7 March 2022 Grace House

Check out 7 March 2022 Monday chat Grace House https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1418494652

Grace House at 208 Main Street Middleton ID

Hello to you. How is your day going? I hope we’ll. I’m sitting out on my front porch enjoying how the warm sun feels – especially on my legs! This morning I walked over to the Grace House to offer a little help with cleaning and setting the place up. My back and legs didn’t let me work as long as I would have liked. There was a good turn out of other helpers so Maryann and John didn’t have to do it all themselves! What a beautiful home it is! When I’m ready to start participating in the Women’s Bible study I can just walk over! It felt good to spend some time with folks from church helping with something so important.

The message today out A Woman’s Spirit had to do with learning from the painful experiences we have in our journey. This was the case for me even this morning. I am experiencing a lot of physical pain and my body is trying to tell me how out of shape I let myself become! I hurt pretty much all over and aside from what’s going on with the bed mattress, I don’t have anyone to blame for my pain! It’s up to me to learn from the pain and make changes I need to to get rid of it.

A Woman’s Spirit messages for today:

“There’s a lesson to be learned in every painful experience.” – Mary Timberlake

“I will remember that God is with me throughout today’s experiences.”


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