8 April 2022 Longing and Silence

Hello to you today. How are you? I am doing ok. The past few days I have been feeling this feeling of longing. Watching The Chosen has sparked these feelings I think. I watch it and find myself wanting a tangible Jesus in my own life. To be able to stand in his smile and warmth. Hear his voice. Ugh lol! Feeling feelings like this can be rough. I decided not to do my normal Twitch Stream this morning. Sometimes there needs to be silence.

The tough part for me about Jesus is he was once flesh and blood. He was here. He made a promise to come back and thousands of years have passed and all we have are his words. I think about him coming back now…in this kind of world and I think it would destroy him. Think of what the spotlight via the technology we have now does to people!

The message today in A Woman’s Spirit talks about the importance of silence:

Silence should be used sparingly. But used, nonetheless. -Stephanie Ericsson

When we want to control another’s actions, being quiet is difficult. Our ego screams to take charge! When we bite out tongue instead, remembering the Serenity Prayer, we are spared an unnecessary confrontation. Occasionally quieting our mouth, if not our mind, promises big payoffs in our relationship with others.

Silence wears many guises, however. We have all experienced the punishing silent treatment from lovers or friends. And our attempts to engage others in conversation are occasionally met with a silence that confuses us. Another’s quietness may not be easily understood, but we must accept it.

Silence, particularly our own, is requisite to receiving guidance from our Higher Power. Being silent is often the most valuable action we can take.

I will consider being silent each time an opportunity to respond offers itself today. Doing the right thing may well mean doing and saying nothing.


Bees are really digging the dandelions right now. The flowers are an important food source.
On our walk last night these purple beauties caught my eye!

A character in The Chosen story, Nicodemus, portrayed by Erick Avari has really touched my heart. I could just feel his sadness as Jesus and his apostles gathered to head out on their journey. He just couldn’t leave his life behind so he left gold coins to help them on their way. I wonder if any of us these days could easily leave our lives behind to follow Jesus if he asked us. Nicodemus and his wife were talking about Hagar, Abrahams wife and mentioned a verse carved around a door. I thought it was beautiful. Hagar referred to God as El Roi, “The God Who See’s me.” It spoke to my longing to experience a tangible God. I must remember that God can be seen…in all creation.

Genesis 16:13New International Version

13 She gave this name to the Lord who spoke to her: “You are the God who sees me,(A)” for she said, “I have now seen[a] the One who sees me.”(B)

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