12 May 2022 Travels of the Mind

Hello to you. How does today find you? I hope for your very best! My thanks to all who have been praying for me. I want you to know I’m praying for you too. We got this! At least I hope so. I did have a mild spooky experience last night – sensing a presence walking in the room – but I was able to go back to sleep. I dreamt about going to this place that was like an attraction of some sort and it was scary. There were energies I was trying to keep out. I couldn’t find the exit and strangest of all was being in this place with a morbidly obese Lady Gaga! Dreams like this aren’t very restful. It’s probably related to all those paranormal investigations I’ve watched.

Yesterday was a day of traveling in my mind. I found myself watching videos talking about how science is proving that the Shroud of Turin is genuine – it is Jesus Christ.

The Shroud of Turin – face of a bruised and battered Christ Source: Internet

I spent some time with musicians who have passed on and their families. One in particular was David Bowie. He’s been on my mind lately. His voice helped me survive my teenage years! I watched a cool video done by Vogue of his wife Iman sharing treasures from her home with David. She is a pretty amazing woman.

https://youtu.be/fk9cq3gRCP0 – Inside Iman and David Bowie Scenic Home Filled With Wonderful Objects

Another was Chris Cornell from Sound Garden and his daughter Toni. Yet another was actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers and his little family. The internet makes travels like this so easy! When I connect with a person they become part of me and I care about them. Famous people are no better than anyone else….. at the end of it all they are just people.

Passage that resonated yesterday

The other place my mind traveled was to Sacred Geometry. For those who have been visiting here awhile, you know I really like Metatrons Cube. Something funny with this is I found out yesterday that actor Alan Rickman was “the Metatron” in the movie Dogma!

https://youtu.be/LAn5Hwb7Y94 – Behold The Metatron (Dogma, Alan Rickman)

My orgonite Seed of Life Pendant : The basis of the Seed of Life is the circle, and in sacred geometry circles represent cycles, as well as encompassing things. In this case, the seven circles are often compared to the seven days of creation, with the different circles being ascribed to different points in the universe’s making.
https://lasertrees.com › blog › seed-…
SEED OF LIFE – LaserTrees

Let’s see what we have for a message in A Woman’s Spirit today:

I want to be loved, and for that to happen, I must love others and I must want love for them. – Betty MacDonald

Feeling love is so elusive. We savor the feeling when it comes, and we think if we hang on tightly, it won’t leave. But we must give love away if we want to keep feeling it. That is the paradox. It is also a principle we can rely on absolutely.

Feeling generous in spirit toward others gives us a powerful blessing in return. We quickly sense that whatever we feel toward the friends and associates in our lives we feel about ourselves. Carrying love for others in our hearts assured us of feeling loved too. It’s easier to understand once we begin utilizing this principle. What we give away, we get back.

I can influence whether or not I am loved by how I treat others today. What I sow I will reap.


Song I found this morning that I didn’t know David had sung before:

https://youtu.be/hODALOTiH6A – David Gilmour, David Bowie, Richard Wright “Comfortably Numb”

Let’s go for a short walk:

My favorite of the day!
If you want to see beauty in this world you just need to make the choice to seek it.

21 February 2022 Monday

Check out 21 February 2022 Monday morning chat https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1305451504

Morning sky

Hello to you how are you? It’s Monday morning again and I’m finally starting to wake up. What’s happening is the Doxepin isn’t really working like I hoped and I am still having to take the Hydroxyzine which makes me groggy. I’ve also been having lower back and leg pain which makes it hard to get out of bed. I resolved to myself that I’m going to try to do more stretching through the day to see if that helps. There is a part of me considering a yoga class they have in town. I used to do yoga! I could even do a head stand!

The stream was fun this morning. One of my viewers was involved in a school musical production of Grease. We had fun with a couple of the songs. It’s been ages since I was a huge fan of the movie starring Olivia Newton John and John Travolta. The age group my viewer is in are like 11 and 12 year olds. As you may or may not remember there are a lot of mature themes in Grease. My viewer joked that one of the cast was talking about “huge knockers” and he probably didn’t even know what he was talking about! LOL!!

Yesterday I was in the mood to watch movies which has been extremely rare! The first movie was Black Butterfly starring Antonio Banderas and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. When I initially had heard about the movie and saw trailers I wasn’t interested. I’m so glad I watched it! I can’t believe it was free on You tube! https://youtu.be/-_VUHxa7nwg – Black Butterfly. I was delightfully surprised at all the plot twists. The other one I watched and enjoyed was called The Illusionist starring Edward Norton and Paul Giamatti : https://youtu.be/KunQC6a6fPU – The Illusionist. I don’t want to tell you what these films are about – don’t want to spoil the surprise that each of them has to offer! It felt good to have the movie experience and not have my manic/paranoid/delusional self reading too much into what what I was watching.

“Practiced consistently, new habits become who I am.” – Lin Andrukat (A Woman’s Spirit)

“Any current behavior used to be “new.” It became a habit only with continuous use. I can decide to begin a new behavior today. “ (A Woman’s Spirit)