14 November 2022 Usefulness

Hello to you. Hope this finds you well. Found out last night my Dad is having some troubles with his health – so keeping him in my prayers. I am having some problems of my own. When I walk there is a swaying sensation in my head. Don’t know if it my equilibrium or something in my ears. I find because of this that I am having trouble feeling useful. I don’t think it’s vertigo.

My buddy Link this morning

My Aunt and Uncle helped me figure out how to get Link to take his pills – cream cheese! Seems to be working so far.

12 November 2022 Doggy pills

Hello there. Hope you are well. Link and I had to go to the vet again yesterday. He was coughing really bad so they sent us home with antibiotics. Probably got something when he was at the pound. So now we are up to 4 pills I have to get him to take! He tolerated the peanut butter but I don’t know for how long. Why don’t they have doggy pills that are more pet friendly? I hate having to force him to take things.

11 November 2022 Veterans Day

Not my best but have to get back into practice

Hello to you. Hope this finds you well. Today is Veterans Day. A day that exists because of great sacrifices of so many men and women living and dead. I always say the best way to thank me for my service is to try and make it so there are fewer veterans….more peace and less war. I don’t know if I will ever see that but that is my wish for the world!

When I was an AIC

10 November 2022 The Car

Hello to you. It seems like when one thing happens another follows suite. This morning I tried to start my car and it was a no go – battery is dead. So now I have to buy a new battery which sucks! Thankfully my Aunt and Uncle are able to help me out with getting to the auto parts store to buy a new battery.

Have to stay in a space of gratitude – it will all work out.

Red skies

9 November 2022 Stamina Continued

Hello to you. Hope this day finds you well. I’m doing ok just dealing with the usual stuff plus low energy levels – stamina. I really have gotten weaker after my stay in the hospital. Gradually trying to build it back up. Link is still limping but has such a positive attitude about it! Please keep him in your prayers.

I want to say how grateful I am that things are even if I hope for better. I’m home with Link and have loving family and friends. Thank you for your prayers and support through all of this.

https://youtu.be/Vjr6hwNuKBo – Mei-lan Live sound healing- heart awakening series- love is letting go

8 November 2022 Routines

Hello to you. How are you today? I’m up and at em but still having to figure out routines. Having a schedule of when to get up and when to go to bed and life in between. Link is a big part of all of that especially with his leg bothering him the way it is now.

I am kind of having a crisis of faith too. It was Jesus I cried out to when the police tazzed me with electricity the day I was picked up. There was no rescue just going to the hospital. Was that his reply to my plea? I really thought it was time for the end of the world that day. I will have to see what the days ahead hold for me.

https://youtube.com/shorts/cJMSE8a5cXs?feature=share – trying my hand at a YouTube short.

7 November 2022 Wreckage (recovery after manic episode)

Hello how are you? I’m doing ok. Still working through the wreckage after what happened. Last night was my first night alone in the house. Link ate the ham for his pills but didn’t want to this morning. He’s too smart. He hasn’t been eating his regular dog food which concerns me. I’m having the internet people come out today as it’s inoperable. It got ripped from the wall for some reason during all the chaos.

I’m so frustrated with myself. My little house was so nice and now there is damage to it that has to be repaired eventually. This is the aftermath of a manic episode. I look at some of the stuff that happened and it makes no sense at all. What was I thinking?! Just not in my right mind I guess is the only answer. Just have to keep taking it one day at a time.

https://youtu.be/5utEmwxi3xs – we know where you go Blue October

6 November 2022 Stamina

Hello to you. How are you today? I hope well. I’m trying to get back to my life again and finding I’m really weaker than I’ve ever been . My stamina is real low so it takes a lot more energy to do things than it used to. I’m going to have to work at it and build my strength back up over time.

Link is doing better but is a little bear about taking his meds for pain! He hates it. I’m hoping some deli meat will entice him about it tonight.

5 November 2022 Doggy Pains

Hello to you. Today was pretty productive. My Aunt took me over to my house and I got to see the wreckage of what happened- it’s like somebody else was in my house! Things are broken and damaged. We got groceries so that’s taken care of. Tomorrow I will go home and be there for the first night alone. I’m a little nervous about it but it will be ok. Just take a bit at a time. Link is still limping pretty bad on his back leg but he wanted to go for a walk today so we took him.

The three most common dog knee problems include:

  • Luxating Patella. A luxating patella means is essentially the dog equivalent of a dislocated knee cap. … 
  • Arthritis. Arthritis is a stiffness in the joint. … 
  • Torn CCL/ACL. The cruciate care ligament (CCL) is the dog version of an ACL, anterior cruciate ligament, in humans.

Our doctor suspects a torn ACL for Link. I can’t believe it but he’s 48 years old in people years, will be 8 in doggy years on 9 December! I keep telling me someday he’s going to break my heart. Like the little boy in the story about why why dogs have such a short lifespan – they are born knowing how to be unconditional loving and good so they don’t have to be here as long!

In his aging he’s growing black hair under his eye! We thought of him being like a panda when we first saw him.

3 November 2022 Home Coming

Today was a good and bad day for me. I had a bad manic episode which landed me in the hospital for the past few months. I thought it was the end of the world again and did some stupid stuff about it. Today my Aunt and Uncle braved the long drive to get me out and come home. On the way home we found out my baby boy Link got away from the dog sitters and got picked up by the the humane society that is making it really difficult to get him out. I am so disappointed but am trying to stay hopeful that everything is going to work out.

Please pray that our Link comes home tomorrow