29 April 2022 Understanding

Hello to you. How are you? It’s Friday as I write to you. Almost the end of the month already! I’m still really sore but trying to work with God and my body about it. This morning I thought about my understanding of healing from an energetic perspective. I thought about how pain in the body can be a manifestation of stored unresolved emotional pain. Laying in my bed it was like hearing God remind me of all I’ve been through emotionally the past few years and how I haven’t really grieved fully about it. That pain has to go somewhere if you don’t face it fully. In all the particles that make me a solid being there are many particles of pain. What came to me is to imagine all the places the pain is being stored in my body as doors that have to open so what is living there will be evicted. Hopefully what I’m sharing makes sense to you.

Yesterday I was thinking about a scene in The Chosen where Jesus mentions that not all of his parables will be understood by everyone. I thought about communication and understanding in our world today. There are all kinds of people and devices but even still there is much misunderstanding. The translation of the message from who receives and shares it doesn’t always reach who needs to hear it. Sometimes it’s the wrong language. Sometimes it’s the wrong person or just a message the intended that are not ready to hear – it’s the “wrong” time in their mind even in Kairos time it’s exactly the time….so a seed is planted even without very good soil or water. Seeds can wait for Kairos – God’s time. Ultimately a message will be delivered and received….understanding will follow. The seed will grow if we are only willing to receive it.

Sometimes the best way to reach people and make something hard to understand easier is by telling a story – telling our personal stories in recovery programs is very powerful

Not every person is every persons “messenger.” What I say and write may make sense to some and to others seem like rubbish. Who are the people you listen to about matters in your life and this world? Do you even know why?

Some people have trouble with their own children listening and understanding them and they get frustrated. So then as a responsible parent you must find a way to reach them. Find someone they will listen to and understand. My Uncle John is involved in the Big Brother program for example. He gets to be someone outside of a child’s normal life that spends time with him. Sharing messages by not only his words but by the example he shows the child. A lot of understanding, and I learned this from my dogs, doesn’t come from what we say. It’s how we speak and what we do. A lot of language and understanding as people like the Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan will tell you is founded in our energy. Everything we do to include our thoughts is ultimately about energy:

https://youtu.be/KLD9h548Ofw -what is energy in the dog world by Cesar Milan

Let’s go for a walk:

A wild space in my neighborhood
A different color bloom to enjoy
Sometimes the sun masquerades as the moon
Late afternoon
I had to see if this trees blooms had s scent – very subtle
You gotta get real close. So soft!
Link and I were delighted to see some wonderful chalk art!
Pretty balloons
Seeing this brought me so much joy inside – kids are amazing. Just the smallest thing can become so awesome. Such a pure thing the gratitude of a child’s heart.
They always say hello when we go by! Sometimes I feel bad that I can’t take dogs like this for a walk with me. So many dogs would really benefit from a walk at least once a day.
Last nights walk was just magical! The light just made everything I saw look beautiful.
A place with messages to be heard and hopefully understood.