1 April 2023 Laughter

What makes you laugh?

Todays prompt is pretty simple for me to answer. I love stand up comedy. My favorite comedienne is Gabriel Iglesias. I can watch him do his thing, even the same thing, over and over and it still makes me laugh. A quick laugh for me comes from what’s called potty humor like farts and stuff. When I get to scrolling my phone that kind of thing will get my attention! I love funny pet videos too.

As I’ve gotten older and have been through some tough spells I feel like I don’t laugh as much as I used to. I’m not as quick to laugh as I once was. If you asked me to tell you a joke I wouldn’t be able to. I could tell you a funny routine from one of Gabriel Iglesias shows but that’s about it!

https://youtu.be/sqAx7Xba7AM – I’m not fat I’m fluffy full show 2009


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