24 May 2022 Walking and Talking

Hello to you. How are you in your today? What are you grateful for today? I’m grateful I have a working washer and dryer in my house so I can do laundry today. I can remember lugging clothes to the laundromat in my younger days. So many quarters….so much time spent going through the process.

Yesterday morning I was given the gift of a walking and talking with a friend. Walking and taking about things is something I enjoy….very therapeutic too! She is a mother of three boys and I loved the things she would point out on the walk that I didn’t see or notice. Stuff like mounds of ants or a tiny snake basking in the morning sun near the canals. She noticed different flowers or seed pods that her boys like to toss and watch blow apart. We talked about things we had going on….the ways we were feeding our souls…the ways feeding the flesh was occurring. She is learning that what she does to serve God isn’t a checklist item on a to do list. It’s not “God and the next thing that needs to be done.” The glory goes to God. It’s just about God.

The route we decided to go took us past something I hadn’t seen before and that was the Middleton Food Bank in operation. People were there getting food and milk. They seemed to be operating out of a storage locker behind the Dollar Store. I exchanged hello’s and “it’s a good day” with one man who had just received a few things. He looked at me and smiled in agreement, “yes today is a good day!” I liked it over the holidays when the grocery store in town I go to, Ridley’s, would put together bags of food we could buy to help the Food Bank. I wish they would do that year round! This operation has had difficulties recently with keeping and storing cold foods and I haven’t heard if they got that resolved: https://www.ktvb.com/amp/article/news/local/middleton-food-bank-needing-help/277-5c036ce0-b20d-4002-8f22-b372a020a7ba

https://middletonfoodbank.weebly.com/ – their home page and they also have a Facebook page.

In a world as prosperous as we live in – no one should be going without food, water and shelter!

Something neat happened on the evening walk with Link. After much path crossing and hello’s I finally got to exchange names with another one of my neighbors! I really live amongst some really good people. God is gradually answering my prayer to meet and know my neighbors!

I was trying to add pictures to this post and it looks like I’ve used up all my space on here for pictures! Ugh! I was afraid that would happen! I’ll figure something out. What I probably need to do is make galleries of previous posts with pictures. Pictures, depending on their format, can take up a lot of space. I should be able to share them on my Facebook page in the mean time.

Something I found yesterday that really helped me with trying to clear my energy centers and they have separate ones if you want to clear just one area:

https://youtu.be/4C0laqf93fg – Unblock all 7 Chakras|guided meditation| healing camp #16

19 April 2022 Surprises on Walks

Hello to you. How are you doing? I didn’t do a video for Twitch again today. It’s been about a week. I just haven’t felt up to it. It’s been hard to convince myself to get out of bed lately! I just hurt!

I was doing some surfing yesterday about joint pain and arthritis connected to having Covid. Turns out it’s indeed a thing! I’m really starting to believe what I’ve been going through is post Covid related stuff. Here is a link to one of the videos I found where a man and his wife have been experiencing joint pain after Covid: https://youtu.be/fyR9uJHCdKA – if you are experiencing inflammation and pain in your joints, like for me it’s my upper thighs and knees, this video might resonate with you. I am hoping it will eventually stop!

Despite the pain, I’ve been trying to get out for walks with Link. It’s so rewarding when I do! So much to see! There have been surprises lately too! This morning I looked down for just one minute and was amazed to see not one but two wild pansies in the edge of a yard we were passing! I struggled to get down to take the picture…..getting up made me curse gravity a bit lol….but it was worth it!

A lovely surprise for us today on the morning walk- a wild pansy!

Other pictures from yesterday and today:

The tulips are out here in Idaho – when I see them I think of my Mom. She used to grow flowers like tulips
“You make me smile…”
I noticed this yesterday in the shopping center on our walk
This beauty caught my eye even with being surrounded by so many power lines
Part of what makes each tree an individual is their bark – I love seeing trees in afternoon light
This little one made me think of a cat we used to see all the time in Alvarado TX! Love the mustache!
A blue version of the car I used to drive in Sr. High School! Mine was red. I’ll never forget Dad and I practicing stick shift in a parking lot lol!
Ridleys is the grocery store I always go to. I told the cashier I was so grateful she was there (they seem a little short handed), that I was grateful to wake up to peace and quiet and that there was food in the store…..little things people in warring parts of the world aren’t experiencing today. We are so fortunate!

My day will be dark only if I shut out the light f my Higher Power. Through my faith and my friends I can know peace – A Woman’s Spirit

https://youtu.be/bFeNjMjk0dA – Toni Cornell singing Nothing Compares 2 U in honor of her Dad Chris. Her eyes are so sad to me. This was the first song Kyle and I listened to (the Sinead O’Conner version) after we said goodbye to our sweet dog Sam. It’s hard for me to listen to for that reason but I toughed it out to hear both Chris and now Toni’s interpretation of it. She did her Dad proud I think!

30 December 2021 Snow

Check out 30 December 2021 Snow https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1247967777 – just a little video to share the heavy snowfall with you!

Good morning to you from snowy Idaho! How are you? I’m doing pretty good. I decided to unbury my car and go get groceries before we get so much snow I can’t get out. I’m so grateful to the people who work at our local Ridleys grocery store. If it gets much worse I hope they’ll let them close early but after talking to one of the gals who lives here in town, she said it’s unlikely they will close. These folks are some of the unsung hero’s in our world. I pray they will all be safe getting to and from work. Anyhew I am grateful. In awhile I need to go out and rearrange some of the snow that’s fallen! It’s accumulating fast!

Last night I had a nice stream on Twitch. A couple followers visited and that’s always fun. One is from London and the other France. We just talked about random stuff. It’s nice to have company in the evening. The only thing that is kind of annoying is the delay in the chat sometimes. They enjoyed getting to see the snow!

My friend contacted me about getting together tonight and we decided to cancel. With the roads like they are and all the snowfall we decided it was just better to wait til the weather was better.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to paint another shirt yet or not. I will say it’s been fun taking some old plain tshirts and breathing new life into them with art!

11 December 2021 Cold Saturday

Hello to you. How are you doing today? It’s Saturday afternoon as I write. I just got back from forcing myself out to get groceries. I was going to do it tomorrow but changed my mind . I’m glad I did! I got to see a really nice looking man lol ! Im so down for men with long hair. No I didn’t get his number! Ridleys is still remodeling but I think they are getting closer to being done.

There is supposed to be a Christmas parade in a couple hours. Im not sure I want to stand out in the cold for it!

Last night I did a stream on Twitch and met a couple fellows from England. I was really thrilled about that. They wanted some advice about women lol. I did my best. What is happening is I have been getting on and just talking and viewers pop in. It was cool to have viewers that actually wanted to chat – makes it more fun than sitting and talking to myself! I don’t know where this is going but I’m just going with it ! God has a plan. My therapist suggesting my exploring it was a great idea.

“We are all just strangers on a journey to friendship.”

I’m live on Twitch – Watch me at https://twitch.tv/jwygant

23 November 2021 Twitch – Good Day

Hello! It’s morning here as I write to you. I just tried something new. Yesterday my therapist introduced me to Twitch to try and help me with my lonelys problem and so this morning I did a Livestream for a few minutes to try it out. If you use Twitch you can use the search to find me at jwygant. It said I had a viewer but I think it was me lol. A lot of the views go to people with pretty polished presentations. Yesterday I really enjoyed hearing live violin music. One site called Artesianbuilds is watching high end computer builds. From my experience so far, I think I can recommend Twitch.

Yesterday was really a good day. I can honestly say I enjoyed my own company which is rare for me to say! I had a good session with my therapist and on the way home I got groceries and gas in the car (both expensive but can’t be helped! It cost me what I usually pay for a full tank for just a half of a tank). I was planning on bringing green bean casserole to Thanksgiving but couldn’t find the ingredients! So I picked up a key lime pie that should be good.

I have scheduled a Meetup group for the 4th of December (Connect Middleton ID). I don’t expect much since it’s the holiday season but can’t hurt to try. I have to keep it going since I’m paying for it! If you know about Meetup and would like to visit it’s free. RSVP!

I feel like I’m swirling back to a place I’ve been before. A few years ago I was doing videos I called Morning Coffee With Jackie. I did it on YouTube. I kind of got lost in the abyss and gave it up. May be I’ll try something like that on Twitch. I keep thinking of Mr Rogers Neighborhood. May be I can be a friendly face in the crowd. I’m not looking to make money just reaching out. We will see where things go.

“There are three ways to ultimate success: The first way is to be kind. The second way is to be kind. The third way is to be kind.” – Fred Rogers

2 November 2021 Questions

Hello there. How are you? I’m feeling really tired but know I won’t be able to go back to sleep. For the past couple weeks I just haven’t been able to sleep well. It happens to a lot of us I think, especially when we get older.

So first thing this morning I got groceries at our local Ridleys. It was a little tricky getting around the store as they are doing a pretty big renovation/reorganization of the store. It should be really nice when it’s done!

The past couple days I’ve been watching You tube videos about aliens and UFOs. It makes me think of the dream I had when I was in the hospital. It was so vivid. I was laying on a table and there were two Gray aliens. I can remember screaming at them “What did you do to my face?!’” I could see myself and half of my face was a Gray alien! Then I saw my dog Spot and she was looking outside and barking but nothing was there. The dream was felt more like a memory than a dream. Weird huh?!!

When I think of aliens and UFOs I think of how much trouble we have still to this day of peacefully coexisting with life forms that are different than ourselves. Even in the year 2021 we fight amongst ourselves. If I was an alien species I would be very reluctant to show up on the White House lawn too!

I have so many questions for them! How long have they been watching us? Can they help us save this planet?!

Do you think we are being visited by beings from other galaxies? Have life forms learned how to fold space and time and travel in between? Lots of questions and still few answers!

https://youtu.be/64s8ujoydRM – one of the documentaries I’ve watched