2 April 2022 Helpers

Check out 2 April 2022 Saturday chat https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1444240928

Hello to you. Hope this finds you well. If your not well, if some shit is happening in your life, I hope there will be support for you. Remember the power of prayer and meditation. Remember you are not completely powerless no matter how things may seem right now. Even if we can do one small thing….better than nothing.

Yesterday was a day to get out a little bit. I walked up to Ridleys to pick up my pills and then stopped by The Sunrise Cafe for a yummy breakfast. The people that work there brighten my day and their cook always makes my breakfast just right. On the way there and on the way home I took a few pictures. Spring is so inspiring! All around me Gods creation waking up and reminding me just how beautiful this world is.

This morning my thoughts turned to Mr. Rogers….helpers. Being a helper can be doing big things and it can be doing small things. Sometimes being a helper starts with yourself – self care for example and then expand out into the world you live in as you feel lead. Clear the blockages you make in your head and in your life so that the Spirit can work in you…make it possible for you to be a helper.

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