20 December 2021 First shirt ( Fabric painting)

Good evening. I hope this finds you well. Tonight my fabric paint arrived so I decided to give it a go and paint a shirt. The result wasn’t too bad but I learned some things for the next one. I did the Metatrons Cube and next time instead of drawing out the whole design I’ll start by drawing and painting the circles first.

I went conservative with the colors for this first one. I used silver, gold, bronze and some neon yellow. I also used some gold glitter.
The paints I chose – so far real pleased with the quality of the paint. It came out real smooth.
Since I freehand when I paint it’s not perfect and I like that. Each rendering is unique like an individual

I was so excited about this. I could feel myself being in the flow of things so it was a good idea to just stop second guessing myself and buy the paints. May be by the time I run out of old shirts to paint on I’ll be better at it!

Check out 20 December 2021 First Metatron tshirt https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1239207713

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