28 August 2021 Morning

Hello to you ! How are you doing from where you are visiting from ? I hope we’ll. It’s morning as I write to you. I have been been better but I will be alright . It’s really helpful to have this blog to turn to.

Morning arrives with light, flitting of wing and color , the trees whisper amongst themselves and stretch their limbs to the morning sun, “ Good morning! Good morning!” The world seems so pleased there is another day.

For the past year or so mornings have been rough for me . I was am still adjusting to be alone and not having a people to wake up to every day . I am grateful for Link but he can’t wrap his arms around me and say “good morning.” I keep hoping it will get better.

I have been trying to establish a routine that includes walking Link and then taking a walk myself. Walking helps alleviate the anxiety I feel most mornings . I am having to come to a peace about my life now and I am hoping gradually it will get better .

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