3 September 2021 Change

Hello to you ! How are you today ? I hope your doing well. I am waking up and debating what I should do with my day. As I sit here on the porch it’s quite chilly, only 52 degrees !

A topic that has been coming up a lot for myself personally and many I know is getting older. I’m 53 and already I can feel my body has changed . Just bending down to pick something up takes an effort like it never used to . At my age comes the discussions of colonoscopies and the importance of annual exams . I have been horrible about self care! A big reason is I don’t trust the system we have to use. For people like me with sketchy coverage by insurance you just don’t know what kind of care you are going to get. Healthcare and getting old kind of go hand in hand .

I wanted to talk about my drawing briefly . Metatrons cube keeps showing up because I perceive it as a symbol of divine plans. The wisp people represent the spirit world that is ever present within and all around us.

Divine plans and messengers to deliver messages

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