote. This one I wrote thinking of my Dad:

“An open window in spring is like the loving arms of a father.”

John 15:9New International Version

9 “As the Father has loved me,(A) so have I loved you. Now remain in my love.

https://youtu.be/oCE4VWKY5YI – happy birthday from alfalfa (little rascals)

18 May 2022 “Up!”

Hello to you. How are you today? I hope you are well and if your not, for whatever reason and there are so many these days, I want you to know you are in my prayers. All things both good and bad pass on.

Last night I had a bit of a struggle again with sleep. I got some new pillows called My Pillow and it just takes some time to break them in.

Hoping these will help with my quest for restful sleep!

The title of the post today is because of what I want to call a persistent and very short dream I had last night. The dream was of seeing red clouds and Prince just saying over and over again “Up! Up!” When Prince Rogers Nelson was alive, one of the things he had talked about in interviews was the spraying in the sky. (https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3znbey – he talks about his experience here.) Yesterday on my walks I noticed there have been a lot of trails going on here and I noticed myself feeling more irritable than normal. You can just feel the stuff all around. It’s rare to see a picture with sky that doesn’t have these trails in it – no matter what part of the world. So anyways……I woke up to go to the bathroom and I’m sitting there and asked in the darkness, “Ok Prince, what was that dream about?” As soon as I said that I saw a round ball of light run across the wall past the bathroom! Like someone running. It wasn’t a car or anything because I checked. More weird stuff! I just had my eyes checked so it wasn’t that. Prince was one of those artists whose music helped me so much growing up! Messages come to the waking and dreaming worlds.

Source: Internet
I think Prince was lonely too sometimes

Some messages from A Woman’s Spirit for today:

It’s all in the attitude! – Eileen Fehlen

We are learning from this program that we are in charge of our attitude. No other person or no situation can force us into a negative frame of mind. And if we have intentionally, though perhaps mindlessly, chosen to feel negative, we can instantly feel positive instead. A gentle reminder is all that’s necessary.

Most of us got so used to negativity that we failed to see that we could feel otherwise. We resented women who always seemed happy and up. Now we understand, but understanding how our attitude is developed and taking charge of it are separate acts.

Being consciously and actively in charge of a positive attitude takes lots of practice, but every time we succeed in changing a bad attitude to a favorable one makes change easier the next time. We will soon discover that we are just as happy as we want to be. The power rests solely with each one of us.

I will be a happy woman today if that is my choice. No one can make me feel otherwise.


Now for a walk and messages from yesterday:

I love the iridescent look of this trees leaves
Such cheerful little flowers!
Yesterday was hot and there was a lot of natural and unnatural “stuff” in the air. Finding a dead mother squirrel in the road didn’t help with the grumpiness I was already feeling!
A pine seeming to be struggling
I love some of the names of streets – I hadn’t been down this one yet!
Isn’t this cool? What’s even more special was for the first time in years I was greeted by a cat! We had a short and sweet little visit. Their home is for sale.
Isn’t this beautiful?! A little worse for wear but still lovely. Every time I see a blue butterfly I think of my Grandma B.
Waters and habitat like this support so many lives
Some yellow
My Aunt sent this to me yesterday – so perfect for how I was feeling yesterday!
Things were feeling a bit chaotic yesterday afternoon
“Hi there! It’s going to be ok! Love you!”

12 May 2022 Travels of the Mind

Hello to you. How does today find you? I hope for your very best! My thanks to all who have been praying for me. I want you to know I’m praying for you too. We got this! At least I hope so. I did have a mild spooky experience last night – sensing a presence walking in the room – but I was able to go back to sleep. I dreamt about going to this place that was like an attraction of some sort and it was scary. There were energies I was trying to keep out. I couldn’t find the exit and strangest of all was being in this place with a morbidly obese Lady Gaga! Dreams like this aren’t very restful. It’s probably related to all those paranormal investigations I’ve watched.

Yesterday was a day of traveling in my mind. I found myself watching videos talking about how science is proving that the Shroud of Turin is genuine – it is Jesus Christ.

The Shroud of Turin – face of a bruised and battered Christ Source: Internet

I spent some time with musicians who have passed on and their families. One in particular was David Bowie. He’s been on my mind lately. His voice helped me survive my teenage years! I watched a cool video done by Vogue of his wife Iman sharing treasures from her home with David. She is a pretty amazing woman.

https://youtu.be/fk9cq3gRCP0 – Inside Iman and David Bowie Scenic Home Filled With Wonderful Objects

Another was Chris Cornell from Sound Garden and his daughter Toni. Yet another was actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers and his little family. The internet makes travels like this so easy! When I connect with a person they become part of me and I care about them. Famous people are no better than anyone else….. at the end of it all they are just people.

Passage that resonated yesterday

The other place my mind traveled was to Sacred Geometry. For those who have been visiting here awhile, you know I really like Metatrons Cube. Something funny with this is I found out yesterday that actor Alan Rickman was “the Metatron” in the movie Dogma!

https://youtu.be/LAn5Hwb7Y94 – Behold The Metatron (Dogma, Alan Rickman)

My orgonite Seed of Life Pendant : The basis of the Seed of Life is the circle, and in sacred geometry circles represent cycles, as well as encompassing things. In this case, the seven circles are often compared to the seven days of creation, with the different circles being ascribed to different points in the universe’s making.
https://lasertrees.com › blog › seed-…
SEED OF LIFE – LaserTrees

Let’s see what we have for a message in A Woman’s Spirit today:

I want to be loved, and for that to happen, I must love others and I must want love for them. – Betty MacDonald

Feeling love is so elusive. We savor the feeling when it comes, and we think if we hang on tightly, it won’t leave. But we must give love away if we want to keep feeling it. That is the paradox. It is also a principle we can rely on absolutely.

Feeling generous in spirit toward others gives us a powerful blessing in return. We quickly sense that whatever we feel toward the friends and associates in our lives we feel about ourselves. Carrying love for others in our hearts assured us of feeling loved too. It’s easier to understand once we begin utilizing this principle. What we give away, we get back.

I can influence whether or not I am loved by how I treat others today. What I sow I will reap.


Song I found this morning that I didn’t know David had sung before:

https://youtu.be/hODALOTiH6A – David Gilmour, David Bowie, Richard Wright “Comfortably Numb”

Let’s go for a short walk:

My favorite of the day!
If you want to see beauty in this world you just need to make the choice to seek it.

10 May 2022 The Wind

Hello there. How are you doing today? I hope you are well. The saga of spooky stuff at night continues. Last night it was a jump scare that startled both Link and I. Whatever is going on doesn’t feel malicious but is strange. Forces either within myself or outside myself are trying to communicate. This stuff was happening when I lived in Texas and has been a part of most of my life. I’ve always been really sensitive to energy in its various forms.

Yesterday in my internet scrollings I found this message from the Anasazi Foundation about the wind. What brought me to years was hearing “messages of the heart can change.”

https://youtu.be/8MGI7yp92YU – The legend of the wind by Good Buffalo Eagle – Native American Legend

Listening to this and thinking about my own experiences and thoughts about the purpose of our global winds, I thought about the Holy Spirit:

I can remember times of just wanting to drink in a breeze on a hot day. I can remember as a child playing with the winds…talking to them. I can remember cowering with my little family in the hallway of our house more than once for fear of our lives as powerful winds battered the house. I can remember the different sounds of breath from loved ones. Breath being the way we personally interact with the wind always moving around and through our bodies. Without the oxygen of the wind we cease to exist.

I asked myself why this was on my mind yesterday and the answer was because it’s something else in our shared existence that we have in common. We all bleed and we all must breathe. To me it’s not all about what makes us different in these times but about how we are the same….what we have in common.

These are just a few examples of warnings carried by the wind:




With the way I have come to understand God and this earth is there are many warnings and after they go unheeded, things escalate.

A short walk:

When I saw clouds like this I used to become afraid
When wind and weather happens I pray for all those holding down the fort outside like trees, birds, small critters, insects and dogs and cats left outside…the homeless people with no shelter
Bands of life giving rain falling down
A little comic relief. This little tree got a pinwheel like a child might play with! Made me smile to see this little tree being loved! Part of the family!
I had to spend some time admiring the pine trees last night – this is amazing
A different pine trees fruit

https://youtu.be/mnVtTvINXpM – Rhythmic Tribal Sounds Earth Song – Mei-lan and Ali Pervez Mehdi

9 May 2022 Hesed and God Moving In Mysterious Ways

Hello to you. How is your day going as you visit here? I hope well. Last night I had another one of those dreams like I recently shared with you. I felt like this energy entered my room and went over me. I could hear and feel it. It was different this time as I spoke to the darkness and was able to say “Jesus!” more than once. Well apparently this crossed over into the waking world and scared Link off of the bed! Not quite sure what’s going on. There are things always going on in the unseen spirit world and sometimes it seems we cross paths with it and we experience things. For me it’s mostly in dreams and I’m grateful for that.

After church these sweet girls passed out flowers to us
Lots of lovely clouds yesterday
Pretty yellow for me!

Yesterday was a really good day. I got myself to church and got to meet two new people! What is so beautiful was these were people I had noticed the Sunday before – one of them in a wheelchair. They were a daughter and her mom who had been going to the other campus for the church in Nampa but decided to start going to Middleton. Our church is smaller ( right now) and the traffic isn’t so bad (yet). It’s funny how God works and to actually experience his love, or hesed, first hand. So many things flit across my mind and heart that lead to moments like I’m describing to you. We are God’s feet. We are instruments God uses to demonstrate hesed. This word was spoken for the second time since I’ve been going back to church. I had never heard the word hesed before:


Yesterday spending time with my family to honor my Aunt I saw hesed in various forms:

My beautiful Auntie and cousin having a moment of hesed. Their love goes beyond words.
My cousins husband and Smokey finally get along! They used to hate each other! They just had to learn to communicate.

Some other images from the day:

My Aunt loved her balloon
My Auntie is recovering from knee surgery. It was so good to see her and the family!
Wonderful smells here in a bush in my Aunt and Uncles front yard
My cousins husbands Mothers Day card art work – loved it!!
This is from the story The Help: https://youtu.be/3H50llsHm3k – video clip from The Help
Link helps me feel like a Mom sometimes


Thinking about the Holy Spirit
This passage makes me think of how I went from just noticing a woman in a wheelchair to actually meeting her and getting to shake her hand! God works in mysterious and wonderful ways! I didn’t realize this commonly used phrase had an origin other than the Bible:

God Moves in a Mysterious Way” is a Christian hymn, written in 1773 by William Cowper from England.

https://youtu.be/yjPR09kdCgc – God Moves In A Mysterious Way (Hyms of Grace)



Light Shining out of Darkness


God moves in a mysterious way, 

His wonders to perform; 

He plants his footsteps in the sea, 

And rides upon the storm. 

Deep in unfathomable mines 

Of never-failing skill, 

He treasures up his bright designs, 

And works his sov’reign will. 

Ye fearful saints, fresh courage take, 

The clouds ye so much dread 

Are big with mercy, and shall break 

In blessings on your head. 

Judge not the Lord by feeble sense, 

But trust him for his grace; 

Behind a frowning providence 

He hides a smiling face. 

His purposes will ripen fast, 

Unfolding ev’ry hour; 

The bud may have a bitter taste, 

But sweet will be the flow’r. 

Blind unbelief is sure to err, 

And scan his work in vain; 

God is his own interpreter, 

And he will make it plain.

6 April 2022 Shadows in Dreams and Divinely Loved

Hello to you. How are you doing in your world? I’m sitting here in mine with some coffee, Link and a beautiful day. We had another rough night with pain but did manage to get some sleep. A dream that woke me up was of looking at something dark and not being able to say anything but with my thoughts. Whatever I was looking at said without words but with thoughts, “how is it your here?” Then my mouth was free and I said “Jesus!” Then I woke up. The dark being was gone. Stuff of a spiritual nature happens to me mostly when I dream.

Yesterday I had something beautiful happen. A prayer of mine has been gradually getting answered – getting to know my neighbors. What happened is I was sitting on the porch enjoying various types of music. I was listening to the song We Are Stars by the Pierces and the chorus has the phrase, “I just want to be loved by you…” As I heard this my neighbor came up and offered me a pot of wild flowers that had found their way into her yard! In that moment and those of her showing me her gorgeous little Eden of a yard I felt divinely loved. God does stuff like this! If we are willing we become his body here on earth to do loving things both great and small. So now I have some beautiful flowers amidst all the gravel! It may not seem like it some days. When times are tough it can beg the question, “if you love me God why is this happening?!” The closer you stay with your heart to God the more you will see you are loved no matter what is happening.

Stay willing….surrender. A friend I made on Twitch called me out of the blue this week and she was calling to tell me I was loved! She has been going through an amazing awakening with God. What she has realized is that the harder you fight against God the harder it is for you. That has been my experience too. Lately as I’ve been hobbling around taking pictures, I feel like a spirit with feet. God giving me the strength to be his boots on the ground here.

Remember, no matter what you are facing in your world it’s not about all the things you can’t do….focus on what you can do. Sometimes that might be just one small thing for the entire day! That’s ok! You did something you thought you couldn’t. Be proud of that! Sending you love and hugs through the wires and the winds that connect all of us!

Let’s go for a walk…..

This tree has the energy of a smiling and happy person!
I noticed this neighbor got more flowers! Aren’t they pretty?!
I love seeing the progress my neighbor is making on their massive garden!
Hello beauty! Long locks blowing in the wind
The neighbor who gave me the pot of flowers is an amazing gardener. This Iris of hers just bloomed yesterday!
I think this is a marigold – Orange!!
This is the pot of flowers she gave me! Soooo pretty and they weren’t planted in this pot on purpose she said!
Pansies? Found more Orange!!
Her water feature where she sits and listens to the water and her chimes. Beautiful!
Something going on with the ants here

Last thoughts yesterday:

The closer you get to God the more you see this in the world.
Most of the day was cloudy but the sun did peek out in the evening

https://youtu.be/IWD8b9eIROI – We Are Stars The Pierces

27 April 2022 Can We Peek Into Our Own Multiverse Through Dreams?

Hello to you. How are you today? My back and legs are still in pain but better! With the help of a back brace Link and I got a short walk yesterday as you will see in the pictures today. Yesterday I read that Pope Francis has been suffering with pain in his right leg. Seems it doesn’t matter who we are in this life – pain plays a part in the play! I hope he gets relief. Leg pain makes life really challenging! Speaking of that thank you for praying for my Mom and her surgery yesterday – all wet well! Hoping the same for my Aunt and her knee surgery today.

Last night I had a very vivid dream that seemed like I was peaking into the life of an alternate version of me. The dream began by me having sleep paralysis and I was looking at a small apricot colored poodle and trying to speak but I couldn’t so I was thinking to them, with my eyes “please help mommy.” Then I was out of the bed in a room that looks like my actual bedroom but it wasn’t – the light was different. I was adjusting the bottom sheet of the bed and the sheets were the same as I actually have on the bed right now. As I was adjusting the sheet I was startled because at the foot of the bed was what seemed to be a shadow at first. Then the shadow took the form of a man I guess I knew in the world I was in. He waved his hands at me and I woke up.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had a dream like this where I will find myself in a dream and the place I’m in is “like” my real world but not exactly the same. One dream I had was dreaming of being in a house that was slightly different than my actual house and following a man with horn rimmed glasses into a glowing blue television set. Anyhew…..dreams like this make me wonder if I’m not traveling in my own multiverse to other versions of me. Logically being in a dream state would definitely make that kind of journey possible. Consciousness moving without a physical body. Have you had this kind of experience?

The messages from A Woman’s Spirit today may resonate with you:

At times fear grips me and I can concentrate only on the anxiety. Then I realize I am in God’s care and I need only trust and the fear subsides. -Michele Fedderly

Remembering God in the midst of a fearful situation is often extremely difficult and at times impossible. But when we can bring God to the forefront of our minds, we sense immediate relief. Practicing reliance on our Higher Power will strengthen our use of this profoundly powerful tool. Our fears will be much more manageable when the use of this tool becomes second nature to us.

As we grow in our understanding of this program, we can look at fearful moments as opportunities to get closer to our Higher Power. Many of us came into recovery with little understanding of a loving God. More than a few of us felt betrayed by God. We may still be like babies learning to walk. But our walk will grow confident. With time and practice we will join the women who turn to God for guidance throughout their day. And as a result, we will know peace.

I will let God help me in every situation today. If I ask for help, I will get it. This is God’s promise.


If your experiencing debilitating things right now I want you to know your not alone and lots of people you may never know in this life are praying for you and hoping you will get through whatever your facing today. It may not seem like it when we are facing all the various trials this life throws at us, but God is with us! Much of the time God speaks in a whisper we are just too loud to hear:

“Are we going to go for a walk today?”
Clouds in interesting formations milling about
View from my lawn chair – sitting there felt good for my back
That’s what the clouds were up to! Rain!
Feeling the gift that water is in my own hand
A healing place of rest – the heating blanket my Aunt brought over has been so wonderful on my back. My cousin gave me that pillow when I first got to Idaho! Love the simple message – when your in pain don’t forget to take deep breathes!
Yep, still raining out front!
Still raining out back!
The rain moves on, the clouds part and there is glorious light. That’s a lot like it is when we are going through things in this life.
I put on the back brace my Aunt loaned to me and Link and I hobbled out for a short walk. I was delighted to see these purple beauties that seemed to just appear from one day to the next!
All the sudden this white flower has started to appear! I am amazed at the wild flowers this spring!
Isn’t this a beautiful tree?!
A huge cloud forming off in the distance – things are doing things all the time!
Another lovely passage from the book of Job. If you think you are in the worst of the worst read about Job! No matter what God is with us and knows us by name. I like this part because it talks about God the way I understand him best – through nature.

26 March 2022 Spring

Check out 26 March 2022 Saturday chat (spring) https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1437351008

One of my neighbors trees. The bees were loving it!
Grape Hyacinth (I think) I thought it was a blue bonnet like in Texas at first glance
Spring peaking up through winters debris

Hello to you. How are you? Hope this finds you well. I dreamt about my dog Spot again last night. She was running loose for some reason and found me. I miss her but she’s living her best life right now so grateful about that. She and I share dreams pretty often.

Yesterday I walked over to the Sunrise Cafe (https://www.theoriginalsunrisecafe.com/) for breakfast and got to witness one of those God moments. A man with a cane walked in and sat down at a booth by himself. Then the main waitress went over and sat across from him. She noticed he was wearing a hospital bracelet and asked him about it. He said he was having some “medical stuff” going on. One of the the things was cancer. He was going through chemo. After she left I then had the courage to say hello too. What was so beautiful was his smile. For all that he was dealing with he was still smiling. Your attitude when your facing adversity really makes a difference in how things will go for you. The Sunrise is becoming my go to place ! Good food and good people both who work there and the customers.

Todays message in A Woman’s Spirit talks about how sometimes we have to let go of our problems that might be going on that we just don’t know what to do about and make space for spiritual solutions….”let God on it!”

“When we loosen our grasp on our concerns, there is room for the spiritual essence of all life to move through us in such a way that healing occurs.” – Carol Sheffield

I will not be caught in a problem today if I am quiet and ready for the solution. Stillness engulfs me now.

This morning I was looking through my books and decided to take out a book of poetry written by a family friend named Tom Snooks. He struggled and died from cancer many years ago. It made me think of the man from the restaurant who is currently struggling. The poem I want to share is one he wrote about spring:

Tom prefaced his poems with what prompted him to write it.
Is it Spring?

12 March 2022 Programming

Check out 12 March 2022 Saturday chat https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1423415704

I’ve been dreaming more again

Hello to you. How are you today? I hope this finds you well. It’s a sunny Saturday here. My first night on the new mattress went pretty well. I had lots of dreams so know that I actually fell asleep!

Todays message in A Woman’s Spirit had to do with how we process what our external world says about us. Says we should be. Says what we are. It’s all programming! When we were younger we didn’t have boundaries or an internal filter… life experience to be able to discern whether or not what the world and the people in our lives said to and about us. I know I mostly absorbed external inputs as truths whether they were true or not! I think that’s why it’s so rough for young people on social media. They don’t have the maturity to discern what is true and what isn’t….for many it’s all truth and that’s were self harm, suicide and eating disorders come in. What we put into our bodies and souls goes into our brain and becomes thoughts which then become action….the manifestation of our living reality. It’s so important to really pay attention to what we put into our CPU aka brain. Garbage in….garbage out!

The message today is so good I decided to put it all in this post. You become what you think about the most….what you “worship.” Put good stuff into yourself!

A Woman’s Spirit:

The subconscious works to create the reality according to the programming it has been fed.- Susan Smith Jones

The mind is seldom quiet. Even when we don’t think we are thinking, we are. Our lives reflect our thoughts. It should be obvious that the way to get a better life is to think better thoughts. If it’s that easy, why don’t we have more productive, joy-filled lives?

As youngsters we learned to interpret the faces and the comments of those close to us. That helped us determine how to evaluate ourselves as adults.

Just as the messages we heard in the past told us who we were, the messages we hear now do likewise. But as adults, we can now decide which messages to accept: some we should cherish, many we should discard. We have the maturity now to replace them at will.

I don’t have to accept how anyone defines me today. I can give myself only positive input. My output will reflect it.

https://youtu.be/zHDrHRmaQjQ -Anilah Medicine Chant

4 March 2022 Dreams

Check out 4 March 2022 Friday chat (dreams) https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1415186521

Hello to you. How are you today? It’s a sunny Friday here in Middleton. It’s a lovely 45 degrees! Spring is definitely in the air!

Last night I experienced a lot of dreams. The first dream was of laying in a bed and looking out into another room of pitch black. It was like I was in another persons body and was struggling to say The Lords Prayer. The person was so scared they could hardly speak the words. I woke up into another dream where I was crying for my Dad. I woke up into yet another dream where my stepmom appeared by the light by my bed asking if I was alright. It was like she was really there. I got out of bed and followed her down a hall. I told her I was worried about Dad and described the first dream I had! It was so comforting for me to see her. There were lots of other dreams but these really stood out because of how they were like having dreams within dreams…thinking your awake but your still sleeping.

Todays Twitch Stream was short. Sometimes it’s like that – short and sweet is all that’s needed. The message from A Woman’s Spirit talked about how some lessons in this life are painful. How occasionally our Higher Power has to get our attention. How we can pray for help to understand these experiences. I look at what is going on in my individual world and realize that I need to keep being more active to combat the pain I’m feeling in my legs. As I look at my life I am realizing that God is starting to ask more of me and gradually I am able to give it. I look at what is going on in the world and see with the crisis that is going on we as a world are pulling together- some of us praying more now than we ever have. We as a world have a common goal of wanting peace and good relations with our neighbors near and abroad. We are once again learning with war how fragile peace is…..how fragile we are. We are learning how much we have in common. Last night I not only prayed for the Ukraine but I prayed for the world- that God will take Putin in hand and set things right again – war isn’t ok! We’ve come too far as a world to resort to such things. What are we supposed to be learning with this conflict?!

“I will experience the calm times and the storms. From both I will discover my purpose.” (A Woman’s Spirit)

Psalm 32:10

Many are the woes of the wicked, but the Lord’s unfailing love surrounds the man who trusts in him.