3 January 2022 Monday

Hello to you. How are you? Well I’m nursing a cold and writing to you from bed. Link had a rough night he must of eaten something that didn’t agree with him because he was up several times in the night. I found poops everywhere! He seems to be ok now.

Yesterday I was kind of in a weird space. I am not used to being sick, I painted as a way to help me calm down.

Going to add some gold glitter later. I’m almost out of it!

Not my finest work but it helped me to do it. That’s all that matters right?!

Hope this finds you well!

31 December 2021 Last Practice Shirt

I decided to paint on my last practice shirt today. There is a lot of symbolism wrapped up in the design I came up with. I imagine someone coming up to me while I’m wearing this and just getting lost in what’s going on. That’s my objective is to make art that is a feast for the eyes and helps shield me as an empath.

This is one I am anxious to see in the sunlight

Working on this today helped me deal with having the beginnings of a cold! Darn it! With as little contact as I make with the public I still managed to catch a cold! Ah but this too shall pass!!

“In the light and shadow I see your soul, I see how this life on you has taken its toll. Take a deep breath and try to smile. Push away the troubles for awhile. Another year has begun anew. Fill this moment with cerulean blue.”