31 December 2021 Last Practice Shirt

I decided to paint on my last practice shirt today. There is a lot of symbolism wrapped up in the design I came up with. I imagine someone coming up to me while I’m wearing this and just getting lost in what’s going on. That’s my objective is to make art that is a feast for the eyes and helps shield me as an empath.

This is one I am anxious to see in the sunlight

Working on this today helped me deal with having the beginnings of a cold! Darn it! With as little contact as I make with the public I still managed to catch a cold! Ah but this too shall pass!!

“In the light and shadow I see your soul, I see how this life on you has taken its toll. Take a deep breath and try to smile. Push away the troubles for awhile. Another year has begun anew. Fill this moment with cerulean blue.”

29 December 2021 Shirt and Dump Dogs

Hello. It’s still snowing. I went out and rearranged some of it and as I was I saw a male black and white Boston Terrier standing there. There was nothing I could really do other than report it on the Middleton Matters Group on Facebook. Turns out he was dumped out of a white van – they almost ran over him trying to leave him behind! If I didn’t have Link I would have done more. It reminds me of Alvarado. People used to dump their dogs all the time and Kyle and I would try and help. It doesn’t sound like Middleton has its own dedicated Animal Control Officer like Alvarado did.

Within the past couple days there has been more loose dogs showing up. I feel so bad for them! Could it be the change in the weather or a sign of something else? Apparently this year was a big year for abandonment of pets: https://www.fox13now.com/news/local-news/animal-shelters-call-2021-year-of-pet-abandonment-as-owners-return-pets-from-pandemic?_amp=true

I like spirals and imagining light at their center.

The shirt today is a little messier than yesterday. I like spirals of multiple colors. These designs are meant to be like large amulets that someone approaching you would look at instead of focusing so much on you. The idea is to make interactions with other people less draining . The designs are a distraction from the eyes. I will let this dry and see if I want to add more colors!

I’ve been writing more lately because it’s very therapeutic for me. It helps me feel less alone….especially on a day like today when I’m not going anywhere.


28 December 2021 Shirt

Just back from getting Link and myself around the block. It’s only 26 degrees out yet! I wasn’t sure if we would go. Cabin fever won out!

Today I asked God for their company as I was having trouble being alone. I’m grateful for Link but he doesn’t speak human! Well the first thing we did was venture into the dreaded spare room aka storage room. It’s that time of year to get ready for 2022 by clearing out old files. With everything that has been going on to largely include avoidance, I was a couple years behind. There is still more to do in there but I at least got a start. God was definitely with me on doing that!

What came next was a lot more fun. We decided to paint another shirt. What we have come up with so far has a real tie-dyed feel to it. I have to let things dry to see if I want to add more paint.

I enjoyed seeing bright colors today

Painting is very therapeutic but as I’ve mentioned before, the process goes so fast. Once I get started it’s already over! The same goes for when I draw something. As soon as the pen hits the paper I’m committed. No erasing…..Tadaaaaa!! Everything is a co-creation with God when it comes to my arts and crafts. When I overthink things is when I get something even a dumpster diver wouldn’t want. I have an attempt at painting Link that is horrible but I can’t bring myself to throw it out just yet. It doesn’t look like him at all!

Poor Link! This is one of my sad attempts at painting !

There is a process to the craft of painting – rules – and I’m terrible about following them. Soooo it’s better for me to do shapes and abstract concepts. I used to spend hours pencil drawing portraits but I find I just don’t have the patience for it now. We just change through time and so do our arts and crafts. As we age our vision and coordination changes making it so doing what we always did a little more difficult.

Anyhew…..thank you as always for taking time for me!

22 December 2021 Wednesday

Hello there friend. How are you? I’m sitting here in my new shirt I painted yesterday and have a cup of coffee……Link is beside me. I’m thinking about my mom. She told me in a text yesterday she has the flu! Hopefully not the serious kind! If you are a prayer warrior could you slip one in for Dianne?

Not sure what I will be doing today. Probably do another shirt. My friend said she would sell them for me in her online shop and I’m thinking about it. I want to keep practicing first – I want to make things I would like to wear. So far that is the case. Something I’ve learned is whenever I add money to my crafts things get weird. In my ideal world I would make a bunch of shirts and people would pick the one that spoke to them and I would just give it to them! I would probably go broke lol. I was like that when I made jewelry and crocheted stuff. There is something about seeing someone’s face light up when something is just for them – speaks to their soul. I would give someone the shirt off my back lol! What’s fun about hand painting s shirt is that each one is unique – one of a kind. Eventually I want to try unique designs and shapes. If that happens I will definitely need an outlet and selling them might be the way to go.

Right now I’m listening to a cool improv artist named Astravert. He’s on the front page of Twitch today. I’m so happy for him: Check out We back! Hump day Jamz | !spotify !youtube !bandcamp !twitter !merch https://www.twitch.tv/astravert. If you like dreamy guitar rifts and synthesizer you’ll love his stuff. His songs are all unique.

“Gray twists and swirls into light. The day says goodbye to the eternal night.”