27 December 2021 Evening

Hello to you. How has your day been? It’s evening and dark as I write to you. If it weren’t so early I’d be off to bed already!

“Dark blanket pulled down on the day, another curtain call on the the Lords play. All the characters in various garb nestle in each their beds, fanciful dreams running through their heads. The world and all its mystery resets the stage, the book of life writes another page. “

My creativity seems to ebb and flow. I have kind of stalled on the shirt painting for now. My friend was talking about having me do a shirt for her. She had a design in mind so we will see what comes of that! The shirts I’ve painted have had their first wash and a couple of them kind of had a problem with sticking together. So they probably need to be washed in cold water.

Anyhew thank you for keeping me company. I hope someday loneliness will be a thing of my past! It’s so nice to have this place to be.

21 December 2021 Evening and 2nd shirt

2nd shirt attempt

Hello. It’s evening again and I am feeling lonesome as usual. Figured I would visit with you for a bit. As you can see I did another shirt. I tried a different way of doing it and I think the best way is to draw out the whole design and just gradually paint it. My hands aren’t as steady as they used to be! There are a lot of lines! It’s good I’m using old shirts to start with.

Today I had a good visit with a dear friend I’ve had since I was stationed at what was Falcon AFB CO…..it’s now Shriever AFB. She was kind of feeling like I was. This holiday season has been hard as she lost her mom in October. What helps her is she has a 11 year old son and that has helped her holiday spirit. We both agree there is way too much emphasis on elevating the country’s GDP. It should be about food and family….God. I told her the only gifts I bought this year were bags of food at the grocery store for the local food bank. Talking to her really helped me today – seeing her bright smile and all her dogs helped my spirits.

20 December 2021 First shirt ( Fabric painting)

Good evening. I hope this finds you well. Tonight my fabric paint arrived so I decided to give it a go and paint a shirt. The result wasn’t too bad but I learned some things for the next one. I did the Metatrons Cube and next time instead of drawing out the whole design I’ll start by drawing and painting the circles first.

I went conservative with the colors for this first one. I used silver, gold, bronze and some neon yellow. I also used some gold glitter.
The paints I chose – so far real pleased with the quality of the paint. It came out real smooth.
Since I freehand when I paint it’s not perfect and I like that. Each rendering is unique like an individual

I was so excited about this. I could feel myself being in the flow of things so it was a good idea to just stop second guessing myself and buy the paints. May be by the time I run out of old shirts to paint on I’ll be better at it!

Check out 20 December 2021 First Metatron tshirt https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1239207713

8 October 2021 Gray Skies

Hello there! How are you doing today as you visit me here? I’m sitting here with a cup of coffee surrounded by gray skies. I’m hoping it will rain. We really need the water!

The past couple of days I’ve been enjoying some YouTube videos about people making electric guitars. One of my favorite instruments! Burls art did a build in the woods that turned out really good: https://youtu.be/eqkJXjr0sz8

Burls has done some really unique builds like Legos, paper, infinity mirror, epoxy resin and many more. I like watching people make things. May be one day I will get back to making things myself !

I have never learned how to play an instrument. I play by ear as I never learned to read music. I have a couple recorders I take out now and again as well as a lap harp.

I used to have a drum up until I ruined it during one of my episodes. I really like the drum! May be I need to watch some videos about how to make them. I’ll never forget the coffee can drum my mom made for me when I was a child. I would take it and drum under the stars. It was just a coffee can covered with duct tape!

Do you play an instrument ?

https://youtu.be/Svg_fIoHij8 – Andrew Huang making music with household items

Another fun video. It made me think of the show Glee. Music can chase away the feelings that gray days conjure up .

“Gray skies roll in like a blanket on my soul, my spirit a faint spark to pay the toll . Twisting and turning layers of gray, looks like the dimming and shadow are here to stay . It’s a gray skies day we wait for celestial tears to fall, to give us life giving water one and all .”