11 October 2018 A Thirteen

10 Oct 2018 Jackie Wygant outdoor chalk drawing Alvarado TX DSC_0145

I was thinking about David yesterday as I sat in our spare room that has all our CD’s to include my copy of his Black Star album.  I got to thinking that if David was David, there might be something for me to find.  I wasn’t sure if I should look but I did.  It felt like a visit we never had.  When people become as famous as someone like David, people like me seldom if ever get to meet them in person.  I saw him in concert once and that’s all of a meeting we would ever have in this life.  I am glad for that moment!


black star in Simple Gematria equals: 87

15/6/3 cycle or 15 divided by 2 = 7.5 = 12/6/3 cycle

tis a pity she was a whore in Simple Gematria equals: 264 (84) –

12/6/3 cycle

lazarus in Simple Gematria equals: 98

17/8/4/2/1 or 17 divided by 2 = 8.5 = 13 divided by 2 = 6.5 = 11 divided by 2 = 5.5 = 10 divided by 2 = 5 divided by 2 = 2.5 = 7 divided by 2 = 3.5 = 8/4/2/1

sue or in a season of crime in Simple Gematria equals: 244

10/1 or 10/5 divided by 2 = 2.5 = 7 divided by 2 = 3.5 = 8/4/2/1

girl loves in Simple Gematria equals: 119

11 divided by 2 = 5.5 = 10 divided by 2 = 5 divided by 2 = 2.5 = 7 divided by 2 = 3.5 = 8/4/2/1

dollar days in Simple Gematria equals: 111

3 cycle

i cant give everything away in Simple Gematria equals: 273

12/6/3 cycle

= 1109 (David died on 1/10)

1109 + 87 = 1196 (98) (he died at age 69 which is also the numeric value for people)


Black star (87) + Lazarus (98) = 185 “A thirteen”

Elvis (67) Presley (100) = 167 “A thirteen”

David (40) Bowie (54) = 94 “thirteen”

David (40) Robert (78)  Jones (63) = 181 “10”

cancer = 44 “8”

thirteen = 99

nine = 42 (6)

six = 52 (7)

seven = 65 (11)

eleven = 63……9

My full name as it is now comes to 313 and I was born on 2/13/1968.  My life has definitely been a 9 cycle for most of it, difficult = 90/9 cycle.  I wouldn’t change a thing….I can’t.  All we can do in life school is learn and move on to the next lesson.

lesson in Simple Gematria equals: 84

whore in Simple Gematria equals: 69

people in Simple Gematria equals: 69

film star in Simple Gematria equals: 98 *Lazarus#

the prestige in Simple Gematria equals: 132 *he was Nikola Tesla in this film,  a man I have admired for a long time

nikola tesla in Simple Gematria equals: 119 *Girl loves#

the holy bible in Simple Gematria equals: 123



24 Aug 2018 Thirteen

https://www.gematrix.org/ – calculator I use to turn words and phrases into numbers – very useful

Tulip = 78  Rose = 57 (red rose 84) Tiger Lily = 117 Crepe Myrtle = 140  Castle = 60 Neuschwanstein = 175 (76) Home = 41 Ludwig = 76 The Swan King = 131 (swan = 57 flip # around and add 1 you get 76)  Kurz = 76  Francis of Assissi (my favorite Saint) = 167/14/5 (67/76 in there).  Benedict Cumberbatch = 158 (13 in there).  Jonathan Rhys Meyers = 238 (13 in here) Elvis Presley = 167 (13 in here, one of my first musical crushes) David Bowie = 94 (13 this way and his name David Jones 103) Matt Smith = 123 (13 is twice in his name. My favorite Dr. Who).  What’s funny is my the name my husband has now doesn’t have 13 in it but the name they were going to give him did!  My ex husband also had 13 in his name, 249, David Bowie 94 was my first true love after my Dad.  One of my favorite things to do is sing and sing = 49!  Interesting to see my life and choices through a different lense!

It’s interesting to think our recognitions, interests and attractions have numbers involved as well as the senses.  Today I found something interesting since I’m always talking about Time Travel etc.  The numeric value for Time Travel (125) and Genetic Breeding Program (215) have the same numbers!  This makes sense if you look at the creation of a family starting with two people’s genetic code.  The  characteristics of each (and their ancestors) pass on to the new being, child.  In some cases making a child look just like their parent or elements of both.  I resemble my Dad’s side of the family more than my Mom’s but both sides, physical and behavioral, are within me.

A couple of spins on the prayer wheel.  This resonated with me:


May all I say and all I think
be in harmony with Thee,
God within me, God beyond me,
Maker of the Trees.

north american indian – chinook
Thank you = 115/7  I Love you = 124/7  Life is School = 132/6/3 cycle  Round = 72/9 cycle Wheel = 53/8
Life is hard = 91 (1 in a 9 cycle) Life is easy = 110  Perspective = 138/12/3 cycle  Point of View = 154/10/1 (1 in a 9 cycle)
Opinion = 92/11/2/1 (two in a 9 cycle)   Argument = 99/18/9 cycle  Forgive = 82/10/1 Compromise =125/8
Brexit = 78/16/7 (like the right (62/8) and left (43/7) of a brain (44) being pulled apart. 

23 aug 2018 – I learned a lot from exploring this line of thinking about the brain. Found out what I suspected for a time, the numeric value for Food and Body are both 46 – the same!


24 May 2017 Meeting famous musicians and the half-breed (Dreams)

Good morning to you.  How are you today, now?  It’s 6:41 am as I begin to write to you and I hope this finds you well in your place in time. Last night I did a lot of dreaming and actually got some deep sleep for a change.  Link’s bites are healing – amazing stuff organic apple vinegar!  Nothing really worked but that to help stop him from itching so much.

I had more than the two dreams I am going to share but these are the important ones I think.

I dreamt about talking to my brother-in-law Drew about meeting famous musicians and how nice it would be.  I always wanted to meet David Bowie but it just wasn’t meant to be.  There was something about his fiancé Ale’s hoodie being cut into three parts and sewn back together.  The next one was about stopping a stray dog from running into the street.  Kyle was greeting dogs in a yard and I saw men/boys coming that didn’t like it (they were carrying what looked like gun cases) and one of the dogs in the yard tried to run but I stopped him before getting in the street – the dog looked like a mix of a King Cavalier spaniel and a Chihuahua.

The second dream was unlocked by a couple of things.  All the thoughts I’ve been about what has been going on in Europe, specifically Great Britain, thinking about Diana last night, having Queen Elizabeth on my mind and having seen some historical footage of her recently on PBS and the news I had heard about the Queen getting on Harry and William about airing their laundry too much in public.  The dog in the dream makes me think of Prince Harry.  I couldn’t access this article but it is the one that came to mind.

What the dog in my dream looked like – King Cavalier and Chihuahua Mix

  1. News about Queen Elizabeth Getting On Harry And

    Queen Elizabeth Thinks Prince William & Prince Harry Need to Put a Lid on It
    The Stir · 2 days ago

    According to a new report, Queen Elizabeth has had it up to her scepter with Prince William and Prince Harry baring their souls … feels “lonely” sometimes. While the public, understandably, can’t …

30 March 2016 – You are your own Universe


“Each of us is a part of the multi-verse.  You are your own Universe.  When you go somewhere without your significant others, you have forged out into your own individual experience…your own parallel dimension.  The only way your loved ones know what happened is how you relate it to them, not their own experience.  While you’ve been away, they have been in their own dimension.  In just one day, one single person can create multiple parallel universes.  The multi-verse is not some abstract construct…it is every moment of every day…it is NOW.”

This may not be truth for all people but it is for me.   I feel like each of us is a Universe.  Sometimes we tangibly co-exist in the same “galaxy” and share experiences.  Smart phones and tablets allow us to be together via cameras and voice recording devices.   These same devices and others allow us to co-exist just with a “delay” as we watch recorded media from once “live” events.

Kyle and I talk about this phenomenon all the time.  When we are together in the same room, we are sharing the same experience but as soon as one of us leaves the others range of sight and sound….we are in our own Universe.  The only way he knows what was happening in the room he left is if I tell him my perception of it and vise versa.   Whenever we are no longer together, we are in our own, unique Universe and all anyone else will know of it is what we tell them we experienced….perceived of it.  Even when we are in the same space but having the same experience….our individual worlds may bleed over into the other’s like the clacking of the keyboard as I type now and the sound effects from him playing Fallout 4.  Unless either of us shatters these crossover sounds…neither will know what the other was experiencing in their Universe.

I like to think of this applying to all dimensions beyond ours.  Sometimes elements of our senses will cross over (sight, smell, sound, touch).  The way this happens best for me is in the dream world.  I have most of my connections  there.  I have been having some very vivid dreams lately.  One was on the 29th about being with David Bowie.   It was so nice to see his beautiful smile.

(Facebook post)

“Had a vivid dream about David last night – he seemed to be trying to talk to me about music “4 little chiefs” and chimes – nothing came of the chiefs but the chime lead me to his Buddhist teacher when he was 16 years old named, Chime Rinpoche. I like to follow up on my dreams sometimes – especially the vivid ones. It was just so nice to see him looking so well and of course I was flattered he was visiting me again. Logically I know – just my mind getting closure yet but it’s nice to think we might get visits from such folk from whatever dimension they’ve chosen as their new home lol.”

Jackie Wygant's photo.

*I’ve also been dreaming a lot about NASA related stuff for whatever reason lol — missiles falling in my yard and watching spaceships that looked like black cylinders flying in a group of 5

Anyhew…I truly believe we don’t have to look very far to see what we are looking for….something more than this.

Side note:

Our local animal shelter is so full, they are having to euthanize dogs to make room.  Today several were scheduled for such a fate.   It is imperative that we spay and neuter our pets (dogs and cats) to prevent such tragedies from continuing.  They do not choose to be here – we choose for them.   To me they are ambassadors of all that is good in all creation – angels with paws.