15 October 2021

Hello. How are you? I’m am doing ok – just real tired. I haven’t been sleeping that well. It was only once around the block today. I’m starting to feel like an old dog!! Must be the cold getting in my bones!

Yesterday I went over to my Aunt and Uncles house for linner (lunch/dinner). They had invited some of their friends and their daughter too . It was nice to have a home cooked meal with such good company. Playing a round of Farkle (dice game) which my Aunt won. Being with them helped me forget my troubles for awhile . For just a couple hours the world seemed happy and peaceful – normal. When I am with my family I feel so loved and cared about. I wish the whole world could know what that’s like. So many lives seem to be in a state of chaos right now.

When I look at the news lately everything is for shit. It’s like there isn’t any hope. Just more of the same crap – fear mongering and scare tactics. All the stuff love can’t buy but money can. If you pay attention to this stuff you have to ask where God is in all of it. I believe God is showing us just how broken we are.

All broken aside, I want to focus on the good stuff. I woke up today. I have wonderful family and friends. I have a roof over my head. Food in my belly. My health is pretty good yet. I have a sweet dog. I have transportation. I want to believe there is enough of what I need in this world. I want to believe my higher power has my back and is looking out for me. No matter how broken this world appears to be, there are moments like I had yesterday. People still caring about each other and coming together in fellowship and love.

So what are you grateful for today? What makes you happy ? How do you stay positive ? I’d love to hear from you!

18 September 2021 Happiness

Hello there! How are you ? I just finished my second cup of coffee and have been sitting here contemplating what to write about. Sometimes things don’t flow so easily .

A lot has been swirling in my mind, not all of it kind. Forwards and backwards around and around, my thoughts like a heavy traffic sound. Horns and engines revving loud, oh how to please the crowd…….

So my thoughts turn to happiness and how hard it is for me to answer when someone asks me what makes me happy. I guess it’s a true sign of codependency that I cannot answer easily! People ask me what I like to do and I draw a blank almost every time. There is very little of this world that truly “makes me happy.”

If I’m to be completely honest though what makes me happy is a relationship with God. It’s not putting my head in the Bible, going to church or doing a bunch of charity . It’s everyday things like waking up and feeling God’s presence. Going for a walk and feeling like God is walking with me. Drawing a picture and writing this blog; feeling like it’s a collaboration with God. True happiness coming from feeling at one with God. Everything else is just fluff really.

Where I have felt happiest and closest to God has been outside. When I lived in Texas we had a nice backyard and I felt like it was like having an outdoor church. It was small and I felt safe. Down the street was a park with a man made pond I used to like to go to . I haven’t found anyplace like that here yet.

Doing this blog brings me a fleeting happiness . I feel like for a few minutes I’m contributing to the world I live in! Like I’m doing something that matters. I feel close to God writing and get sad when I have to wrap things up . It’s like having a visit with a friend and you don’t want it to end !

I didn’t draw a picture yet today. Today was just about words . They are just flowing. I am happy. I don’t want our visit to end!

I was happy what seems a long time ago, time seemed to stand still it moved very slow. The trees whispered secrets and the clouds melted in my hands, the wasp carrying the spider made no demands. Everything in my natures church had a place, spirits and wisps made an appearance without a face . I long for those never ending conversations I had with God, until those days return onward I will trod.

21 October 2020 Finding Happy

Hello to you, how are you today? I hope wherever and whenever this finds you that you are happy. As I write that I realize that asking someone to be happy can be a tall order in this world now. People say that all the time, “I just want you to be happy.” Sometimes it takes a big effort just to smile; such has been the case for me for the past few months. The one person in my life that I actually found happiness with decided to move on without me. So now I am having to relearn what it means to be me, to be Jackie, not Kyle and Jackie and it’s hard.

I am having to revisit lessons from my past. My first husband taught me an important lesson about happiness. He said that no one can make you anything – make you happy. This is so hard because it seems like I have been almost programmed that someone else should be the root cause of my happiness. I love to be in love! I have been this way most of my life. It also occurs to me that I have also been someone that has been empty much of my life expecting someone else to fill me up. I was starting to find out what made me happy but it was in conflict with what made husband happy. Experimenting in our kitchen with earth and grass bowls just didn’t appeal to my husband!

So let’s see what the phrase “I just want you to be happy” looks like in the numbers:

I just want you to be happy” in the English Ordinal system equals 306 (yes, no, may be in the unknown which can be a person, place and or thing, all vices in check but one)

three zero six” in the English Ordinal system equals 172 (I thought this was neat that “a world” world =72 came up as the very next part of the equation)

one seven two” in the English Ordinal system equals 157 (one all the senses all vices in check)

one five seven” in the English Ordinal system equals 141 (one the left side of the brain one and 41 = garbage*)

one four one” in the English Ordinal system equals 128 (one light and shadow self in eternity and 28 = man )

one two eight” in the English Ordinal system equals 141 (pattern)

*It’s interesting to note that sometimes the quest to be happy makes ALOT of garbage! How many people shop to make themselves and or others happy!