24 May 2022 Walking and Talking

Hello to you. How are you in your today? What are you grateful for today? I’m grateful I have a working washer and dryer in my house so I can do laundry today. I can remember lugging clothes to the laundromat in my younger days. So many quarters….so much time spent going through the process.

Yesterday morning I was given the gift of a walking and talking with a friend. Walking and taking about things is something I enjoy….very therapeutic too! She is a mother of three boys and I loved the things she would point out on the walk that I didn’t see or notice. Stuff like mounds of ants or a tiny snake basking in the morning sun near the canals. She noticed different flowers or seed pods that her boys like to toss and watch blow apart. We talked about things we had going on….the ways we were feeding our souls…the ways feeding the flesh was occurring. She is learning that what she does to serve God isn’t a checklist item on a to do list. It’s not “God and the next thing that needs to be done.” The glory goes to God. It’s just about God.

The route we decided to go took us past something I hadn’t seen before and that was the Middleton Food Bank in operation. People were there getting food and milk. They seemed to be operating out of a storage locker behind the Dollar Store. I exchanged hello’s and “it’s a good day” with one man who had just received a few things. He looked at me and smiled in agreement, “yes today is a good day!” I liked it over the holidays when the grocery store in town I go to, Ridley’s, would put together bags of food we could buy to help the Food Bank. I wish they would do that year round! This operation has had difficulties recently with keeping and storing cold foods and I haven’t heard if they got that resolved: https://www.ktvb.com/amp/article/news/local/middleton-food-bank-needing-help/277-5c036ce0-b20d-4002-8f22-b372a020a7ba

https://middletonfoodbank.weebly.com/ – their home page and they also have a Facebook page.

In a world as prosperous as we live in – no one should be going without food, water and shelter!

Something neat happened on the evening walk with Link. After much path crossing and hello’s I finally got to exchange names with another one of my neighbors! I really live amongst some really good people. God is gradually answering my prayer to meet and know my neighbors!

I was trying to add pictures to this post and it looks like I’ve used up all my space on here for pictures! Ugh! I was afraid that would happen! I’ll figure something out. What I probably need to do is make galleries of previous posts with pictures. Pictures, depending on their format, can take up a lot of space. I should be able to share them on my Facebook page in the mean time.

Something I found yesterday that really helped me with trying to clear my energy centers and they have separate ones if you want to clear just one area:

https://youtu.be/4C0laqf93fg – Unblock all 7 Chakras|guided meditation| healing camp #16