17 February 2022 I Am With You

Check out 17 February 2022 Thursday chat (psalm 17) https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1300976426

Hello to you. How are you? I’m doing ok. We have another sunny day which is so nice! Last night I was up and down multiple times in the night. I took some Hydroxyzine and would sleep – it would wear off and I would wake up. Hopefully my doctor will call me today and prescribe something specifically for sleep. As I’ve mentioned before I was prescribed the Hydroxyzine for anxiety.

Last night I did something a little different than I normally do. I hadn’t taken any Hydroxyzine and was feeling anxious. I decided to watch the rebroadcast of Elevation Church’s Sunday service on Facebook- no weapon was the message: New International Version Isaiah 54:17
no weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and this is their vindication from me,” declares the LORD. Pastor Steven Furticks message was powerful about this. The song I loved was this: https://youtu.be/m7O9jDf5wqM by Brook Ligertwood called Nineveh

Then before bed I found this recording that was very soothing: https://youtu.be/TVLMeKPhoXc – I will be with you…words I needed to hear. For me it’s “ I am with you .” No matter what is going on, I am with you. Who would guess that stories from the Bible could help anxiousness?!

I’m trying to find lasting methods to help me ease this chronic anxiety I’ve been feeling. My mind is willing to cooperate and listen but my body has been doing stuff lately. I’ll be sitting in church on Sunday and trying to focus on the message and my body will just start to act up. I will start to hyper focus on my breathing or other sensations going on in my body. A voice in the darkness will then say “ be present in this moment, stay here in the now.” My mind wants to be still and relaxed but it’s been hard to get my body to cooperate. Guess it’s just going to take more practice!

By making different choices I am being more conscious of my role in my own life. Something we talked about on the Twitch stream this morning is how important it is to have a strong relationship with the God of your understanding and also with yourself. This way when difficult times come your way you can weather those storms. I have been guilty of relying too much on the people, places and things of the world. When any of those things left me I became completely untethered and lost. People, places and things change and fade but God is everlasting and for so long as you live you have you!

“I am not to blame for anyone else’s problems today. Accepting blame was a habit. Cultivating a better attitude can be a habit too.” (A Woman’s Spirit)

Something fun I’ve been watching on Twitch is some role players on a channel called King Norcalius. Last night I asked a question and actually got a accurate answer – will I find love again? Check out 🔮Warriors of the Realm🔮 | Free readings with Orana🔮Soulbinder Ft. Granny Gertie👵 |⭐Improv! 🏹Fantasy! 🎭Roleplay! 📕Lore! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1300518076

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