1 April 2022 Kindness Matters

Check out 1 April 2022 Friday chat https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1443192148

Hello there! How are you on this first day of April?! For some today is a day for shenanigans lol. I’ve never been real good at it. Today my post is mostly pictures. I decided to pay for a little extra picture storage space on my phone and have been taking more pictures .

My title today is inspired by the phrase in my drawing – saw it on Facebook yesterday on the Positively Abundant co page in my feed. It also reminds me of Burleson Texas where you see the Kindness Matters slogan all over. When I lived in Alvarado going to Burleson was one of my favorite places. I found this video today that talks about a mural that was done in town with the slogan: https://youtu.be/r5m-LLMBiiQ – Kindness Matters Mural Project Burleson TX, the artist is Bernardo Vallarino. Kindness does matter. Remember it doesn’t have to be some big and grand gesture to bring more kindness in this world. Sometimes just saying hello and smiling can turn somebody’s day completely around.

And not just two legged people appreciate kindness!
Clear quartz – doesn’t it look like a glacier?
My neighbor does such a great job with her yard
Layers of life in this one
Just love the purple in these! God is such a master florist
I love hearing the chimes in the breeze as Link and I walk by
Green flower buds – most of our trees are putting on their new dresses for the season

With God’s help today I will know a new level of confidence and peace with each risk I take – A Woman’s Spirit

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