28 March 2022 Looking Up

Check out 28 March 2022 Monday chat (Clouds) https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1439323879

Thinking about A Book of Clouds by John A. Day. Lots of geese have been passing through lately.
My friend Beth got this book for me during one of my hospital stays and it brought me so much comfort as I love clouds and couldn’t see them in the hospital
Ten reasons to Look Up (hope you can read the print)
My little somebody Link
Buds showing up on my neighbors tree
Some of my favorite flowers – dandelions
Pine trees are waking up too
Some Idahoans doing some spring house shopping. With the drought I’ve been concerned about the animals and plants having enough water.

There was a good message today from A Woman’s Spirit. It speaks to the importance of remembering we are not all experiencing this life in the same way. It’s biologically impossible! Our bodies alone prove this point. All the walks of life with their different bodies. Different levels of vision for example. Some people can see really well and others are blind! Think of a concert and all the different eyes witnessing it. Not everyone will come away from that concert perceiving it… experiencing it the same way. It helps me to remember this when interacting with different people. It helps me be more empathetic….more understanding during times of agreement or disagreement.

The message is so good I want to share the whole thing:

There are many realities. We should member this when we get too caught up in being concerned about the way the rest of the world lives or how we think they live. -Natalie Goldberg

One of the most elusive truths we’ll ever struggle to grasp is that everyone has a unique perspective about every circumstance, a perspective that reflects a personal understanding of the universe. We never doubt that truth for ourselves, of course. We simply fail to acknowledge that it’s true for everyone else too.

There are times we can’t shake the need to be right; our egos depend on it. Unfortunately, we can’t maintain any real peacefulness if we are always in conflict with others who have their own viewpoints. Winning the “battle” then becomes a painful victory. Believing in valid, separate realities is only difficult at first. But like any other opinion or attitude, it can become habit with enough practice. We have nothing to lose by giving it a try.

I don’t need everyone to agree with me today. I only think I do.

3 thoughts on “28 March 2022 Looking Up

  1. It’s 1:50 pm and I’m sitting out on the porch enjoying a gift…a prayer answered…..beautiful raindrops are falling. A nice gentle spring rain. All I can think is “thank you.” When we stop worrying and let God work miracles can happen.

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