6 December 2021 Dream Kiss

Good morning from here. I’m writing from bed where it’s warm and cozy! Link and and I haven’t decided to get up and face today yet.

Have you ever had a vivid and really happy dream that ended abruptly and you find yourself trying to go back but you can’t? That’s what happened to me last night. I dreamt I was with this blonde man and we kissed – it felt so real! I woke up disappointed to leave him! Sometimes my dreams feel like real experiences. Sometimes it feels like the only difference between dreams and reality is whether or not my eyes are open.

I am not sure if I’m going to to a video or not today for Twitch. I’m having trouble with content. I’m starting to remember how I used to do my YouTube videos. I would actually write out what I wanted to say – like a script. I don’t know if I want to do that or not. It doesn’t feel as natural if there is a script. I will have to think on this – may be not do a video everyday?

“Do you see me through all the words? Can you hear me when there is no sound? Can you feel me when no one is around? Through the wires and cables from me to you one way or another I’m going to get to you.”

I hope you have a great day! Love and be loved!

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