1 January 2022 Earth Angels

Hello. It’s 3:03 pm as I write to you. I’m cuddled on the couch with Link sucking on a Halls losenge. Just one of the things my Aunt and Uncle earth angels brought to me moments ago. I’m looking forward to her famous healing potato soup when I get hungry a little later.

There are people on this earth that you wonder how they have the strength to be everywhere they are and do everything they do. They must have some sort of super power ! I think they would say their power is their love of God. It is that love that propels them to be who they are….earth angels. To be the ambassadors of Gods love to those in need…..to be his body. To be willing to go where the missions take them without question. My Aunt and Uncle could have just prayed for me but they went much further. Just seeing them helped me feel better!

“For the sick and those in need I heed the call. I do it with a gladdened heart for no thanks at all. I am an earth Angel, boots on the ground. Whenever your in need I’ll be around.”

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