11 April 2022 Getting Well


Do you want to get well?

Hello to you today. How are you? I hope this finds you well. Ever since I saw this exchange portrayed on The Chosen I’ve been thinking about it:

John 5:6

6 When Jesus saw him lying there and learned that he had been in this condition for a long time, he asked him, “Do you want to get well?”

Yes I do…..

In the Chosen they added dialogue to the exchange. When the paralytic started to complain, Jesus was like look I asked you a question. I didn’t ask who was or wasn’t helping you. Do you want to be healed? In my Twitch stream today I talk about this. In our world the answer to healing isn’t instantaneous or lasting like it was between Jesus and those he healed. No matter what modality of trying to heal you turn to in our world today healing requires you to do something….to buy something. In our hearts we desire the healing power of someone like Jesus. There have been miracles in our times but for most there is always something they must actively do to get well, to be healed. When I was doing Quantum Touch healing a lot of times it worked but what was interesting is the healing usually wasn’t of what the person wanted healed – at least not right away. The healing usually began inside – it was an emotional healing first. A lot of what ails us does have origins in intangible things that manifest into reality. That’s been my personal experience both as a person trying to help others heal and trying to heal myself.

Some pictures from the walks yesterday:

I found this bee on the pavement and moved it to the grass. I think the cold snap we’ve been having is a shock to everyone’s system!
These little flowers are out now – so delicate
Sign of the coming weather. When Aunt Ruth and I left church yesterday little pellets of snow were falling!
Every time I see this on walks I think of a burning bush like with God and Moses. So pretty.
I love seeing the creativity people have with their yards

There are many ways to interpret my experiences today. I will be flexible and occasionally look from another’s vantage point. – A Woman’s Spirit


8 February 2022 Tuesday

Check out 8 February 2022 Tuesday morning chat https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1291287593

Spiritual stuff going on inside and out

Hello to you. How are you today? I hope this finds you well. Today is off to a fine start. There is lovely sunshine again today – so grateful for that. My stream was kind of lonely this morning but that happens. The past couple days I’ve had not so nice people show up and this morning I was able to ban one of them. I know how to do it now!

Last night I watched an interesting program on You tube called In Search Of starring actor Zachary Quinto: https://youtu.be/OTa8jePn8iI the episode I’ve linked is about super humans. Zachary talked to these three men who each had super abilities. One man exerted over 500 pounds of pressure to bend a car door to save someone. Another man was a Shaolin monk who could break a stick with his head without hurting himself and the last man is like one of 40 in the entire world that doesn’t feel pain. What was interesting is how much of what was going on is an inside job – what the mind does. Zachary himself was tested. During one test he and the three men had their brains scanned when putting their hands inside a bowl of ice water. Zachary’s scan showed that when he meditated he was able to block pain. A lot of what is going on in our lives has to do with what we think!

Something I learned through my Quantum Touch training is if for example I bumped my leg to take deep breaths – to breath through the area experiencing pain instead of focusing so much on how it hurt. When I was able to do that I noticed less severe bruising. The natural reaction when we are physically hurt is to focus on the area we are hurt. Again, like the program I described, it’s an inside job. It really takes a lot of practice to train our brains to do what we want them to do. This is something I struggle with most every day!

A couple good messages from A Woman’s Spirit book today:

“What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other.” George Eliot

“My purpose is to help someone else today. If I think someone is causing me a problem, perhaps I should address my attitude.”

2 December 2021 Good Morning

Check out this video Morning coffee with Jackie 2 December 2021 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1221968873

Good morning from here how are you? In the video today I’m talking about being an empath and the Quantum Touch healing modality. I am wearing the rainbow tye dye shirt I got from the Glen Rose dinosaur park…..one of my favorite memories with Kyle!

It’s a foggy overcast day….. no plans. Tomorrow my friend is planning on coming over and we are going to put a gingerbread house together while we visit! I haven’t done that since Kyle and I put a kit together with his brother.

“Gradually pieces of my past are part of my now. They all fit together I just don’t know how. ”

A power ballad of a psalm for today was 121: https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Psalm+121&version=NIV&interface=amp

I’ll be back later. I wanted to tell you my process lately is to do the video and share it here first. I tried to write my post but it times out. So if you just see the Twitch link that’s why . Thanks for your understanding !

25 October 2021 Planting Seed

Hello there! How are you? It’s gray and wet this morning but I managed to get a mile in. The air smells so good. Most of the trees have lost their leaves and everywhere is red, orange and gold.

So this morning I asked for a topic and my mind was clear enough to hear the answer. It was planting seed. Not the kind of seed you plant in the dirt but the kind of seed you plant in another’s spirit. It’s the feeling of warmth you get right in the center of you when you have an idea. For example watching drum circle videos and how to make drums planted a seed in me to try and start a Meetup group. Every time I think of what could potentially happen I get a warm feeling in my chest. The seed planted in me by others is growing!

A long time ago I was taught by my Quantum Touch teacher “ that if it ain’t light it ain’t right!” Meaning if you are doing something and your heart is not centered in your chest like if you feel it in your throat or stomach, chances are something isn’t right! We each have a way to check in with ourselves to see if we are where we are supposed to be. Sometimes seeds are passed on to us just to be stored… to be carried to the right person.

The trees teach so much. Back in Texas there was a cottonwood tree that used to put out tons of seed every year. The seed went everywhere and got into everything! To many it was a nuisance. After I got over being annoyed I started to see something. Very little of the trees seed actually landed on fertile soil but that didn’t stop the tree from putting out so much seed. Each of us could be like that cottonwood but so many of us just give up on our dreams….the fertile soil is just so overgrown and crowded! You see this especially in the worlds of the arts. It’s so hard to break through the soil and get noticed. Like I’ve talked about in a previous blog about niches.

“Oh to do what makes us glow! That feeling of being right where God wants you to be. There really isn’t another feeling quite like actually being able to bloom where your planted. “