28 November 2021 After Pranic Healing – I Am Home

Hi. It’s Sunday afternoon and I am just home after having my first ever Pranic Healing session with my friend Lisa. A lot of powerful stuff happened during the session. She was able to work with my guardian Angel or spirit guide Deegan. He had a lot to say! There were messages about moving on with my life….. no more wallowing. He gave an example of bowling and right now we are throwing gutter balls! We need to start knocking over some pins! The most powerful message was about self love and making myself home.

I am always projecting out what it means to be home. When our dog Sam died I lost a home – I grieved Sam for 3 plus years! When sweet Amber and May died I really lost home as they had been with me for so many years! Then when Kyle and Spot left I lost home big time! I was shell shocked and lost. That’s what happens when you project what it means to be home on to others. Today I think I understand the saying “Home is where the heart is” better. Home starts with your heart…..you! I will have to pray about that and see how God helps me “be enough!…to be at home in this body.

I’m deeply grateful for the time and the experience I had today. I’m proud of myself for driving to her house!! We did it!!! May be something of this experience will resonate with you.

If your looking for unique and special gifts check out Lisa’s online store. She makes everything herself! She is also a life coach and does Reiki. Multi-talented really special lady.


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