22 December 2021 Wednesday

Hello there friend. How are you? I’m sitting here in my new shirt I painted yesterday and have a cup of coffee……Link is beside me. I’m thinking about my mom. She told me in a text yesterday she has the flu! Hopefully not the serious kind! If you are a prayer warrior could you slip one in for Dianne?

Not sure what I will be doing today. Probably do another shirt. My friend said she would sell them for me in her online shop and I’m thinking about it. I want to keep practicing first – I want to make things I would like to wear. So far that is the case. Something I’ve learned is whenever I add money to my crafts things get weird. In my ideal world I would make a bunch of shirts and people would pick the one that spoke to them and I would just give it to them! I would probably go broke lol. I was like that when I made jewelry and crocheted stuff. There is something about seeing someone’s face light up when something is just for them – speaks to their soul. I would give someone the shirt off my back lol! What’s fun about hand painting s shirt is that each one is unique – one of a kind. Eventually I want to try unique designs and shapes. If that happens I will definitely need an outlet and selling them might be the way to go.

Right now I’m listening to a cool improv artist named Astravert. He’s on the front page of Twitch today. I’m so happy for him: Check out We back! Hump day Jamz | !spotify !youtube !bandcamp !twitter !merch https://www.twitch.tv/astravert. If you like dreamy guitar rifts and synthesizer you’ll love his stuff. His songs are all unique.

“Gray twists and swirls into light. The day says goodbye to the eternal night.”