10 February 2022 Thursday

Check out 10 February 2022 Thursday morning chat https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1293499319

Hello to you. How are you doing today? I hope this finds you well.

My Twitch stream is short today as I have to conserve my WiFi minutes! Got a notice from my internet provider Sparklight yesterday that I had used up all my minutes. They were giving me more more minutes but charging me for them! I think my daily streams have been using a lot of it.

Today I talked a little bit about how we feed our heads….our souls. It was a reminder to myself about how what I read, watch and listen to shapes my souls perception of the world. An example is like watching the news sometimes. I usually avoid it because I don’t want to believe the world is going to shit! I want to believe there is good going on. My family and friends are testimony to that. Garbage in….garbage out.

Yesterday I spent some time listening to Thich Nhat Hanh talk about loneliness. His words really resonated when he talked about the importance of making a home within ourselves before trying to make one with someone else. Not too long ago I had a healing session with a friend and that was the message for me then too, “You are home.” The messages for the soul have many sources. Choose the sources wisely!

https://youtu.be/FoYKHy78oiw – Thich Nhat Hanh talk about Loneliness

“I will love the people in my life today. They are here with me now because that is God’s assignment for me.” (A Woman’s Spirit)

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