11 May 2022 Let The Right Ones In

Hello to you. How are you in your today? I hope you are doing well. Last night it took a long time to fall asleep but I eventually did and the dreams were spooky-free! I did some research and found out a couple medications I take when mixed together can have a rare side effect of hallucinations. I also learned a bit about hypnagogic hallucinations that can include sleep paralysis and seeing scary things. Experiencing scary things. The other thing is remembering I am a very sensitive person that can’t watch or get involved in certain things. I had been watching a lot of those ghost and spirit videos on YouTube channels like Slapped Ham.

With the experiences I shared in the past couple of posts, it’s a reminder to myself to “let the right ones in.” I’m always preaching about “garbage in” and “garbage out” too! Our eyes are like doors and like the door to our homes, which our body is, we must be sure of who or what we allow in. After what I’ve been hearing, reading and seeing about the latest installment of Dr. Strange, I’m not going to watch it. There is so much real horror in our waking world I don’t see the value of adding to it via entertainment. That’s just me. I am officially reminded to mind my doors.

Something else that helped me last night was having my Aunt call me before bed and we prayed together. She prayed for my protection from the shadows and I prayed for her to keep healing from her knee surgery. As I lay in bed I talked to God and could feel his presence.

Messages from A Woman’s Spirit today:

Once conflict has arisen, we are kidding ourselves if we think it can be ignored. – Linda Rueben

Conflict is ordinary, some may even say necessary. And it generally makes us tense, but that’s primarily because we want to “win” every disagreement. Through our role models in this program, we learn that feelings should not be stuffed or ignored, but they don’t have to be resolved immediately either. Simply sharing with someone that we are angry about a situation is often enough. Doing more often escalates a minor conflict into a major confrontation.

Choosing to be peaceful, rather than right, isn’t copping out, even though it may seem so at first. Rather, it’s opting to put our energies into positive exchanges with others. Remembering that every relationship is given to us by design, not accident, gives us reason to pause before stepping on the toes of our “teachers.” Honoring them with love and acceptance diminishes our need to be right.

Letting go of my need to be right today will truly give me peace.


Messages and pictures from yesterday:

Who or what do you allow access to your soul…your “home” in this life?
Indoor flowers – the carnations from Mothers Day opened!
Cloud wings for the sun
Lots of pretty in the sky yesterday
Yesterday I was exploring Asherah: What is the meaning of the name asherah?

Asherah — known across the ancient Near East by various other names, such as Astarte and Istar — was “an important deity, one who was both mighty and nurturing,” Wright continued. “Many English translations prefer to translate ‘Asherah’ as ‘Sacred Tree,'” Wright said.Mar 18, 2011
https://www.nbcnews.com › wbna42…
God’s Wife Edited Out of the Bible — Almost – NBC News

This little bear got left out in the rain
A little flower that caught my eyes
When the clouds were like they were yesterday it makes me imagine heaven on earth

https://youtu.be/48V1GRrwhd8 – Opening Doors (Temple Grandin)