31 March 2022 Placebo Effect

Check out 31 March 2022 Thursday chat (placebo effect) https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1442170547

Me pondering the question of the placebo effect….the power of belief.

Hello to you. How are you? After my post yesterday when I shared my experiences with rose quartz it made me think about the placebo effect. To me that term is like belief. There are many things in our world that we believe to be true, believe to exist but there is little to no “peer reviewed scientific evidence.” Intangible things like God and our souls and yet we continue to believe and have positive experiences. Whether or not there hasn’t been a scientific study or there has been one doesn’t matter to me…..doesn’t change what I believe or negate the value of personal experiences I have had. Whether or not science thinks so, crystals help, God and the soul exist. There is great power in belief.

What is the placebo effect? The placebo effect is when a person’s physical or mental health appears to improve after taking a placebo or ‘dummy’ treatment. Placebo is Latin for ‘I will please’ and refers to a treatment that appears real, but is designed to have no therapeutic benefit.

https://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au ›

Placebo effect – Better Health Channel

Amethyst beads on a bracelet. Holding them sometimes helps me when I feel anxious.

https://www.livescience.com/40347-crystal-healing.html – Crystal healing: Stone-cold facts about gemstone treatments

There is no peer-reviewed scientific evidence that crystal healing has any effect; it is considered a pseudoscience. Alleged successes of crystal healing can be attributed to the placebo effect.

https://en.m.wikipedia.org › wiki

Crystal healing – Wikipedia

The messages from A Woman’s Spirit were good today:

Even on a rainy day, I can feel the sunshine. Even when the clouds are gray, I can feel a glow. There’s a little light inside me, just keeps burning. I take it with me, everywhere I go. – Jill Clark

We carry within ourselves the single necessary ingredient for our happiness: a positive attitude. Nothing can ruin our day , unless we let it. No remark can devastate us, unless we let it. No person can have a harmful, lasting impact on us, unless we let him or her. No unhealthy, negative attitude controls our thoughts without our assent.

Feeling good about the experiences we’re having, regardless of their nature, is a decision. Trusting that some good will come out of every one of them is a habit we can form. We can acquire an attitude of hope for growth and positive change.

I will see the sunshine even through the clouds if that’s my choice. Today I have twenty-four hours to practice this.

Seeing the sun in the clouds
Some clouds yesterday that looked promising for rain

I wanted to mention my young friend on Twitch told us about another incident she and a friend experienced with bullying. This time they were coming from church and the boy was after the girls friend who has autism. He tried to punch the person and the girl tried to stop him and got punched in her chest. Whenever she gets on and tells us this stuff I feel powerless. I just want to climb through the wires and walk with her….protect her. I’m not completely powerless though. I can pray for her, lend my support and share her story.

One thought on “31 March 2022 Placebo Effect

  1. If you’re wondering how your mind works, and how all things like stones, tea, incense and other stuff like this can help with whatever you want or need to achieve, check out this great book by Randy Baker – net-bossorg/the-power-of-the-placebo-effect-by-randy-baker – you will find there many examples of how positive thinkign can work wonders and how negative can ruin your life.

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