29 Aug 2018 Mix it up

Hello!  Just a quick visit today.  How are you?  I hope this finds you in good spirits!  I had a thought this morning when I found out they have hired Matt Smith (Dr. Who for me) for Star Wars:

https://www.theguardian.com/film/2018/aug/29/matt-smith-star-wars-episode-ix – Matt Smith ‘lands key role’ in Star Wars: Episode IX .

Wouldn’t it be funny and fun as all get out if they let Matt Smith be Dr. Who in Star Wars?  I got to thinking about a way to salvage what seems like a barrel whose bottom has been found. I mean they are rebooting Bewitched!  What I was thinking about was genre cross overs and mixing film and television universes.  I mean I would fall out if I went to see a Star Wars film and Dr. Who and the Tardis showed up with a companion of say Sherlock Holmes LOL!  Daleks versus Stormtroopers.  The Doctor taking out Sith with their sonic screwdriver?!  How many times have you watched something and thought how fun it would be to see your favorite character from another place in it?  There is so much, with great writers, that could happen to truly freshen things up.

I’m really tired of the same old stories.  The telling of the same stories but just switching up the race, gender and or sex just seem desperate to me. Grasping about for an audience.  Some people I’ve spoken with feel like lately certain agendas are being shoved down their throats and it’s really a turn off.  There are so many stories that have never been told!

This article I found from 2014 sums up things very well; little has changed:


We can bemoan the decline of good studio movies until we’re blue in the face, but that won’t change much. If you want good movies to come out, go see the good movies that do come out — go see The Immigrant, which is gorgeous and has made all of $50 thousand at the box office. Go see Under the Skin, and Ida. If you keep spending money on bad remakes and sequels, the people with the power will keep dishing them out. Summer blockbusters like AlienTerminator 2 (most expensive movie ever made at the time), and Jaws seem risky compared to Captain America or Spider-Man or Transformers. People were scared to go to the beach after seeing JawsTransformers doesn’t even scare people away from spending money on awful movies.

https://saymber.com/tag/breaking-canon-with-stories-of-our-past-to-move-forward-in-our-future/ – I’ve talked about this before.

29 Aug 2018 – My Mom makes these and this message is perfect for today!

46  29 37

Mix it up = 112 (8 flowers and 4 bowls)

https://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/driving-resurgence-reboots-remakes-revivals-tv-film/story?id=47645549 – lot of good info in this article

With studios and networks owning so much IP, expect to see more revivals and nostalgic content, for better or worse. While networks have originality in mind, Patten said, the list of creative, one-of-a-kind pilots that never got picked up is never ending.

“Everyone is trying to find a way to break through the clutter,” he said. “Originality is a great mantra that almost nobody believes in. You therefore find people taking strong elements of other properties, other shows, other movies and finding a way to bring them back to life.”

Intellectual Property = 267/15/6/3 cycle

reboot = 75/12/6/3 cycle

rerun = 76/13/4

Original script = 170/8/4/2/1

Original Idea = 104/5 (Looking at this, I see an idea is original once.  Five to me represents the human senses.  At this point of our existence, I don’t believe there is such a thing as an original idea and that’s a driving force behind scraping the barrel like these folks do.  One of the hardest of the human conditions to combat is boredom.)

Boredom = 72/9 cycle

Entertainment = 158/14/5 (matches up with Original idea doesn’t it?)

Clutter = 99/18/9 cycle

Dead End = 37/10/5


10 May 2018 Still processing Avengers Infinity War

9 May 2018 – this mess of images is me still trying to process Avengers Infinity War I think and the latest episode of Wakfu!

Hello to you.  Hope this finds you well.  I’m still processing the latest Avengers film, as this mess of a drawing shows.  Yesterday my husband and I talked more about it and Loki came up.  They keep getting rid of him or cutting him from films and I don’t understand why!  Is it that he’s too much of  a scene stealer?  Too likeable?!  It’s not like Tom Hiddleston can just come back as another random character either.  Sigh.  I really like Tom’s Loki.  We also talked about Chris Hemsworth’s performance which was very impressive.  I felt his story was one of the best developed in the film.  I can’t imagine anybody else being Thor really.


I had kind of an a-ha before bed last night thinking about the film.  I have been figuring out for myself that there really isn’t much of a difference between hero’s and villains.  The only real difference is motive and perspective.  Heck the name Thanos, in the numbers comes up to the same numbers as Jesus Christ, 77!  It’s almost like somewhere in the cosmos the writers for this film decided to give me a middle finger about my thoughts on this.

By turning a bunch of folks to ash we are left with the question, what will happen without one side of the equation?!  What truths will be revealed?  What will the Marvel Universe be with just Tony Stark and a handful of others to protect the planet?  Well there is always the DC folks lol….can you imagine that phone call with Tony’s flip phone (we laughed during the movie about this because Tony’s phone is just like my husband’s flip phone)?

“Hey uh Sup….yeah it’s me Tony….we got a bit of a problem.  Get the Flash on your way over.”   Is it finally time for an epic cross-universe effort between Marvel and DC?  May be DC would finally make bank on a great film?   We’ll see.


19 May 2017 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, movies purchased today, and Gateway to the Heavens (Karen L French book)

Hello to you – hope this finds you well wherever and whenever you are – it’s Friday at 6:06 pm as I write to you. Kyle and I are home from having a pretty terrific day with his brother Drew. We went to the Olive Garden in Burleson, one of my all-time favorite places to eat, for lunch and as always the food and service was great and of course so was the company!

While we were waiting for the 2:15 showing of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 at the AMC theatre, we went to a couple of places. Drew took us to a retro game and video store called GameXChange off of Wilshire Blvd where we both found movies we had been wanting – The Incredibles, August Rush and Dr. Strange. I’m sure we could have found many more had we kept looking but we flagged ourselves! We’ve been looking for a used copy of The Incredibles for a really long time – one of Pixar’s best films in our opinions!  I’ve almost bought August Rush like 3 or 4 times because it’s one of my favorite films with Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Robin Williams.  Of course we were going to get a copy of Dr. Strange! The reason I never really did a review of Dr. Strange is because when we saw it was around the time of my last hospital stay and around the time our cat Amber suddenly died. I was literally in the middle of an “episode” (an alternate state) and those who have seen the film know it was trippy subject matter to begin with!  It’s all about alternate states of consciousness and alternate dimensions!  Now that we have a copy and can watch it again at home, I think I will be better able to properly assess what I am watching and will share about it!  I just wasn’t ready for it before.

The other place we went while we were waiting was one of my favorite places in Burleson, the Half-Price bookstore. I found a very interesting old book very old book called The Ethereal Aether by Loyd S. Swenson Jr. It was $30 and I could tell even though I would comprehend some of it, there would be much that would probably go over my head. Mathematics were never my strong suite in school! They had some Edgar Cayce books I looked at but the book that resonated the most and met me in the middle of the other two books was Gateway to the Heavens by Karen L. French. I’m looking forward to exploring it tonight!

https://www.amazon.com/Ethereal-Aether-Michelson-Morley-Miller-Aether-drift-Experiments/dp/029274188X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1495236873&sr=8-1&keywords=The+Ethereal+Aether+by+Loyd+S.+Swenson+Jr. – the copy Half Price had was hard cover and in fantastic condition!


I will not ruin the movie for those who haven’t seen it, but I will say that the things I’ve been exploring and sharing, especially earlier today, tie in almost perfectly to what I saw on the big screen today…”Shadow on the Son!” This movie made me laugh out loud several times and made me cry too. The themes and story resonated with me very much. The colors and images in this movie were so vibrant – rainbows colors and fireworks! This movie is the first movie of this genre we’ve seen since the first Avengers film in 2012, where Kyle and I left the theatre feeling good! The humor, action and drama struck just the right balance in me. We will definitely add this one to our collection! Great job to all involved!

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Official Trailer 1 (2017) – Chris Pratt Movie

10 Oct 2016 Dream unlocked with the right “keys” and my waking world’s reality

Good morning, it’s 7:30 am on this Monday morning as I write from my shared dimension with Kyle. How are you? Still hung over from last night’s poop show?! Yeah, me too!

I’ve been having ALOT of dreams lately. I can only remember fragments. On Sunday morning there was horror with an unstoppable axe-wielding maniac who said they wanted a marriage like mine and there was a black pillow that was embroidered with “Moe and Hoe.” (There was a green hoe involved with the play I mentioned and the chasing of Peter Rabbit btw so that’s probably where that came from lol!) and then this morning there was something about friendship bracelets and an obsessive relationship, I can remember a flash of an image of a woman that hair that is my color in the sun – reddish auburn.

Just before I woke up this morning there was this one.

I remember it in fragments but there was a woman who looked like Winona in it and she was going through a separation or “leaving” process like a divorce. There was the relocation of “stuff” and the things that go with a divorce. This person did Quantum Touch like I do on a woman with back pain and I could almost feel her doing it. Then I saw only the lips of the dream person and they were very small and she put on the shade of lipstick I like to wear that is a dark wine color. Then I was on a spacecraft I guess because I could see out into the dark what looked like it might when you leave a planet’s atmosphere. I remember her saying, “I’ll be with you very soon.” 

For those who visit regularly, you know I’ve been have a series of dreams about spaceships and was wondering what the next part would be and now we have it.   It would appear someone has departed from where they are, which seems like a parallel dimension to this one, and are on their way here.  I think Kyle and I witnessing the debacle of a Presidential debate last night was the last straw.  I even said to Kyle in the shower before bed that I felt that all I have been through has been like a “witnessing” and if that’s true,  whoever I am witnessing to got to see the last straw of this planets insanity!

There are a lot of “keys” that went into the making of this last dream:

Seeing Winona Ryder in Entertainment Weekly magazine a couple days ago, Stranger Things Eleven painting, Fresh Paint episode where each artist had to paint their model into someone else’s painting one of which looked like “Big-Eyes” painter Margaret Keane, spending a lot of time outside with the clouds, watching the Presidential Debate last night and being so mortified I expressed the wish to Dr. Who-it off this planet! The “divorce” aspect came from me expressing to Kyle watching Donald and Hillary was like watching my Grandparents after they got divorced and they would fight! Going through my own divorce was much the same.

Then in my waking world……Bing again…..

Source Bing Home page 10 Oct 2016 - Mirror segments for the James Webb Space Telescope

Source Bing Home page 10 Oct 2016 – Mirror segments for the James Webb Space Telescope

Mirror segments for the James Webb Space Telescope

World Space Week draws to a close today. If you missed it, know that this image of a technician preparing a cryogenic test of mirrors for the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) should give you ample fodder for Space Week joys in the near future. The orbiting satellite is set to launch in October 2018, and will beam back detailed images from space, much like the Hubble Telescope, but with greater resolution and an ability to observe some of the most distant objects in the universe. And hey, just because World Space Week is over doesn’t mean you can’t keep celebrating. What’s your favorite space-travel project?

http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2016/10/09/marvels-defenders-adds-sigourney-weaver-as-villain.html – Sigourney Weaver was Ripley in Aliens

During the panel for Marvel’s Iron Fist at New York Comic Con on Saturday, Marvel Head of TV Jeph Loeb announced a huge addition to the cast of the upcoming team-up series The Defenders” — When Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Daredevil and Iron First join forces, it will be to fight Sigourney Weaver. The iconic star of the “Alien” franchise will be joining the series as the main antagonist.

https://endlesslightandlove.com/2016/10/10/pain-heart-ache-tears-and-more/ – one of my WordPress friends Mark’s blog post for today! 😦  I know what he’s going through!

“The love of my life, my beautiful wife has decided to leave me. There is no one else involved and we are still the best of friends, she has her own spiritual journey and her own pathway to follow, and her own needs to consider, and although this decision has truly broken my heart, I also respect her and I honor her decision.”


8 Aug 2015 – My hot glue gun Merkaba aka Tetrahedron and idea how to get mainstream media worth watching again

Yesterday, after spending the previous day for HOURS trying to figure out how to make a Merkaba for my friend Sarah so she’ll have it for an upcoming class she’s doing, I decided to seek the almighty You Tube lol and found this simple video by Brian Walter.  He was making his larger as light fixtures for Burning Man in 2012 but how he did it is what I needed to see.  Following his instructions I was able to make the Merkaba much more easily and this morning I think we are going to seek an inexpensive soldering iron so I can actually bind this without the hot glue (although I kind of like the “glow” going on with it and am going to work with that).  I have wanted to embark on the “soldering” but wasn’t ready but I think once I get it down…omg it’s going to be AWESOME!  (musical sound with the AWESOME! lol).

https://youtu.be/NYijoVw2hYo?list=PL_rYpWbrL6o5By6ycJJOHhWh5irtZQaVy – How to create the Star tetrahedron/Merkaba (Sacred Spaces light fixtures)

Brian Walter
https://youtu.be/EkpV_K7K7Nw?list=PL_rYpWbrL6o5By6ycJJOHhWh5irtZQaVy  – Star Tetrahedron and the Light Body TomjLedder

This video shows a “life-size” Merkaba like Sarah, Kyle and I were talking about being cool for Kyle to weld together someday (need a portable welder first!).  Tom also does a good job briefly explaining the spiritual significance of this sacred geometric symbol.

From a earlier post I talked about decided to stop worrying about writing how to do things down but after my experiences yesterday, may be it’s important to record what I’m doing because it will still be original and my creation BUT because whomever attempts what I’ve done will make it their own.  Hand-made things cannot be replicated “exactly.”  I’m grateful Brian DID record how he made his welded Merkaba otherwise I’d still be sitting at our kitchen table with steam coming out my ears LOL!

Kyle and I talked about the topic of creativity on our walk with Link and Spot this morning.  Every form of media these days seems to be completely devoid of originality and I think this is partly due to a perversion of the phrase “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  The media moguls are rebooting all sorts of things because it got viewers and made them money in the past.  Well the people who did the originals and are showing up in reboots are not the same people they were and neither are the viewers who watched it.  We aren’t the same people every 7 days much less 15 – 20 years down the road.  Like all institutions, businesses or just “things” in general, if you just keep using the same formula over and over it gets boring and people lose interest.  This is why reality television shows like America’s Got Talent, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Survivor, Big Brother, Wipe Out, Battle Bots, America Ninja Warrior and those like them are so popular.  Even with some sort of script there is the wild card element of people without a script doing remarkable and unpredictable things.  In the video game industry I think this is why Indie games are becoming so popular – by gamers, FOR gamers mentality.

I think a way to break through this rut in the movie and television realm in particular is to do something like this.  Very much like the reality shows.  You have a premise and a cast – the rest is ad lib and may be some brain-storming with the customers who actually watch and listen to these things.  You would have writers, producers, screen writers involved but in the periphery.  The end product would not from start to finish be controlled by them.  They would become the “tweekers.”  Can you imagine if you got people like from the cast of Parks and Recreation with Maggie Smith or contestants from RuPaul’s Drag Race and just let them ad lib what would happen?!  OMG!  LOL!  There are so many talented actors and actresses getting pigeon holed into rebooted shite I just don’t want to see!  I’m tired of the SAME OLD STORIES!  Go Japanese anime style for goodness sake – if you’ve ever seen the AWESOME anime Berzerk you know what I’m talking about.

Anyew – something weird just happened where my computer just went “power out!” so thinking it’s time for me to get off of her!  SPOOKY!

I’m always learning, always evolving — impermanence and no attachment to outcomes is important in the process of creation.  You must love what you create, put that energy into what you create, if any one else will love it too.  When I make something and am not happy with how it turns out — it gets destroyed and I start again.  This thought applies across the board of life I think!

Link to good explanation of what the Merkaba is:  http://www.absoluteempowerment.com/the-merkaba.php – What is the Merkaba

These two together seemed appropriate! The Tree of Life was an anniversary gift from Kyle when he was in welding school! The Tree is our theme for anniversaries and I love this.

These two together seemed appropriate! The Tree of Life was an anniversary gift from Kyle when he was in welding school! The Tree is our theme for anniversaries and I love this.