15 May 2022 Relax and Be Calm

Hello there. How are you today? I was exploring YouTube yesterday and it felt like more learning was the goal. I stumbled on to this video from Master Shi Zheng Yi (https://www.shihengyi.online/) that really resonated with me. He talks about the blockage of energy in our body and how being calm and relaxing is a part of restoring the natural flow of our energy:

https://youtu.be/G7ELVY7VDFI – Shi Heng Yi relax your tension

This lead me to taking a look at the Chinese practice of Quigong:


What’s interesting about being lead this way is how my day started. I joined some other women from church at Grace House for a brunch and it was so wonderful. We talked, we sang together (the acoustics in the house are awesome) and we talked about a word that is part of so many peoples, of all ages, vocabulary these days: anxiety which is also another name for fear. When we have anxiety, when we are afraid our bodies tense up. A word that has been a part of so many times of trying to get relief from the pain that results from tension is: relax. My angels say this to me so often! We read this passage from the Bible together where Jesus instructs us not to be anxious…..afraid. Fear is oftentimes a sign of the absence of Spirit in a life:

https://youtu.be/hjbnWhXJOT4 – Be Not Afraid

A couple pictures from yesterday:

Another neighbors Iris that finally popped open – I had been checking and waiting!
Tree on Main Street on the way to Grace House
Wild flowers at Grace House – behind this window was fellowship with food, music and prayer
Flowers we received! Our woman’s ministry team is awesome!
Full moon with a rosy glow

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