11 November 2021 New Worlds – Courage to Walk Through Doors

Good day to you. I want to open this post today with the scene from the movie about Temple Grandin it brought tears to my eyes this morning: https://youtu.be/48V1GRrwhd8

I have to change my perception of the world I live in or I’m going to stay stuck!

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go. “ Joshua 1:9

New worlds behind every door.

Some doors you cannot see. The door I have to get more courage to walk through is the door within myself. Like I told my therapist this week I feel like I’m sitting on my couch with Link and my phone white knuckling it through my life. I’m afraid to live and life keeps passing me by.

People will make suggestions about what I should or could do and I discount them with one excuse or another. Nothing fits right. At my core I’m still grieving my losses. Last night I watched a rebroadcast of a sermon by Steven Furtick and what he said really resonated, stop crying the best is yet to come: https://youtu.be/SmhH89V_1h0.

“What door God is meant for me? How many doors must I open to find a place for me?”

A salute to my fellow Veterans today is Veterans Day.

2 thoughts on “11 November 2021 New Worlds – Courage to Walk Through Doors

  1. That’s a very profound point about not being able to see all doors. You’ll get there. I can tell because of how self-aware you are, and how you are able to recognize what you need to overcome. That’s the critical first step. I didn’t realize you were a veteran, thank you for your service my friend.

    1. Thank you for saying hello Pepper and the feedback. The door I have to get through soon is driving to my cousins house. I haven’t driven that far in a long time. Yep on the Veteran part 16 years. Hugs to you and thank you for reading!

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