12 April 2022 Choosing the Light


The first part of this, 9:2 really resonated with me today.

Hello to you how are you today? It got windy and cold here again! It will be warm again soon enough. I am feeling kind of tired today. Getting restful sleep has been hit and miss. Sleep seems to be one of those things many of us struggle with. Oh to be able to sleep like we did as kids!

The message from A Woman’s Spirit today talks about taking responsibility for our part in what happens in our lives:

Taking responsibility for the part I play in the cause of my problems frees me to do something about them. -Kathy McGraw

We used to love to blame other people for the burdens in our lives. That someone else was to blame for our personal upset was as obvious to us as rain splashing against the windshield. Yet the longer we looked at others rather than at ourselves, the more stuck we became in old behavior.

We’ve since come to understand that we simply cannot grow, we cannot harvest the fruits of this recovery program, unless we develop a willingness to take responsibility for who we are at every instant of our lives. As we begin taking responsibility for our actions, we feel empowered. We realize that we are who we have chosen to be. And we will be who we decide we want to be. As that reality permeates our consciousness, we will begin to know that our hopes can become real, because the promises in the Big Book are real.

I will feel strengthened by claiming responsibility for all that I am today. Before taking action, I can pause and consider whether I will feel good about my choice.


What kind of choices are you making today? From what part of you are you deciding to take action?

Dancing feels so great
Thinking about my Dad. He brought me this shell after a business trip to New York many years ago. You can still hear the ocean.
I love taking pictures of the sun in the clouds. It’s like a brilliant eye peering down at me wherever I go
A purple flower that I hadn’t seen yet this spring
I’m excited to see this – soon my favorite type of flowers will arrive (roses)

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