4 May 2022 Not Alone

Hello to you. How is your today? I hope this finds you doing well and if not, if you are having a rough time mentally, physically and or spiritually I want you to know your not alone. Whether it be good times or difficult times….things will change. With our personal power of perception we are empowered to influence the direction of that change.

I have said and heard other people say “I feel so alone!” This morning I am reminded that No matter how it feels sometimes, I’m not alone. God doesn’t just see through human eyes but through all creation. For example the other day I was walking Link and felt like I was being watched. I look up and there was a dove on a power line looking at me. Lots of birds, small animals, dogs, cats….flies, bees and wasps! Let’s not forget trees and plants that don’t have eyes in the way we do but they do sense and emit energy like that of feelings. It’s in all this, even the sun, moon, clouds and gentle winds! The drops of rain that fall….each drop full of life. If you start to experience life from an energy perspective, to me one of the universal languages of God and creation, you quickly will realize you are never alone. In some way, some how, God is always letting you know this. Least that’s how it is for me!

I wanted to share a couple things today for those experiencing pain in all it’s forms. I’ve been listening to this and though it’s short, it really helps. This is just one of a bunch of these I have found – if you enjoy Bible scripture they have those too on the Abide channel on You tube:

https://youtu.be/L3-SlMJHrms – Chronic pain meditation – Natural pain relief – Relaxation for pain (Generation Calm)

https://youtu.be/TVLMeKPhoXc – I will be with you – Bible sleep talk down (Abide)

Something that I often see that’s missing is Hope – hope in God can help fill the voids in spirit

Again Link and I were able to get out in the neighborhood real slow and these are some of what we saw….God through so much beauty taking away pain and loneliness. Another thing is sharing with my parents and others who can’t get out much some beauty:

My neighbor a couple doors down has been busy! Looks so good!
This tree is literally a birdie high rise apartment! I stand, listen and watch and so many little birds love this tree!
I saw these lovely hydrangeas across the street and just had to take a look!
This picture doesn’t quite do justice to what my eyes were seeing. The light was just right on the flowers.
Hello sun!
After walk happy Link face “I’m literally pooped out Mom!”
Poofy clouds and afternoon sunlight
I had been God to see orange flowers and these are close. I’m wondering if there are any orange wild flowers that grow here
It’s hard to tell from this picture but I was trying to show you three different wild grasses growing in the same spot
We had to go over and see this purple princess!
So much going on in just one pine cone: You can grow pine trees using seed in pine cone scales that are harvested from female cones. Female pine cones are considerably larger than their male counterparts. Mature pine cones are woody and brown in appearance. One cone produces about two seeds beneath each scale.Jul 26, 2021
A view of all things, Arbor street. As a tree lover, I think that’s a cool name for a street!

I will remind myself that God makes no junk each time I doubt my value to those around me. – A Woman’s Spirit –

Tanpura – 1 hour meditation music – https://youtu.be/GUPHaaVG_zo

27 December 2021 Evening

Hello to you. How has your day been? It’s evening and dark as I write to you. If it weren’t so early I’d be off to bed already!

“Dark blanket pulled down on the day, another curtain call on the the Lords play. All the characters in various garb nestle in each their beds, fanciful dreams running through their heads. The world and all its mystery resets the stage, the book of life writes another page. “

My creativity seems to ebb and flow. I have kind of stalled on the shirt painting for now. My friend was talking about having me do a shirt for her. She had a design in mind so we will see what comes of that! The shirts I’ve painted have had their first wash and a couple of them kind of had a problem with sticking together. So they probably need to be washed in cold water.

Anyhew thank you for keeping me company. I hope someday loneliness will be a thing of my past! It’s so nice to have this place to be.

22 December 2021 Evening 3rd shirt

Hello to you. It’s evening again and I’m all by my lonesome with Link. Thank God for Link. I am so grateful for you readers that come and keep me company too – each of you are a blessing to me! You help me not feel so alone in this world. I hope my visits to your blogs do the same for you. This community is so special.

So we are on the 3rd shirt. I wasn’t sure if I was going to do the complete Metatrons cube because I liked it without the extra lines. We will see how I feel about it in the morning. It’s an experiment.

3rd shirt- I like it just as it is but we shall see how I feel about it in the morning

I streamed today on Twitch and had one viewer but they didn’t say anything. In the back of my mind I’m hoping whomever is watching enjoys my company – might be home bound or something. That’s my hope anyway. I have a couple followers that I don’t know who they are. I’m thinking it’s one of them because they pop up shortly after I get on. My hope when I stream is in some way I’m helping not only myself. It would make me so happy to think my taking time to focus on the sun and sky could cheer up a person unable to get out and see/experience those things!

I was listening to a more popular affiliated streamers named Barnacles today. Apparently it’s kind of a dirty business once you start getting sponsorship. I don’t see myself ever getting to that point. Like I was saying with my crafts and mixing money I think the same would happen if I got a sponsored stream.

Anyhew I hope this finds you doing well whatever and however you are celebrating this time of year! Hugs!

I’m live on Twitch – Watch me at https://twitch.tv/jwygant