24 February 2022 Thursday Snow

Check out 24 February 2022 Thursday chat snow https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1406533700

Hello to you. How are you? I’m doing ok. We have snow this morning!

A little much needed moisture

The message in A Woman’s Spirit for today resonated with me. Sometimes we are so busy thinking about our own “stuff” that we don’t hear what other people are trying to tell us. It talked about how we are both students and teachers interchangeably and that is something I have believed for a long time. We are all in school – this life is an education…..each and every day class is in session!

I found out this morning my cousins wife’s mother is struggling with Covid. Her name is Alice for those of you that pray and or meditate. My other cousins daughter found out she has a brain aneurysm! My parents are hanging in there with all the stuff they have been facing in the health department. It seems like there is always something to show us how much we need to appreciate this life- how fragile it is!

“We will never hear anyone else’s thoughts if we are only listening to our own.” – Cathy Stone (A Woman’s Spirit)

“I will be drawn to the people who have something to teach me today. I will listen first and think later.” (A Woman’s Spirit)

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