19 March 2022 Now Is All We Can Control

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Willow tree I just love in our neighborhood
She has a huge trunk I think it’s so pretty
Another beauty in our neighborhood
Drawing that came to me today

Hello to you. How are you? It’s Saturday and overcast. The sun is peaking out a little bit. Yesterday was nice. I went to breakfast at the Sunrise Cafe and was blessed – a couple that were in there with me paid for my breakfast! I was really touched by that. I got a couple walks in with Link. It was during the evening walk I snapped the pictures of this Willow tree down the street. I just love it! This neighborhood has some lovely mature trees.

The message in A Woman’s Spirit is really good. It reminds us that we can’t control or change the past or future. What we can control about ourselves is right now. We are not powerless in our present moment.

A Woman’s Spirit message for today:

With one foot in the past and the other in the future, how can we possibly know what new path we might follow today? -Jan Pishok

Now is all there is. But how often, really, are our minds in the present? Honestly, aren’t we much more focused on what just happened or what we fear will happen in the next hour or day or year? Being here, now, means giving up the past absolutely. It also means relinquishing all thoughts about the future. Occupying our minds with the experience of this instant only seems hard to do. We’re far more used to greater chaos than what we experience solely in the here as now.

We have a direction that’s right for us. Unfortunately, we miss the road signs because we are still looking over our shoulder at what we passed yesterday. The destiny we need, needs us too. Quietly focusing on our lives , one moment at a time, can assure us of fulfilling it.

Letting go of the noise I carry in my mind changes my life. I can feel and acknowledge what’s here when my mind is open.


It’s important to remember that we can’t change the past. We can learn from the past but we can’t change it. Working on staying mindful in our present can leave a better past behind us.

Song I started my day with today:

https://youtu.be/TTXBLspw_Z0 – Paul Baloche God of Wonders

3 thoughts on “19 March 2022 Now Is All We Can Control

  1. Beautiful Trees! Great shots you got there of them and its really cool to hear that you are as much a tree lover as I am! I’ve been called a tree huger and I’ve fought battles to save some of them!
    Keep admiring their beauty and all the good that God intended, while enjoying the fact that they exist; a world without tress would not be a world I could want to be in!
    Thanks for the reminder too!

    1. Hi Lawrence thanks for the visit! I love trees – each one a home for so much life and so important to our lives. I’m a tree hugger too lol. They have such personalities.

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