3 October 2021 Sunday

Hello there! How are you? As I write the sun is creeping across the front porch and it’s really quiet. No loud noises, no dogs or anything – truly a day of rest, it must be Sunday ! I hope this finds you well.

This morning I had a pleasant dream about Benedict Cumberbatch it’s been a long time . His dream self now knows that my ex is his 9th cousin and that I’m divorced. There was something about him having painful ingrown fingernails. I woke up feeling comforted like I’d had a visit with a friend. Doesn’t surprise me that the man would be in my dreams he seems to be everywhere these days !

So I have had something on my mind this morning, I almost drew a picture. It’s a passage from the Bible: John 14 2-12

“In my Father’s house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you. I am going there to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am. You know the way to the place where I am going.”

This is one of my favorite passages. When I read it I always find myself thinking of the earth and all the life forms on it. I think of God being able to experience life through each and every life form. Some of the lives long and some extremely brief. Each life a room in the very large house that is this earth.

I’ve been told that that’s not what Jesus was talking about but I disagree. If God is God and he created everything then each and every life on this planet is a room in which he dwells. Every second a new “room” is added! Each newborn be it a human child to a baby in the wilds! Each life has a value and purpose!

5 May 2020 Uncomfortable Silence

Hello to you.  How are you doing today?  Hopefully you are doing well.

Something that comes to mind this morning is the phrase uncomfortable silence.  As I write, I’ve got an alternative station I found that I like, 103.7 fm on as background noise.  I’m getting to be one of those kind of people that has to have the sound on in my world.   That thing called comfortable silence is uncomfortable for me and it never used to be.


This radio used to belong to my brother-in-law Todd – still useful!

My mother-in-law used to follow ratings for television shows.  I seem to remember her talking about CSI was one that always had high ratings.  What was behind that a certain demographic, usually older Americans, put the show on as background noise even if they weren’t watching it.  I though that was funny at the time until this situation of having to stay home alone more!  I’m becoming one of those people!

So today I give thanks for local programming and the radio stations that keep the world interesting for me.  Right now I don’t have access to streaming services without paying for it.  I’m trying Amazon Prime video and took a look at Patrick Melrose yesterday.  I couldn’t get through the first episode.  It was hard to see Benedict Cumberbatch being such a convincing addict.  I much prefer seeing him as Sherlock Holmes (minus the addict part) and Dr. Strange!  There are some other interesting shows to check out whilst I work on my afghan.

I find myself going a bit stir crazy staying in the house so I’ll meander out for a walk.  This isn’t such a bad thing as I gained some weight during my hospital stay.  I’m starting to remember why one can lose your mind a bit being trapped in the house.  In the past, it was just because of extremes of weather.  I can remember being in a shelter in Mississippi  during a hurricane and how tough that was.  I was in a shelter with a bunch of other people and it was dark and even smelly at times.  We ate peanut butter and crackers in the dark.  As tough as that was,  there was an end in sight.  With this virus and containment,  there doesn’t seem to be a definitive end.  I understand better why there are protesters in different placing demanding things get opened back up.  We are social creatures and are made to do stuff besides staying at home.

I wonder if this is the plants way of healing itself?  For all the bad things that have happened and tragedy, good things have been happening for the planet.   The biggest thing is a reduction in air pollution!  I wonder how can we keep that going once life starts to resume it’s course?


ITOE6561 4 May 2020 Breaking through marker picture Jackie Wygant Alvarado TX

First drawing with markers – thinking of breaking through barriers in my life.

a uncomfortable silence” in the English Ordinal system equals 213 – (ironically month and day I was born!)