5 July 2021 New Memories

Hello to you, how are you as I write to you from here ? I hope you had a nice Independence Day if you celebrated. My friend and I celebrated with my Aunt and Uncle. They know how to celebrate ! Lots of good food and a fun round of a game that’s like the board game Sorry.

24 June 2021 Overnight Peace

Hello to you, how are you ? I am doing well. My new best friend decided to stay overnight last night . It was calming and peaceful for both of us . It’s been over a year for both of us to have shared a bed with someone. It was just about being together and companionship. This morning was the most normal thing to wake up and make breakfast and have coffee on the porch. It felt like a huge void was filled for both of us . I am so grateful!

Overnight peace ” in the English Ordinal system equals 148 – (one left brained eternity)

22 June 2021 Overcoming

Hello to you as I write from here. How are you ? I hope you are well!

A lot has been happening these past couple of weeks. I am getting to know and make a new best friend. We both are overcoming a lot of things about our past. He the loss of his wife of 33 years and me my marriage and relationship of 12 plus years.

For Father’s Day he came over and met my family and that was nice for all of us .

17 June 2021 New Beginnings

Hello to you, how are you as I write to you from here? I hope this finds you well. I am in the midst of new beginnings. I have met someone really sweet and really kind and we are trying to navigate the modern dating world…what’s next?!!

Something that is making it hard for us to move forward is we are both grieving our last relationships. He was married 33 years and his wife died and I was married 12 plus years and my husband left me. So we are navigating what all this means together . We realllly like each other so may be that’s enough for now !

Self ” in the English Ordinal system equals 42

New beginnings ” in the English Ordinal system equals 142. (One left brain light and shadow process)

9 June 2021 First Meeting

Hello to you. How are you as you meet me here? I have something exciting happening today . I made a friend on a dating app called Tinder and we are meeting for the first time today . We are both nervous and excited which is natural ! It’s been awhile since I have met anyone like this and I’m hoping for the best . I don’t want to invest too much excitement because that will jinx our chances at success! It has to be just right !

First meeting in English ordinal system equals 145 – one left brain all the senses experience

13 May 2021 Cheated

Hello and how are you? I am feeling kind of sad. I thought I made a connection with someone and then they asked me for money ! This is the inherent problem of online dating. So now I’m back to square one . God must know I don’t want to be alone and I have to have faith that not just anyone will do !

7 May 2021 Roses

Hello to you how are you today? I am doing well! I got a beautiful surprise from my new friend today ….beautiful looking and smelling red roses !

Roses received today

Roses equals 76 in the English ordinal system ( all vices in check combined with all vices in check but one )

5 April 2021 Together

Hello, how are you? It’s Wednesday afternoon as I write to you . It has been awhile again since I’ve written. The words don’t come to me as easily as they once did !

What’s on my mind right now is the word together. I have a special someone the word applies to . He and I will be meeting soon and the mystery of our separateness will be over . I am hoping that all the wonderful he appears to be in text will be translated to the flesh when we actually meet !

Let’s see what together is in the numbers:

Together in English ordinal system is 98 (no for eternity ) being together for eternity is a fallacy . We want to be together forever but forever is a very long time . So it is best to take it one day at a time.