13 March 2022 Balance

Check out 13 March 2022 Sunday chat https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1424597401

Hi there. Hope your having a nice weekend. It’s been good here. I’ve been participating more with church goings on and that’s been nice. Last night we had a prayer and praise gathering and I enjoyed that. This morning was church and despite the time change there was a good turn out. One of the messages from Pastor Jason Boyd that resonated was about not allowing ourselves – our lives – to be dominated by anything. An example he gave for himself and his wife was television. It can be your work, interests and or hobbies….anything that takes so much attention that there isn’t anything left for God and or what or who truly should matter in your life. Some people get so absorbed into things that they become strangers to themselves and the people that love them. I’ve lived such seasons! It’s exhausting to pour yourself into the seemingly endless grind of work.

The message from A Woman’s Spirit ties in nicely to what resonated from Pastors message today:

I wonder what my life would be like if I were to focus my energy and thoughts only on things that really matter. – Robbie Rocheford

We spend much of our precious time spinning our wheels. Our minds wander from thought to thought and person to person with no real sense of direction. Fortunately, we can develop the discipline of taking charge of our thoughts. We have merely to pause , quiet our minds, and focus. It’s a technique that we can hone, and practicing it empowers us. It also frees us to spend our precious moments on beneficial ideas or activities.

Our attitude about a task will determine our approach to it. It may seem impossible to be in charge of our thoughts, but that’s because we have never understood that we could responsibly and actively take control. Any negative thought can be stopped, even in midstream. And a replacement thought, such as “God is in charge,” can be substituted. The exhilaration we will feel at realizing the power of this technique is astounding. Our recovery will be enhanced many times over as we grow in our reliance on this tool.

I will pause throughout the day to clear my mind. Taking charge of my thoughts will be enlightening.


This message also ties into something I’ve talked about before. When that train gets on the tracks, whatever it is, you can tell the conductor you want off the train or want to go to another destination. You just have to practice doing this and like the message today says – it will be empowering!

Lots of birthdays this month- happy birthday!!

3 thoughts on “13 March 2022 Balance

  1. Reblogged this on Zero Lift-Off and commented:
    This is hitting the nail on the head! I hadn’t been surfing the internet today but this very conceptualization here in this writing is what I was specifically thinking about today before I just now decided to check in for any emails or other messages. And your article was on the top of the cue! Maybe coincidence or perhaps a bit of divine intervention when truly needed! This sentence is too profound for me to ignore and to not give some deeper thought to!

    “We spend much of our precious time spinning our wheels. Our minds wander from thought to thought and person to person with no real sense of direction.”

    I’ve been seeing especially what you’re speaking about here over the last couple of days quite profoundly that this internet is truly a toxic mechanism that like a vampire drains it’s victims’ blood weakening that person who becomes so anemic that he or she has very little will to carry on or have hope, until that victim eventually so taken over a kind of zombie that becomes another vampire! I see a sort of feeding frenzy with people I’ve run into here, and some I blocked because they are despicable or too overcome for me to deal with them even though as a Christian I’ve tried out of pity; so self-preservation rules and I give them the boot! Some of these people think they are perfectly fine and don’t see any problem in themselves at all, while others are so territorial and even reptilian in there subdued almost inhuman thinking, they are more on the attack than not! Then there are some who are just sadly very stupid people, who will fall into a huge ditch in front of them even as they walk down the street, because they are so busy texting on their so called smart phone; and yes this is the only time I say they are smart phones which I don’t normally consider using that term as anything accurately depicting the truth of the matter, but because in this case they are far more “well-functioning” and therefore smarter than the person using it; “who gladly walks into the ditch.” Maybe even a giant quagmire up ahead!

    The internet drains away initiative and engagement in the real world where human beings were meant to function and accomplish the tasks of being a human being serving God Almighty! And I’m sure God doesn’t want us being immersed in a cyber-artificial world of multiple random thoughts or distractions flying into our faces and permeating our conscious mind with redundancy or triviality. Which is what most people do on this medium far too many hours of the day! But the worst part is the “unseen invasion of the subconscious mind” where the manipulation or “programming” is taking place making people not just physically speaking “couch potatoes” but “psychologically” they are becoming “much less about serving God and His plan” and “more about serving the hidden oracle within,” that wants to possess all of their minds and souls with cyber tech connections!

    And this is regardless of whether people want to or can admit it; they are becoming less about who each individual is, and more about “one huge collective will” that is “preconditioned by a central program theme” of almost saying one must “lose themselves” in this “sea of random chaos” and become “only a digitized member” of this kind of “cyber invisible hive.” Which can then be tuned and programmed to serve a purpose that “God never intended for human beings;” a place “where individuality and seeking of eternal life with God is replaced” by a kind of “indentured Cyber Servitude” or even slavery to being a nothing in a “vast sea of random digital chaos” and then to be totally controlled by the nefarious force behind this plan; and it is a plan. Mark of the Beast? At least the conditions are right!

    The development of the internet and cyber technologies never appealed to me at all and I didn’t want nor will I want Facebook and any other such social media platforms, because I see into the falseness of them and how they are like a “giant vampire sucking up anything and everything from human beings,” which of course Zuckerberg loves as do his puppet masters; while “simultaneously conditioning and mesmerizing them” to serve an altered purpose from what God intended; so it has a clear ring to me as diabolical.

    I insert an excerpt from something I wrote a while ago.

    “Perhaps there are too many individuals who by their own volition or just the inability to adjust to an ever-increasing volatile world with so much information and stress being heaped upon the public consciousness by Mass Media or Cyber Space, these people just won’t grow up and mature or get over it; always wanting it their way or the highway; which may very well be a byproduct of the enabling and out of control PC mind-set being employed from toddler age on through adolescence.”

    “While instead they’re immersed in fake artificial intelligence worlds or social media as a mainstay of their preoccupation. Fascinating stuff for sure and I know there are definite impulsive cues or responses built in to our DNA if you will, correlating with the Reptilian Impulse Complex, “reptilian complex, also known as the R-complex or reptilian brain.”

    Reptilian Impulse Factor

    I’ve met some people here in the digital world that in actual physical living I wouldn’t want anything to do with, seeing easily into their “falseness, manipulative, selfishness and hypocrisies;” but some are even “malicious and vindictive!” So I see some of the worst traits coming out of people via this artificial world, and then a “most lost generation of foolish weak people” that really have no true direction or purpose for being a human, and just like some bump on a log they are there existing randomly! Which will not help them gain the real control of their lives that they need now in order to overcome their own foibles or even major defects, and more importantly, with the way the world is going now; they will fall right into the traps being set for them ahead by the same people and vampires that had them all so easily fooled to take the jabs, and stay inside you can’t go out and play today, and don’t dare invite your family and friends over for Christmas; or you will be arrested and taken away!!! People are losing it, both mentally and spiritually, but, they are even losing the many battles all-around them that they “should be fighting consistently” as “strong God fearing human beings;” like the pioneers had to who built a nation, but, instead are “allowing themselves to be victims while thinking that they are not!” Like a herd of cattle being driven to the slaughter, mentally poked and prodded to do as directed.

    What is good is that you wrote this and I saw it when I did, while actually in this mode of personal thinking to not be random! But, in this one case to take charge and respond in kind, to maybe wake up a person or two before they are lost in the crowd or the “random mindless cyberspace world” forming terrible habits, even an addiction like “shooting up cyber,” and then all hope will be potentially gone; if they can’t even seek “God’s Truth” not doing His will anymore; but “following,” just being another bump on a log.

    God bless you!
    Hopefully multitudes awaken from their addiction before it’s too late!

    Brother in Christ Jesus,
    Lawrence Morra III

    5G & Me Update; Mark of the Beast!

    1. Wow I didn’t expect this kind of response to my post. I’m glad it resonated with you and was timely to what you have witnessed as have I. People are looking for ways to fill the void in their minds and bodies and the digital world is everywhere in all its forms to do that. I am guilty of it sometimes! I am living alone and playing with my phone often fills a void of having another person to share my life with. Getting more tangibly involved with church lately has been really rewarding. It doesn’t feel empty like a lot of digital activities leave me feeling. I try not judge others too harshly lest I be judged too. There are a few generations now of human beings that were babysat by Nintendo. They weren’t taught a lot of the things people of my generation and before were taught…..a lot of lost souls just seeking something meaningful in this life but not sure what! They try to put people, places and things into the place reserved for things of the Spirit….God. None of it fills them up…. I’ve been like that before. Where I’m at right now is realizing the voids in me can only be filled by God. In sharing from the A Woman’s Spirit book (I was given the book many years ago by my AA sponsor) and my own experiences via Twitch and in this blog, I always hope to reach those who are feeling lost and or just need reassurance. I feel it’s part of Gods calling for us to try and help those struggling to be conscious, mindful, compassionate contributors to our shared world. Thank you for sharing your take on things Lawrence.

      1. Well wow back, because I’m very glad that you appreciated my inspired response not so much for any recognition but truly that it had some validity and worthy meaning to you and I truly hope it helps even a bit.

        People are looking for ways to fill the void in their minds and bodies and the digital world is everywhere in all its forms to do that. I am guilty of it sometimes!

        Yes I have slipped into this myself because we humans can become addicted to anything and it is so easy to use this technology to fill or pass the time away or seeking as you say to fill voids in our lives or maybe even trying to find happiness and answers! But the biggest concern I have is that it’s being abused and we abuse ourselves by doing it taking away from our real lives and humanity. Think of the worst case scenario like a science fiction story where people become more and more introverted as in leaving everyday living and entering into a cubical kind of modality where one very seldom leaves it, like being in a space capsule and the only contact with humanity is artificially or indirectly just like we are doing! If you want to know my actual honest attitude is I would much rather be able to have these connections and interactions with you or others that I communicate will with in person if that were possible so the actual physical human flesh being contact is taking place as God intended for us to be that kind of social beings.

        Perfect and timely too is what you are saying here as I live alone now and can get caught up in being a couch potato watching films which I love to do or the more dangerous habit forming activity for me of this cyber world connection to the world and some people where my actual involvement of knowing people in person with actual socializing with other people has been getting less and less over the years! That isn’t like me and when I do get an unplanned contact with persons, like when I take my dog hiking it really is a happy time when I run into some person I know from the area and we get chatting as we walk along together. So I’m saying the human dimension of life is critical and I think the Cyber World or Digital Age is taking us away from being as human and social as we were meant to be! You so rightly mention this connecting through church which is a great and beautiful thing in itself to do! And when you said this it was great because it is so true, and in the Holy Scriptures! “I try not judge others too harshly lest I be judged too.”

        Then this statement is profoundly important and so precisely as well accurately said! “A lot of lost souls just seeking something meaningful in this life but not sure what! They try to put people, places and things into the place reserved for things of the Spirit….God.”

        You are so spot-on about God being the path to filling any of our voids but this lack of true genuine physical connection and community with others is not healthy over all. In time if it continues even another generation or two it would not be a world you and I would want to be a part of I’m sure!

        You are so absolutely correct in saying “Gods calling for us to try and help those struggling to be conscious, mindful, compassionate contributors to our shared world.”

        This is a great connecting here and some profoundly helpful thinking we shared; after all we know for a fact God didn’t create all of this world and we humans His children to be artificial or cyberspace entities that do a lot of back and forth informing but no actual getting out and living in the thick of it all, making a difference in helping others and producing fruits for our labors! I don’t see so much fruits being produced to be honest and that is why the world is in such a dire strait now; people I see often times now, especially since the fraud pandemic took hold of peoples consciousness’ and lives are getting reclusive and hibernating more; like separating from humanity and I don’t like that at all.

        I remember as a kid at one stage of my maturing I was being more introverted and staying in my room reading about science or building models and things like that, or watching a movie which was a great escape for me, but my dad would say, “you need to get out more and get out of that shell you’re stuck in,” which was nothing compared to this world now, which we do get caught up in living in a shell; and that is just unnatural and even unholy in my eyes.

        I do look forward to touching base more about this and similar concerns and who knows we could make some difference that we didn’t think possible or realize!
        Thank you again and take care of yourself.
        God bless you!

        Brother in Christ Jesus,

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